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The Hunt for my Roommates Toys.

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Finding my roommates special secret stash

As I have mentioned in a couple of my previous stories, I live in an apartment with my buddy and his girlfriend. One day my buddy was at work, I had just gotten home from work and his girlfriend was still asleep in bed, I decided to jack off to some porn in my bedroom, and made sure to keep the sound down so she couldn't wake up and hear me. I then passed out.

About two hours later I woke up to what I thought was my roommate crying, so I went up and stuck my ear the wall that separates our bedrooms and clearly heard her moaning. She must not have realized I was home already or she wouldn't have been so loud. Now I have no physical attraction to her and would never try anything, but just knowing what she was up to made me very horny, so I went back in bed, and turned the porn back on and went at myself. I didn't last as long as she did though so I tried to keep quiet, and not make a sound. When she came, there was absolutely no discretion, it was one of the loudest orgasms I have ever heard, and about an hour later she had gotten ready for work and left for the day.

I knew I was all alone so I walked out of my room naked, as I always do when I'm alone, and went to get a drink. It was on my way back to the room when I peeped into their room that I saw soaked panties laying on top of a pile of dirty clothes on their floor. I couldn't stop myself from going in there to investigate them. I inhaled her aroma and her scent stiffened me right up again. I don't know why I did this but I wanted to know if she had any toys that she used. I know they know I have some because they came in my room once to talk to me when I left the drawer open.

So I went to the most obvious place, her underwear drawer. Sitting right in the bottom of it was an anal plug....and as excited as I was to see that, I was a little let down, because I know she loves porn shops so I figured she'd have more. it was when I turned around to walk out their door I noticed a little wooden box with a hinged lid under her night table that I've never seen before.

I walked up to it opened it, and was absolutely amazed at just how many different toys were in it, and right there on top was a glass dildo still wet from her cleaning it. I jacked off two more times before finally falling asleep that day.



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