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New Sensations

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I've read quite a few stories on here about masturbating in public etc and always thought 'no way do I want anyone to catch me'

Well that changed a bit two weeks back. My husband got up early on Saturday to go to golf. The sun was barely up and the kids were in bed. I pulled the curtains and lay back to watch a bit of tv before starting the day.

As I lay there I idly ran my hand over my pussy, feeling the silky patch of my pubes, and some bristly regrowth. Hmm, I better shave today.

The gentle exploring triggered the mood and I slid my other hand up under my nightie and gently rolled and pulled on a nipple. It was difficult to swap from one to the other, so I sat up pulled my nightie off and kicked back the bedcovers.

A few minutes laying there playing with my nipples decided what I wanted. I reached into my bedside cabinet and pulled out some massage oil and my vibe. The cool oil gave me a gentle shock as I lay back and dribbled it between my breast down to my belly. That soon changed as I began spreading it, cupping my breasts and pulling on my nipples then sliding my hands down across my belly and onto my inner thighs.

As I began to warm up I massaged my clit and lips with both hands. Kneading my pussy, then dragging my hands up to give my boobs some attention. It wasn't long before I felt my juices begin to flow. I sat up and position a pillow between my legs. Taking my vibe I set it to its lowest speed and pushed it into me about an inch or so. I lay back and kept playing with my nipples as the vibe gently buzzed away in my pussy.

This is my favourite way to masturbate :) As the vibe worked its magic..and I got wetter, I hooked my feet round the pillow and used it to work the vibe into me slowly. It's bliss.

I lay there squeezing my nipples and rolling my hips as I steadily pushed the vibe further into me. I was really into it. Then The was a loud clatter and a bang from otside the window. I froze. My heart was pounding. What the F**k was that!

I stared at the window..seeing nothing. My vibe purred happily away and my pussy begged for more. A minute or so later our neighbour appeared on his roof. Sh**t! Can he see me through the nets? I watched and waited, but he barely glanced in my direction as he set to work on the spouting.

Calmer now, I resumed my pleasures, keeping a wary eye on the window till I was certain I could not be seen. My mood had been broken, but now a naughty, devilish one had replaced it.

Knowing that he could not see me,I got strangley aroused thinking about if he could, and decided to put on a show(of sorts).

I pushed the bedclothes and pillow to the floor. Laying there naked I spread my legs wide and tipped some oil directly onto my pussy. My vibe had slipped out and I began pulling on my lips and dipping my fingers into me. As I got more worked up my juice and the oil made it easy for me to insert two fingers of each hand and massage my clit with my thumbs. I spread my lips and fingered my wet hole. On my knees I took the vibe as deep as I could. Basically, I did myself as many ways as I could imagine.

Finally after I'd cum about 4 or 5 times I was satisfied. Laying back on the bed I was amazed at how swollen my pussy was. I looked out the window and my neighbour was still there working away, oblivious to the show he had just missed. It was my best session ever.. I never even get that horny doing it in front my husband. I'd love to do it again somehow, but I think the spouting is alright for now :(



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