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Never Thought I'd Do This!

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Submitted by a married straight male who never had a bi thought in his head!


I've been married many years and quite happily, too. I'd never had any bi thoughts. In fact, the subject was usually quite gross for me to even think about.

I have a new neighbor of several months, and he and I have seemed to hit it off pretty well. I was at his house recently on a Saturday to catch a little football on TV. While we watched the game, he started telling me about some great porn he had on DVDs. He said he had one excellent one I just had to see, so he put it on. It was German and I couldn't understand a word being said, but the action was hotter than anything I've ever seen here in the states. There was one scene with four guys and two girls. The guys were jacking off as the girls kneeled in front of them, and cum was flying everywhere ... all over their faces, into their open mouths, all over their boobs, everywhere! It was very HOT!

While we watched, it my neighbor said that he just couldn't help getting hard when he watched these movies and added that it usually ends up with HIM cumming all over himself. My own dick was already pretty hard watching the movie. I admitted to cumming to a few movies in my lifetime, too.

The next thing I knew, he was stroking his dick through his pants. He had a really big bulge. I had never watched a guy do that in person, but seeing him doing that only made my own hard-on harder. I started doing it, too.

He only has one sofa in his living room and we were both on it about three feet apart. Finally, he said, 'Oh fuck ... I really want to cum!' and he unzipped, pulled his long hard dick out and started stroking it ... then said, 'Hope you don't mind!'

I was sort of glued to the TV and his dick at the same time. His is just a tad bigger than mine but not much. He said, 'Go ahead if you want to ... I won't tell anybody.' My dick was aching to have itself jacked off and I too wanted badly to cum, but I had never jacked with a guy before.

I decided to go for it and let it all hang out. I unzipped and pulled mine out and we sat there jacking together. He was looking at mine and I was looking at his. He told me his pants were binding him so he stood and let them drop to the floor along with his undies and he sat back down and spread-eagled his legs. He had a bunch of hair around his dick and his balls were large. He stood his dick straight up in the air and just held it there so I could see the full thing. I also, got rid of my pants and sprawled with my legs open so he could have a good view of my hairy dick and balls. I stood mine up, too.

He moved over beside me and stood his up again and we compared size and thickness and length. He asked, 'Have you ever jacked off with another guy before?' I told him I hadn't. He told me it felt good not to have to do all the work, so sit back and relax. He took my dick in his hand and started slowly jacking me as he continued to jack his own with his other hand.

Watching the TV and also keeping an eye on him beating me off felt good. Before long I shot cum all over myself. I decided I would return the favor so I took his big dick and slowly jacked it. His dick was interesting to see up close. He had a nicely circumsized head and a network of veins right under his skin. His dick was so good and hard. What a handful. I used different grips and different speeds, until he popped his cork and came all over his stomach.

Like me, he claims to be straight and he would rather be with a woman than a man any day, but he said he didn't see the big deal in a man- to-man jack off.

I haven't been back over, but I have found myself with a hard-on thinking about it. Maybe we can become regular buds and beat each other off at least once a week!



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