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Next Door Exposure

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This woman named Carroll had lived next door to me for about five years. She was married and had a daughter 12. She would sun herself nude in her back yard. The fence between our property was made of wood boards and there were some large openings between some of the boards about a half inch. There was also a knot hole in one of the boards about 2 inches around so I have plenty of places to peek at her. I worked nights and she didn't work so she gave me plenty of opportunities to see her nude. She would always face her lounger toward the fence and spread her legs so I could get a good view of her pussy.
I love exposing myself and had pulled a lawn chair out there about 10 feet from the fence, lubed myself real good and started jacking off while she was sunning herself. Carroll could hear to noise my hand was making while I was jacking off my cock. I would hear her get out of her lounger and I would see her shadow next to the fence so I knew she was watching me. I would always cum really good for her. We both knew that the other one knew that we were watching each other but we never said anything about it.
One day she was laying out and her pussy lips were so swollen I just couldn't stand it. I knew I had to get out and expose myself in public. I had a convertible sports car and I could get to it from my side door without being seen from the street. I grabbed my keys and went to my car butt naked. I had no clothes with me and nothing in my car to cover up with. I had put on some cock rings and grabbed a bottle of lube. I started jacking off as soon as I drove out of the driveway. I drove around for about and hour or so and exposed myself to several women in trucks or just walking down the street. I wanted to go home and let Carroll see me cum, so I headed back.
When I got to my drive I backed in and figured to go back through the side door and into my back yard and give Carroll another show. Much to my surprise, Carroll was in her two piece swim suit on the side of her house and planting some flowers. Where I stopped my car she was only about 10 feet away from me and there was no way I could get to my door without her seeing me. She was down on her hands and knees but said hi and waved at me. She got up and started over to where I was parked. I was busted. I had nothing to cover up with and she would know what I had been doing. I thought 'what the hell' and just kept jacking off. She got right beside my car when she saw what I was doing. She had this completely surprised look on her face and said 'Jack! What the fuck are you doing? Where's your clothes? Have you been driving around town jacking off in front of other women? I was hoping you would come back and I could see you jacking off in your back yard again but I never expected this. I almost feel like you have cheated on me.' That statement totally shocked me. She got in my car and asked 'did you save your cum for me Jack? I want to see you cum up close. I want to get some of it on me'. Carroll reached over and started playing with my balls and I blew my load all over her hand. Her eyes were glued on my cock as it squirted all over the place. She said 'you cheated on me Jack by letting other women see you jacking off, but I forgive you because you saved all this beautiful cum for me.'
I found out that her husband had been impotent for many years and she was totally sex starved. We became very close but she never slept with me. She said she loved her husband but did need some sexual release. We would masturbate in front of each other and had some mind blowing orgasms together until they moved a few years later. I can still see her beautiful nude body in my mind and gets me horny just thinking about it.



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