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Looking and Touching

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Mutual masturbation between friends


I had been working a lot with a beautiful girl from Haiti a few years ago. She was very tall and lithe and graceful. We flirted a lot for a while but it soon turned to more than just flirting. We started talking about "looking and touching" and would try to touch each others arms or legs during conversation as much as possible.

One night we were walking back to our hotel after dinner and we kept "accidentally" bumping into each other as we walked. One of those times our hands touched and we locked our fingers together. We got up to our floor and she asked if I wanted to come in and watch TV for a while. Of course I accepted and followed her in! I sat on the bed and she told me to find a channel while she changed. She came out wearing short shorts and a tanktop and she was sooo hot! She mentioned it was warm and suggested I take my shirt off. She lay down on the bed next to me. The next 30 minutes was awkward talk with more and more touching. Soon we were kissing. I kissed down her neck to her chest. She pulled out a breast and asked me to kiss it too.

Her breasts were not especially large but were bigger than hand sized with thick long dark nipples that stuck out about half an inch as they became erect. As I sucked on her amazing nipple she rubbed her thigh against my crotch which made me even harder and wetter than I was already! My hands flowed down her thin sides to her hips and pulled her body against mine. I could feel my erection grinding against her leg and she pressed her crotch into my thigh as well.

She quickly pulled her top off and pulled my head onto her breasts where I kissed and sucked and teased her nipples with my lips and tongue. I marvelled at the length and thickness of her beautifully chocolate dark nipples. I began kissing down her tight almost muscular belly but stopped just above her shorts. We had already decided we wouldn't be having full intercourse as we were both married but we had joked a lot about looking and touching. I looked in her large dark eyes.

"I want to touch you..." I whispered. My had rested just above the top of her shorts.
"You want to touch my pussy?" She suddenly sounded very shy and nervous. I was too!
"Is that ok?" I wasn't sure what she would say. But she suddenly smiled seductively.
"It's more than ok" she purred and pushed my hand under her waist band. I felt her close-cropped pubic hair under my fingers. I pushed down further until my hand cupped her vulva. My fingers were already wet and slippery as they found her slit and parted what felt like thick swollen lips. She gasped and smiled and kissed me hard and deep, pressing her bare breasts against my chest as I began to slide my fingers the length of her slit. I felt her clit swelling and I began to rub it with my thumb. She reached down and slid her shorts and panties off giving me a great view of her trimmed pussy.

She has a long thick clit hood that ends in a pink swollen nub flanked by large dark inner lips.
"Mmmm...beautiful!" I told her.
"Yeah?" She asked. "You like my pussy?"
"Very much!" I smile and resume stroking her glistening wet lips.
"Good. It likes you too!" She moaned and pressed her cunt into my hand. I kept kissing her breasts and rubbing her clit as her moans increased in volume and intensity until suddenly her whole body started shaking and trembling. She came very hard and finally pushed my hand away. Breathing heavily she smiled at me.
"Mmm that was nice. Thank you." I smiled back.
"My pleasure!"
"Oh mine too!" She pushed me over and proceeded to unbutton my jeans. "Your turn now!"

She peeled my jeans down and my hard cock sprung out. She wrapped a hand around it and began slowly stroking it up and down. I continued fondling her amazing breasts as precum poured from my erection. My shaft became slick as she spread the precum around. Soon she was jacking me hard and fast. I felt my orgasm rising.

"I'm gonna cum..." I warned her.
"Good. I want to see you cum." She kissed my chest as she stroked faster. She began kissing down my belly and then held my stiff cock to her lips. She licked the tip and then kissed it. That sent me over the edge and I squirted the first spurt onto her mouth. She moved away and I continued ejaculating on my stomach as she held my throbbing cock.

Eventually we both lay back exhausted.



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