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Nothing Wrong With Happy Endings

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I have been going to massage therapists for several years now. I truly believe in the health benefits to the body that regular massage gives. That being said, I would be lying if I said it wasn't extremely arousing to have my nude body rubbed all over with oil by a female therapist. I don't feel that therapists who give happy endings to clients should be considered to be like prostitutes. They are just massaging another part of the human body.

Two relationships with massage therapists stand out in my mind. The first was with 'K'. She was an extremely fit, tanned, beautiful and petite girl who was a serious, licensed massage therapist. However, she couldn't ignore the obvious monetary advantages she could receive in tips if she occasionally gave happy endings at the end of sessions. After a couple of sessions getting to know her better, I hesitantly inquired about 'anything extra'. I suspect because we had hit it off rather well and I hadn't tried to grope her or expose myself, she quietly consented. She quietly explained to me that any time I wanted extra attention, I should leave my tip by her things before the massage started so there would be no need to verbally say anything which could be overheard. The regular routine would be for me to lie face down on the table with a towel covering my ass and she would do a legitimate massage on my entire back side and back of my legs. After that, she would quietly tell me to turn over. She would remove the towel, which would be over my crotch after I turned over, and then squirt some oil onto my always erect penis and then softly stroke me to ejaculation. After a couple of sessions, I asked politely if I could caress her ass over her pants as she stroked me. Let me add that she had an absolutely beautiful round ass that would always be staring me in the face as she stood beside me. She consented right away without hesitation, which truly surprised me. So I would caress and squeeze her cheeks and occasionally let my fingers drop lower and stroke her lips. Once I asked if I could rub her with her pants down and over her thong bikini bottom. She consented at first, but when she realized just how much of her beautiful ass was visible with her wearing a thong, she changed her mind and pulled up her pants, letting me just rub her over the pants.

Another girl that gave me a memorable experience was 'J'. Again, I had to build a trusting relationship with her before I could ask her about extra things. In the beginning, she told me that I could hold on to her hand while she stood outside the shower and I jacked off. I couldn't get into that and would just ask for a hug at the end of the session. She would feel my erection through my pants as I hugged her and would ask me why I hadn't jacked off to completion in the shower. I would always answer that I wanted to wait until I the day that I could feel her hand do it. She would always smile and never did she say that she wouldn't ever do it for me...that kept my undying hope going. Little by little, she became more comfortable with me. Once, I approached her for my hug right after I had emerged from the shower. I had a towel around my waist, but just before we embraced, I let the towel drop down to the floor. I fully expected her to back away from the embrace, but to my delight, she let me embrace her while completely naked and aroused. I rubbed my erection against her crotch and reached around and squeezed her ass tightly also. She let me rub against her for a short while, then softly disengaged from me. One day, when she had joined a new company in a nice, new studio, she surprised me by telling me to lie face up at the beginning of the massage, unlike all previous appointments we had had. She went directly to my crotch and partially raised the small towel covering my penis. She raised her finger to her mouth motioning me to stay silent and then applied some oil and started stroking. It felt wonderful, but I wanted something more after waiting so long for my happy ending. I ran my hand up the bottom of her blouse all the way up to her bra covered breasts. She had small breasts and I reached in a cupped one and then proceeded to play with her nipple. I squeezed and tweaked it and felt it getting very hard and I sensed that she didn't like losing control of herself. She removed my hand and started stroking me harder and faster. I came shortly after and after the rest of my massage I thanked her and told her how wonderful it felt and how my long wait had truly been worth it. She nodded and smiled in agreement.

I still masturbate frequently to memories of my two favorite masseurs.



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