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Not What I Expected

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And I wanted to do this so bad


When I wrote 'I Still Need Help' I was having kind of a weird day and I was feeling sort of depressed but maybe that's too strong of a word I was pretty sad and confused anyway because I had been thinking about doing stuff with several of my friends and it made me feel pretty creepy. I wrote 'I Still Need Help' and after I was done had decided that I wasn't going to think about jacking off with other boys.

A few weeks ago the break dancing class I'm in had to mix all the classes together so instead of it being different skill levels in separate classes it was one giant class and basically we were going over the same stuff we already learned, some guys can spin on their heads but other guys don't even have a decent six step yet but we were all put in the same class, that's like having second graders in a class with ninth graders. A lot of guys (and some girls) were upset about being mixed up like that and I know that many of them had dropped out of the classes.

About 2 weeks ago R (I Still Need Help) and I were in the class and noticed that it was almost all beginners and the teacher was boring us going over basic stuff but not letting us help out we just had to sit and watch. The first 15 minute break we had R asked me if I wanted to ditch and walk to his house which is very close to the Rec Center. My other friend the half Indian kid who I will call Eddie was not in the class that day and when I went to R's house jacking off with him was not on my mind at all because I had done a pretty good job of putting that stuff out of my head.

R and I walk to his house and his Mom is there and she asks us if we had gotten out early, R seemed to want his Mom to leave but I had no problem with her being there because I had not planned on anything happening. R was rushing his Mom even though she was already on her way out. When his mom left he looked out of the window to make sure she was gone and when she was he asked me if I dared him to pull his dick out and then my heart started beating really fast. I didn't say yes or no but I really wanted to see so I just stood there.

R sags his pants just like Eddie so he lifted up his shirt really fast and his junk was already hanging out of his boxers he is circumcised and fairly big. I was nervous because this jack off thing was actually going to happen. The phone rang and it was 'Eddie' and I heard R ask Eddie 'Do you have to bring your cousin?' They were on the phone for like 5 minutes and when R got off he told me that Eddie was coming alone so we wouldn't have to worry. I was sort of excited because I didn't know what was going to happen.

When Eddie (The Indian kid) got there R asked him if he wanted to play truth or dare. Eddie said 'no, I don't like that stuff anymore' but R kept insisting and then they talked privately for a few minutes and when Eddie came back he seemed to be willing to play.

The first dare from R was 'I dare you to put your hand in Eddie's boxers and leave it there for one minute.' My heart was beating so hard Eddie stood up in front of me and I put my hand down in his boxers it felt strange. R counted slowly and before he got to 60 Eddie backed up and made me take my hand out. Then it was Eddie's turn and he passed so it was my turn I dared Eddie to stand naked for one minute and he said he would do 10 seconds only so he pulled his pants and boxers down and lifted up his shirt and stood for 10 seconds. R was telling Eddie that he had to stand completely naked and Eddie said that he wasn't going to take all his clothes off, so I said Eddie didn't have to. BTW I love his skin color I wish I could be more brownish like he is.

We did at least 20 more dares and Eddie finally got into it more making up crazier and crazier dares. Then the game turned into a full on jack off session we were laying on a blanket on the floor right next to each other. R got on his hands and knees and shot his stuff out on the blanket and then Eddie was about to shoot and turned to his side and I put my hand where I thought the stuff would land and caught most of it. Then I shot my stuff out and looked over at Eddie. R kept saying that we should do it again the next day but Eddie seemed upset and he left and said that this was stupid. I looked down at my hand which was like covered in Eddie's sperm and I got so grossed out, I wiped it on my shirt. R was asking me when I wanted to do it again but I was grossed out and I just left, when I got home I had this crusty stain on my shirt from Eddie's jizz and I threw the shirt away. By the time I got home it all seemed disgusting.

That was over 2 weeks ago and I don't care if it ever happens again. I can't say I would never do it again because I don't know but if I never did it again it wouldn't be a big deal. R has been calling me almost everyday and now I know how Eddie felt when he came to my house that day and I pulled his pants down. R hasn't done anything like that but he has become really pushy so I try to avoid him and his phone calls. Eddie avoids both of us altogether, I don't think he wanted to do any of that stuff in the first place and I can understand why. It was exciting at first but afterwards it makes you feel like crap. I don't think there is anything wrong with doing that kind of stuff but it's not for everybody and people shouldn't be pushed into doing it.



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