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Nudist Family (More 2)

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OK, as far as the first time we got naked as a family -

My bro and I are now comfortable with our own nudity together and we talked about what it was going to be like being naked in front of mom and dad and also seeing them naked. Of course I was most worried about what it would be like to have my dad see me and my bro felt the same way about mom seeing him. We really didn't know how that was going to go at all but we new it was going to be weird.

Our rents talked it over with us and we all decided one Sat to give it a go around. We all came down to the family room wearing just a towel. Our parents were really cool about it and said we should all just wait until we're comfortable before we drop our towels and whoever feels ready can just slowly remove their towel and if you feel uncomfortable about it at any time then just put your towel back on. Well my mom ended up going first and she was sitting on the sofa and just let her towel down and showed her boobs. She said she was kinda nervous too and well, I know we all were. My bro was nervous and not sure whether to be looking but he was taking glances at her and basically the whole thing got him going and he got an erection. He said he was too nervous to get naked in that condition and said he didn't want to go with it. My parents said no problem and so we just kind of sat there and continued talking a bit.

A little while later my dad, sitting next to my mom on the sofa, just opened his towel and like wow, here I was like seeing my dad for the first time. He wasn't hard or anything but it sure was wierd. Then my mom kind of did the same thing and opened her towel more. I hadn't seen her really naked in a few years. I know my bro was like so nervous now that he actually lost his hard on and said maybe he could go through with it more. I finally got up the courage to let my towel down and show my boobs to everyone. It was so freaky letting my dad see my boobs. I was really surprised I did it. Then my bro opened his towel a little and showed himself. So after as we talked more my parents finally just stood up and started walking around a little, letting us see them totally nude. I felt a bit more ok with things and so I told 'em I was nervous but I just stood up and let my towel drop on the sofa and let everyone see me. My heart was beating so fast, here I am standing stark naked in front of my dad, gee. Finally my bro got up the nerve and dropped his towel and well, there we all were, walking around naked in our family room kind of laughing a lil that we had all finally done it.

I have to say, as nervous as we all were, and especially me and my bro, once that first few mins was over it was like so freeing to have all of us naked and walking around as a family. We just kind of talked about our nudity and my parents asked me and my bro how we felt about being naked before we did the family thing and we told 'em we did it a few times and it sure helped with making everything easier as a family thing. I couldnt believe I was actually getting comfortable with my dad seeing me. My mom looked good but I know my bro felt creepy at first letting mom see his unit and everything but he was really surprised to see mom stark naked too. My mom is in her early 40' and has a nice body I think and a somewhat triimmed bush. My parents just said they've wanted to kind of explore this for a while and they said we shouldnt be ashamed about our bodies but they know its strange at first to be nude as a family. They said they were proud to see that we'd grown up to have such nice bodies. Lets face it, it just took some time to get used to it. My bro said seeing mom naked was so different than he imagined and that after a while he liked being naked with them too. As for me I couldnt believe my dad was seeing me totally stripped either. We've always been kinda close but I never thought I'd be walking around naked in front of him and feel kinda ok with it after a while.

We hung out for maybe a half an hour that first time and just became more ok with the whole thing as time went on. I know both my bro and I got horny from it because he whispered to me later that he wished we could masturbate again together but we didnt want our parents to know we were doing that. I told him I wanted to too but we had to go back to our own rooms and do it alone that time.

So basically we just started doing it more and more as a family and gradually became really comfortable about it. After a couple of months we finally took our vacation...............



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