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Never Too Late

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Let me start with the thought it's never too late. I'm 60, fairly large with white hair- not exactly prime game in the sex dept.

I have a 22 year old son in a local community college who lives in a small apt above the garage which he calls his 'love nest'. He keeps things pretty low key- he is not a partier, studies hard , gets good grades , and has a girl friend and the normal things I would expect a 22 year old to have and be.

Last weekend he asked if he could have a film/gaming overnight and have some friends stay- his real question was if I would feed them all and I said no problem- I recognized all the names and had met the kids and they were all nice.

The day of the event arrives as do the kids, 5 of them, the movies start, I made them a late lunch and let them know what and when for dinner and left them alone. About 730 PM I took a load of food, two pitchers of iced tea and a cake over, chatted a bit and went back to the house. At about 1030 PM I went back over- they were furiously defeating space aliens of such, and said I'd be back a bit later to see if they needed anything before I went to bed. About an hour later I went back- they were back in movie mode- and doing some arithmetic realized they were going to be one sleeping place short. I offered the sofa in the living room and one of the guys jumped at the chance not to have to sleep on the floor over there so I took him over to the main house- showed him the sofa, bathroom and general layout of the house and said if there were any problems just to wake me up - I was at the end of the hall. I then settled in to watch a movie. At about 1230 I finished the movie and was getting up to go to bed and the back door opened and in came Alex saying he had seen the movie they were watching and he was going to go to sleep. I went to the bathroom and changed into the shorts I sleep in and he was by then sitting on the sofa in his boxers petting the dogs. I said goodnight and went down the hall to the bedroom and closed the door. I always read a bit before I go to sleep so the light was on and a knock comes at the door and in comes Alex saying the dogs were bothering him and could he sleep in the other side on my king sized bed. I said 'no problem' he got into the bed, I put down my magazine and we chatted for a few minutes and I turned off the light. Over the next ten minutes or so he did a lot of tossing and turning so I asked him if he couldn't sleep or always had trouble falling asleep and he answered me , a bit to my surprise, that he had an annoying hard on that was keeping him awake. I told him that the bathroom was right down the hall if he wanted to take care of things and he ask if it would be OK with me if he took care of things right there. By then the conversation had given me a semi and I was wondering where this was going to go. I told him to go ahead and jokingly told him not to mess up the sheets and he said he would clean up real good afterward. A bit to my surprise again he then turned on the light on the night stand, threw back the blanket, pushed down his underwear and pulled out about 7 + inches of real hard dick. He started stroking real slowly with a bit of a start /stop action. I was trying not to stare but it was sort of difficult with it being in the bed right next to me. Just then I felt a hand on my upper thigh and he asks if I would like to join him since he was feeling self conscious (gee I wonder why). In the three seconds it took me to formulate my answer his hand moved over to my throbbing dick and my decision was pretty much made for me. Our hands were all over stroking,rubbing and other things I can't put on the site here and in about 5 minutes the breathing got pretty heavy and we decided he would take care of me first then I would take care of him so I stretched out with him stroking building up to an major cum and just as I started to cum he told me to stroke him quick as he was going to cum too. I started stroking him as much as I could focus with the waves of pleasure running through my body and we both blew huge loads with pretty loud moans and groans. After we came down from the top of the wave we sort of lay there in each others arms looking somewhat embarrassed which can be the situation after cumming and I reached around him and pulled him close and our stomachs touched mixing our cum and told him not to feel awkward at all and started to rub his dick again with all the cum still there. The good feeling I guess distracted him from any feeling of embarrassment and he sort of put his head into the crook of my neck and said 'Thanks'. I grabbed some tissue and took care of as much as I could so the sheets wouldn't be stained We separated and fell asleep and I for one slept real good. In the morning I was awake but with my eyes still closed facing the center of the bed and I felt a hand on my shoulder. I opened my eyes and he was looking me in the face and just said thanks again and that he should probably get back to the small apt and see what was happening, got up, got dressed and left. I got up a bit later, did damage control in case on of the kids wandered into the house and went over and made them all breakfast of pancakes and french toast. After that they all went back to their movies. Mid day there was talk of more food to keeps thinks going and all heads looked to me. A menu of chicken was decided upon but I told them they would have to go get the ingredients, gave them $20 , told them to let me know when they got back and went back home to watch TV. I heard the car pull out and about 5 minutes later in came Alex saying the car was full and it was silly to take two cars to pick up chicken and for some reason everybody else wanted to go so he agreed to stay behind but they made him promise not to move on with the game or movie until they got back so we found ourselves alone on the sofa watching TV. Strangely, after the night before I felt mixed feelings, awkward and a bit horny at the same time. I asked him if he knew what a white elephant in a room was so I told him and he laughed saying he felt the same way but was feeling more horny that awkward. There seemed to be alot of awkwardness in the air anyway and he asked me if I would do something for him. My mind was racing when I said 'what' and he asked me if I would watch him jerk off? It was not what I was expecting but in truth I have always liked jerking off with other guys and had found it way more interesting than going at it alone but it had been a long time since I had a JO buddy. I knew we had the better part of a half hour till the rest of the group got back -so back to the bedroom we went - off went his clothes he stretched out on the bed and started stroking there in the full day light on top of the bed. I was totally hard inside my jeans but wanted to just watch for a while but finally took out my dick and just started to rub it on the side of his stomach a bit. He took me in his hand as he started to breath a bit hard and started to stroke me fast which sent me over the edge shooting a good sized load onto his stomach,hand and dick. As soon as my cum hit his hand he started to shoot about 5 big ropes of cum onto his chest all the way up to his neck. I knew I would be enjoying that sight by myself for a long time down the line. I grabbed some tissues and cleaned things up. It seemed like it took alot of tissue because the cum was spread out all over. He said 'thanks' again although I felt I should have thanked him. He got dressed, gave me a nice guy kind of hug and went back to the other house. A bit later the rest came back gave me the groceries and I started to make them some food. Later that afternoon when Alex brought the pans back over he asked if he could come down and see me when my son was not around on the weekend. I told him we needed to work out a plan because we didn't want to raise any red flags with my son and/or neighbors which would not do either of us any good and he agreed but told me it was nice to have somebody he could trust.

We talked a little bit more if we wanted to do it again and agreed that we could trust each other and if the situation allowed we would go for it again.



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