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More Than I Expected To Slip In

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Another story from a client.


Just like your wife, my wife quit being sexual after menopause. I turned to men. There are a surprising number of guys in the same boat. We don't want to cheat on our wives, and in my mind, just jerking off with guys gives relief, and isn't cheating. At first, I hid my activities from my wife. But she's a smart woman. She pretty much figured out what was going on.

In time, we brought my male-male activities out more into the open, and finally, she just came right out one day and said, "As long as you fuck guys, I'm OK with it. I rather prefer it, because you'll quit bugging me."

"I don't FUCK guys," I responded, hurt even by the idea. "We just jerk off together."

I didn't say that we jerk each other off, sometimes give each other massages, and maybe even the occasional blowjob.

So now it's time to get to the point. I met a new guy named Bill. He's a good-looking fellow around my age. He has a small, thin body, with a neatly trimmed white beard, matching his curly white hair. Very elegant. Bill is actually gay, but when I made it clear that I didn't want to do anything oral or anal, and certainly no kissing, he not only agreed, but said that's his preference, too. I guess my bisexuality is more hetero than gay, because although I'll jerk off or get jerked off by just about any man, the idea of kissing, well, no way! But that's just me. If you enjoy kissing guys, that's your business entirely.

So, I arrived at Bill's, and asked to use his shower. I was a bit sweaty from splitting firewood earlier in the day. When I came into his bedroom, he was naked, and partially erect on the bed.

I jumped right in with some light touching of his dick, to which he responded favorably, as you might imagine.

One thing led to another and we traded back and forth several times, with him bringing me close to orgasm, me doing him, switching back to me and so on.

At one point, it just felt right to run a fingertip over his anus. He loved that. He then admitted that his fantasy, triggered by a story he read right here on SoloTouch, was to be on hands and knees, and get a prostate massage.

As soon as he mentioned that, I was more turned on than I would have expected, and agreed right away.

So, we got him in the position. I slowly stuck one finger in, and he was in heaven. I wondered if he could handle two fingers, because as experienced guys know, you can reach the prostate much better with two fingers.

Slowly I introduced that second finger, and he was fine with it. I tried a third, and although he grunted, he was OK, and wanted more. Four fingers went in OK.

I pulled out, covered my whole hand and lower arm with lube, and went back in. Way in. It seemed a bit much for a first time, but his joy was overpowering, so I pressed on, and sure enough, his ass was now accommodating my entire fist. I pushed it all the way in, with my fingers feeling their way into his rectum.

With my free hand, I just reached under him, and grabbed his dick, thinking to stroke him a bit. He came right away.

All in all, it was a great afternoon. He and I plan to meet again next week.





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