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New Friend At Pool Showers

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It’s nice to make new friends!

In my early teens, I was a swimming pool junkie. I would go there all year round using my annual membership pass. Prior to turning 13, a parent would always take me to the local swimming pool. As I became a teenager, they allowed me to go by myself. I relished the feelings of independence and freedom while I was there.


Towards the end of autumn, less and less people came to the pool in the evening. I would usually come after school (at around 4pm) and swim laps or relax in the leisure pool until I got hungry and needed to return home to have dinner (usually around 6 or 7pm).



One time, I decided to stay a bit later, until 7:30pm. My parents were at a function that evening and they told me I could purchase some fast food on the way home, as they wouldn’t be home until later that night. I had finished my 3 hour long session and got out of the pool in my blue swim briefs. I draped my black towel around my neck, grabbed my small backpack and headed to the boys’ change room. 



The inside of the change room was a long narrow hallway. As you entered, there were open showers on the left and toilet stalls on the right. Further down the hallway were benches to change on and private shower stalls. Those private stalls were being refurbished for the week and so you had to use the open showers or shower elsewhere. The room was completely empty except for one person who was just about to take a shower. 



He was a boy around my age. He had a thin build, mop of blonde hair and cute face with kind blue eyes. As I walked closer towards him, I saw that he had the exact same swim briefs as I did! Same blue colour, same style, same brand. I had noticed him in the pool earlier that evening but as he was mostly under water, I couldn’t tell what kind of swimsuit he was wearing. As I walked past the showers to put my towel and backpack on the benches, the boy noticed me and my swimsuit and gave me a nod of approval. I flashed him a quick smile back.



I threw my bag and towel on the bench and hurried back to the open showers. I stood under a shower head next to the one the boy was using, and turned on the water. For about a minute we showered in silence, leaving our swimsuits on for modesty and taking advantage of the abundance of free soap provided by the pool. During this minute, I glanced at his body from time to time, marveling at how well the tight swimsuit fit him, showing off his nice butt and small bulge. I quickly became semi-erect.



Suddenly, the boy grabbed the sides of his swimsuit with both hands and pulled them down slightly, exposing his butt and dick to the air! His butt was white, nice and small. His dick was flaccid and thin, about 2 or 3 inches. His balls had dropped slightly and he was almost completely hairless, with just a tiny hint of blonde pubic hair at the end of his shaft. I was so excited at seeing the privates of another boy my age that I instantly became hard, with my dick straining to free itself from the tightness of my swim briefs.



My bulge was quite obvious, and the boy noticed before I could turn away and hide it. As soon as he noticed my bulge, his own penis began to slowly rise, before stopping at its 4 inch erect state, pointing up, thicker and fuller than it had been before. I could feel pre-cum leaking out of my dick, so I pulled my swim briefs down. I had only intended to pull them down slightly, but as soon as they left my crotch, they fell to my ankles with a wet thump. My 4 inch penis with a small amount of black pubes, sticking straight out, was now on display to the boy.



I heard the boy let out a loud moan, which would have been really loud if the sound of water from the showers didn’t dampen it. He turned to face the shower wall and put his left hand on the wall to steady himself. With his face turned to stare directly at my crotch, his right hand immediately began pumping his early teen dick with passion and force. 



I did the same thing. Left hand on shower wall, face turned to look at his privates and right hand furiously working my dick. While I would have loved to have told you we did this for hours, truth is, we were so horny and excited it was over in less than a minute.



I came first. As I watched the boy’s cock head disappear and reappear in his right fist, my body stiffened and balls tightened as a sharp electric feeling exploded from my crotch. One rope of cum shot straight out onto the shower wall, with the rest oozing out of my tip like a fountain, drops of white landing onto the wet floor. I had used so much energy that I couldn’t remain standing and so fell to my knees.



I looked up at the boy and could tell he was about to blow. His body was stiff with his back arched and toes curled. His crotch jolted forward as four or five long ropes of cum shot out of his dick, each hitting the shower wall with a splat before rolling down the wall towards the gutter.  His legs seemed wobbly but he managed to remain standing. I quickly got up and stood next to him.



We turned off our showers and stood facing each other, examining our wet, naked bodies. Within no time, we both became semi-erect, with our dicks pointing straight out and towards each other, as if they were ready to greet each other as friends.  




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