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New Apartment

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I love New York and in February was finally able to rent a small apartment in the Bowery District. Its nothing fancy and there is a narrow alleyway between the two apartment buildings. Directly across from me approx. six feet is another apartment building.


I always had my window and shades down but when the warm weather began would leave my bedroom window open sometimes. One night I came out of the shower and dried off in my bedroom not realizing my window was still open. As I glanced over I noticed two girls watching me and quickly hid in the corner of my room. I was very embarrassed by it and although I never met or spoke to them had seen them outside many times. I knew they lived nearby but didn't know that was their apartment across the alley way. By the next day I started to become aroused by the thought of them seeing me naked. I have had sex with six different girls who naturally saw me naked, but the only other time in my life that I was caught naked by a girl was when I was about 16. It was my older sisters friend and all I can remember is how humiliating it was every time I saw her after it happened. My penis is only average or maybe below average size so I had never purposely exposed myself. I began leaving my window open enough or the shade up enough for them to see in almost every night. I never do if my girlfriend is here but now am excited when I know they are watching me.

I spend hours sometimes sitting in the dark at my kitchen window waiting for them to look into my bedroom. I leave the lights on in the bedroom and as soon as I see them at their window I go in and undress knowing they are looking at me. They turn their lights off and I can only assume they don't want me to know they are watching me. At first I would just be in my room naked quickly getting wet from the shower and having them watch as I dried myself. Sometimes I faked like I was asleep naked in my bed which is right next to the window. I roll over and changed positions to expose myself but seldom let them see my erection. I never look over at them but would go into the kitchen often to make make sure they were still there. It wasn't long before I began letting them see me masturbate, sometimes on the bed but other times standing at my night table near the window.

There have been at least three other girls watching me who must be some of their friends. I don't know who any of the other girls are. I can't clearly see them from my kitchen window because their lights are always turned off when they are at the window. At least two or three times a week they see me naked and the more they watch me the more often I masturbate. My girlfriend is here two or three times a week so then I keep the window shut and the shades down. They seem willing to watch me but I don't want them to see me and my girlfriend having sex even though I have thought about it.

As stange as it may sound, the only time I am embarrassed about it, is when I am dressed and see the two girls outside the apartment. I still don't know their names but they do wave to me and when I wave back I only hope they don't notice how I blush. When I know they see me naked in my bedroom or know they are watching me masturbate it doesn't embarrass me at all and only excites me. I don't know how many of their girlfriends have watched me but think quite a few. Never before did I ever think about doing something like this. I'm not sure what they think of me but hope they don't suspect I do it intentionally. The only time I ever look over at their window is when I am in my kitchen with the lights out and never look over there from my bedroom window. Its hard to see them sometimes but the light in my bedroom is enough for me to know they are there. Some nights I can only see movement but have noticed as many as four girls at the window. I know only two of them live there so have no idea who the other ones are.

My girlfriend and I have sex several times a week but I also masturbate more than usual. It is disappointing to me some nights when I anticipate them looking in but they don't and I still masturbate pretending they are. On average, I know for sure they see me masturbate two or more times a week. I can only assume by now that they don't mind watching me. I know I am makeing a fool of myself by doing this but I get so aroused by it, that it has become just as satisfying as having sex with my girlfriend. They may suspect I know they are watching me but I do the best I can to not make it obvious. I finally spoke to the one girl last week but only briefly. She waved to me and asked me what time it was. We only spoke of the weather and how hot it was. I could feel myself turning red and blushing and said I didn't know she lived next door. I was almost stammering when thankfully my friend came to pick me up. I just got in his car and said goodbye to her. Crazy, but I'm embarrassed when fully dressed and see them outside but not when naked or masturbating and know they are looking at me.



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