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Night-time Erections

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After reading so many of your stories, I've started submitting several of mine. Hope you all enjoy tickling while reading!


I love this site because we can share freely and safely. In my last story 'Great Massages,' I forgot to mention that the female who massaged me to orgasm did not consider touching genitals as 'sex.' Her thinking was that only genital-to-genital contact was 'sex,' and therefore not a problem if both people enjoyed it. Now on to my nighttime stories.
A number of years ago, I ordered Men's Health magazine. They must sell their subscription list because shortly afterwards I started getting letters and nude pictures from all across the country and even Toronto! One time I got 15 letters in 2 days, all with female names in the return address on the envelope! My wife asked, 'What's up?' I said, 'I don't know.' She asked, 'What's in them?' I replied honestly, 'Pornography.' And that's all that was said at the time. Sometime later, I started getting other mail, offering lists to purchase of females wanting contact and some that included 'How to Eat Pussy' and other info. There is one that really stands out in my mind from a gal named Connie. She described the scientific description of how nighttime erections occur. The printing was all done in red ink to attract attention! (Although she would most likely want you all to receive her mail, my intent is not to advertise for her, so I won't give her last name.) She had a Georgia return address, but my mail to her in recent years has been returned, so she must have moved. On page 2, right by her signature, was a drawing of a cock shooting cum half-way across the page! I'll interrupt to say that when I've searched the internet for 'nighttime erections,' the topic is called 'nocturnal tumescence' and says that nighttime erections have nothing to do with the need to urinate.
On to my story. For some years now after reading about nighttime erections that described how our bodies have 'circadian' cycles that occur naturally EVERY 90 minutes, when I awaken to find an erection, I quickly look at the LED clock and sure enough, within a few minutes of an hour and a half since my last one, there it is standing up firm and erect again! I love it! I love the feeling of fullness! I love the feeling in my hand of holding my big shaft! (For size, see 'Curious Neighbor Girl' February 15.) I'll just lie there quietly stroking it lightly, feeling so high, but with discipline, usually don't pump to orgasm because I want to awaken to my next erection! So I stroke lightly until it relaxes by itself 20-60 minutes later. In the morning, sometimes I tell my wife that I had an erection in the middle of the night, saying that 'the plumbing was frozen' and had to wait awhile 'for it to thaw' until I could go to the restroom and urinate. She seems amused, but usually doesn't say much. I try to let her know that I'm ready for fun wheneve she is, which isn't often enough for me, so read on.
I won't call this a technique, but I love the feeling around the base of my shaft that I get when I turn my hand so that my palm is on the top side of my manhood, then reach way down below the base, and squeeze with my thumb on one side and my forefinger on the other side of my shaft. The pressure of my thumb and finger causes backpressure on my prostate and the result is a quick response to pump in more blood and become more rigid yet! With regular squeezing, my manhood stays hard and big much longer and feels better longer than just with light stroking.
Now more on the regularity of nighttime erections. Whether we go to bed anytime between 10:30 and 11:30 PM, sure enough about 12:30 I awaken with a pleasurable sensation! Then again about 3:00 and 4:30! This has been going on ever since receiving the letter from Connie several years ago. Last night again, 3 awakenings! Sometimes it's only one or two. sometimes when I sleep clear through the night, I feel cheated that my manhood didn't awaken me. Anyway my record is FOUR times in one night: 12:30, 3:00, 4:30, and 6:00 (about half an hour before the alarm)! Guess what! That was the night before I had a massage scheduled! (See my contribution 'Great Massages' just a few days ago.)
To guarantee nighttime erections, I always go without wearing shorts when I'm home alone, sometimes totally naked when it's warm in summertime. If I do wear shorts, I always 'let it all hang out.' I pull my shaft (uncurling it) and family jewels out through the opening in the shorts so I am aware of my manhood all day long, even though it is not erect all day long. I like the tension the opening in my shorts causes around the base of my manhood. I've disciplined myself to only work myself up to ejaculation every second day so that my semen and sperm had more of a chance to build up and give me better orgasms. However, on the alternate days when I do allow myself to work up ejaculations, I may do so 2-3 times a day! I like to get on the internet and typt in 'SoloTouch' right after my wife goes to work and read an hour or more, stroking slowly and lightly until I absolutely have to pump fast and erupte a powerful gusher!
Then whether I'm working outside or doing paperwork inside, by mid-aftenoon I start thinking about reading more stories -- just to see if I get an erecton again, although I'm quite sure it will respond! Then, sure enough, I can work up an other ejaculation, although this one is not nearly as thick and white. My second ejaculation of the day is usually more clear and thinner consistency. Then the 3rd time of the day is after my wife has gone to bed and started snoring. I'll slip out of bed quietly and tiptoe over to the office and find 'SoloTouch' quickly and stroke again until my 3rd ejaculation for the day! It may be even more watery, but tastes about the same. Now you know why I skip a day in between!
All of that keeps my sex organs 'fully' aware that I love them by all the attention I give them. I've read a number of places that keeping one's manhood in a state of semi-arousal keeps more oxygen flowing into it which every cell needs to keep healthy. And, even though I'm nearing retirement, I intend to enjoy my erections and the pleasure my manhood gives me at least another 20-40 years! Anyway, keeping aware of my manhood throughout the day helps assure that I will be more aware of it during the night when it tries to get my attention.
Enjoying erections and orgasms, I certaily do not begrudge losing the sleep that occurs when my manhood awakens me. I happily stroke it lightly or squeeze it like described before until it decides to relax and then I catch another few winks before it gets my attention again. I'll have to admit that I do like to take a long Sunday afternoon nap to make up for the sleep lost during the week enjoying my nighttime erections. I hope you also start enjoying nighttime erections if you have not been aware of them in the past. 'Happy stroking, squeezing, pumping, and ejaculating!' to the guys. And to the gals, 'Happy touching your whole body (circle your breasts an extra dozen times for me, imagining that I'm loving them for you!), tickling your clit, thrusting into your Love Nest, and writhing in pleasure!'
Gotta go and relieve some pressure that's building up by typing with both hands. Sometimes I type with just one hand while I play with my other, but I didn't want to take that long to get this story typed. Oh, I almost forgot. A decade ago, I read a book entitled Any Man Can which described how men can also experience multiple orgasms by bringing themselves close to the point of orgasm, then stopping and building up again repeatedly. But I found it disappointing and found each build-up more difficult, rather than more exciting, so finally gave up and simply enjoy a powerful burst the first time around. Although I've noticed that the longer my build-up takes, the sweeter my love juice tastes! If I hurry to ejaculate, it almost tastes salty.
However, the book had excellent advice that a man should squeeze his PC muscle regularly like women are advised to do for better bladder control (due to having a shorter urethra than males do) and also so they get more feeling from the shaft of their man when he's inside (or whatever they put in!). This is the muscle that stops the flow of urine. It is not the muscle that you contract by squeezing your butt cheeks together. You can do this anytime while sitting in a boring meeting, driving along the interstate highways, watching a movie on TV -- and NO ONE will ever know that you are preparing yourself for more rigid erections and all that goes with that! Perchance you forget, everytime you have to stop for a long red stoplight, instead of being frustrated by the delay, use itas a REMINDER to squeeze your PC muscles. I think it was after I started squeezing mine that I became aware of my nighttime erections.
Start out slowly so as not to make the PC muscles too tired and achy. Maybe like 50 at a time, couple times a day. Then over a period of time you can work yourself up to several hundred in a row. It's a great way to pass many miles while driving along the interstate highway with your cruise control on. Just watch the road carefully and whether any other passengers are along or not, they'll never know. If you have trouble keeping track by counting to 100, count to 25 or 50 and curl one finger on one hand tightly around the steering wheel (or loosen one finger) and when you have 100, then tighten or loosen one finger on the steering wheel with your other hand to help you remember 100, 200, etc. When you have all digits on that hand used up, you've had 500 squeezes!
The most squeezes I've worked up to in a row is 1,500 while my wife was sleeping and the road was long. By the fact that I had been squeezing for years, I had no pain from so many at one time. Occasionally, she'll wake up enough to ask 'How're you doing?' (meaning if I'm getting sleepy and want her to drive). I reply, 'Fine.' and she goes back to sleep and I go back to squeezing. Of course I also like to stroke my shaft through my jeans and enjoy the feelings and erections.
The most daring I ever was was a time late at night when my wife and daughter were asleep in the back seat and my dad was asleep on the passenger side. It was late night and there was no moon, so it was pitch black dark and I did not want to have a wreck by falling asleep. I had the nerve to uncurl my manhood, pulling it out through my pants and pumping away. I did work up a great ejaculation and when I knew it was going to erupt I had to quickly figure out how to catch my geyser while still keeping one hand on the steering wheel. Somehow as the love juice was already starting to pump deep inside, I quickly managed to pull my shaft over to the side facing the door, put my thumb over the head to pull it into my hand, and cupped my hand to catch the love juice. Surprisingly, I think I caught it all in the dark and managed to eat it without spilling anything, because when feeling around in the dark later did not feel any wet spots on my shirt or pants or car seat or door.
Guys and gals, keep squeezing your PC muscles for better orgasms! Get over the idea that self-pleasuring is a sin. I think school programs on 'total abstinence' should be informed to mean 'abstain from contacting sexual diseases from another person,' but very definetly NOT mean total abstinence from creating one's own positive sexual feelings. When the sex hormones are raging their most active, the need for sexual release should not be taught as sin. Nobody taught me that it was sin, but somehow by keeping the act private, I had guilt feelings from the time I learned how to work up orgasms 50 years ago until just a few years ago when a massage therapist asked, 'What's wrong with it?' I had to re-think my thoughts on self-pleasuring and have come out believeing that they not only are not 'wrong,' but are very important to keep the sex organs healthy.
Most adults will dismiss the fact that healthy sex organs keep the rest of our body healthy. Fortunately I'm married to a health professional who has encouraged male patients to work up orgasms 'by hand' after heart surgery so as not to overdo exercise! So she does not object to my self-pleasuring -- but that's another story! Keep on tickling because if you can get over the guilt of self-pleasuring, self-stimulation produces better self-esteem and a more positive self-image. Thank you all for your stories! I'd like to hear more stories from adult women about their happy and exciting times with men, whether in youth or in adulthood. And a very special 'THANKS' to our host for this site and all the work that goes into keeping it updated! Wishing you all lots and lots of fun and excitement! and don't forget to thank our Creator who created our bodies so marvelously, as David wrote 'knit us together in our mother's womb.' I believe that since our Creator created our nerves to carry electrical impulses throughout our body, our Creator now gives us every tingling feeling and every orgasm as a gift of Love. A story in closing:
Because he could always trust his grangmother with secrets that he could not discuss with his parents, a young boy was discussing his new-found discovery of sexual thrills with his grandmother and asked her if there was anything more pleasureable. Her reply was, 'If there's anything better, God reserved it for Himself!' (She must have known!!!) With that, I'll close for today. Happy tickling to you all! RC



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