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Night Swimming

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I currently live in the south of England, within walking distance of the beach. During the summer last year I'd use the distance as a mixture of running and swimming. I was almost three miles either way, with between one or two miles swimming in the middle. A bit dull I will admit, but it kept me in good shape. At 17 I was in a small rugby team, playing at outside center, so fairly fit, and enjoying the freedom that summer offered, with no school, and no practise.

As it was the summer, the beach was fairly busy most nights. But in the evening, about 8 o'clock the beach would be basically empty. This would mean that I could either run down during the day, which would be uncomfortable, the trunks I wore were tight, or go in the evening, and swim naked, a very freeing experience.

One night doing this, in the middle of August, I got to the beach, walked a little way away from the path, dropped my towel and clothes and jumped into the water. It was a warm day, the water was cool, and lapped gently against my body as I headed out into the deeper water.

After about half an hour I returned to the beach, only to hear three voices from the shore. I quickly checked my position. I was quite worried, these three had set up right over my clothes. I sat there, treading water, regretting not bringing trunks.

Unfortunately, I couldn't stay in the water forever, and braced myself for the talk I was going to have to take.

As I approached the shore I realised I knew two of the three girls. Jess and Rebecca were two girls in the year below me. Jess had recently passed her driving test. I assumed this was her flaunting her freedom. I thought the best thing I could do was walk in quickly grab my stuff and get out of there.

However the girls seemed to have other ideas. As I approached the beach Rebecca spotted me. She called out, seeming to recognise me, and called me over.

I quickly apologised, saying that I was swimming naked, and didn't want to embarrass them, and myself. Jess and the girl I hadn't met had walked up behind Rebecca, and had grabbed her bikini top and bottom and very quickly whipped them off.

'Now she's at the same point as you, and you're both obviously embarrassed.' With this Rebecca ran into the sea, about 10 feet away from me. She looked brilliant. She was fairly short, with dark blonde hair. I had caught a glimpse of her breasts as she entered the water. They were small, as expected for a girl of her height and age, 16. She called out to the two girls on shore that they were idiots, and it was totally unfair, picking on her in that way.

'Would it be better if me and Alice joined you then?' Jess garbbed her own top, pulling it clear, and then grabbing across at Alice. Alice was wearing a one piece, and although she dodged the initial grab Jess had caught the swimsuit on the way down, and by a point of chance the suit came clean off. Alice had a similar reaction to Rebecca, running to the water, and standing near to her.

Jess took off the lower half of her bikini and strode confidently in the water in front of me. She walked up to me and whispered two words in my ear.

'Embarrassed Now?'

Not knowing what to do I stood there silently. Jess just lay back in the water rising her crotch up into my face. This was embarassing, especially seeing as I was much more attracted to Rebecca.

Jess put one hand down into her crotch and started rubbing herself. 'I've always found that this is much better for reach, and view.' Sticking two fingers into her vagina she leant backwards and arched her back.

Alice and Rebecca had run back to the beach, and reclaimed their swimwear. Jess seemed engrossed in her own enjoyment. Her eyes were closed and a soft moan was the only sound that connected her with the rest of the world. I had to admit, it was a good view. I was rather aroused, and felt that the beach wasn't a brilliant move, but was better than sitting here, removing any chance I had with Rebecca.

I walked back onto the shore, trying to shield myself from Rebbeca and Alice. I quickly towelled myself off and dressed, trying to leave without further embarrassment. As I was putting on my shoes Rebecca walked up to me. 'I'll apologise for Jessica myself. She knew about your routine and wanted to see what you were like. Can I come back tomorrow, and speak without her?' I quickly said that I would, at the same time.

The next day I ran down to the beach. This time with a pair of trunks. Rebecca was sitting there waiting, wearing a small bikini.

'I figured you've seen it all before, would you like to do skinny dipping with me?' It was a strange question I'll admit, but it didn't seem that odd. I took off my clothes trying not to arouse myself, but my penis still grew a little, to about half size, at four inches. She had shaved herself since the previous night, and was even more attractive.

We entered the water and she seemed confident, swimming around me, as we talked about life. She mentioned what Jess had done last night. I blushed, and she said it wasn't the first time she had seen her do it. She said they had both done it before, she agreed it was the best way to do it.

The rest of this story will have to wait, as it finds itself quickly beyond the reach of this site, and of course the time of day. I will write what can be written at a later time, but now I'm going for a run.



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