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My Teenage Son

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Tony came to show me his penis because something was wrong.


Tony was just like my son. He is good looking dark haired and a genuinely nice guy. His dad had passed away suddenly when he was 4 and he had older brothers. His poor mum had a difficult time and his brothers thought he was a little pest so he had very few role models at home. Consequently, Tony and I formed a really close bond. He would come and stay at our home from time to time.

I had never seen him naked before but, when he was a late teen, his mother called me to say he had something he wanted to show me. There was something going on with his penis and she wanted me to take a look and offer advice.  I had been a health care worker and was intrigued. I had noticed that his bulge was bigger than most kids his age but just thought it was a super horny teenager’s bulge at the time. He came to stay for the weekend and he seemed super nervous.  We headed off to an orchard which was secluded.  I saved him the embarrassment. I flopped out my cock and took a leak not in his face but at a side angle.  “Wanta take a piss,” I suggested. He smiled nervously and pulled his shorts down to reveal a meaty 7 ˝ inch thick cock that had a really nice long dark foreskin covering the head. I was impressed. Wow was he going to make the girlfriend happy, I thought.

“So you want to show me something?” I prompted.  He finished his piss and started to pull the skin of his cock back. It would only come back part way. It was still stuck to the head of his cock.  I was fascinated. I had been circumcised when I was a baby so had never experienced anything like this. My other sons had no problem with their foreskin.  

I advised him to gently put pressure on the foreskin by pulling it back and gently stretching it when he wanked.  He looked at me as if he didn’t have a clue what I meant.  After a while it was clear he was completely unsure. I asked him to place his hand around his cock and pull back. After a few futile attempts, he asked if I would show him.  In the meantime, I had gotten quite hard seeing him handling his really nice cock.  He had also developed a nice semi hard-on as well.  I would have loved to wrapped my hand around him to show him how to do it but felt that I had better play it cautiously. I was also his current Physical education teacher. So, I gently tried to show him how without getting any more exposure.  In a fortnight, he came to visit and showed me proudly the entire head of his cock without the foreskin attached.  

We spent a lot of time exercising and I took him swimming twice a week.  He was now wanking his big cock a number of times a day. He asked me a few times to join him but I insisted that he needed to be an adult to make it appropriate. I was more than happy to help him out. Soon after his 19th birthday, I had started to give him lessons for his driver’s license.  A week later he pulled over on a side road and reminded me that I had told him I would join him in a masturbation session after his birthday. He had some porn with him and he wanted to have a wank mate.

I had a few friends that I masturbated with and really enjoyed it.  I was pretty nervous but the dim light and cramped car was soon full of our moans as we looked at the porn and each other. We came after a while and I cleaned us both up.  As I dropped him off at home he gave me a hug and said that he would be looking forward to driving lessons as often as I could fit them in.

I really looked forward to our mutual wank sessions and we would get together as often as I could. I had started to give him hand jobs and more while we were driving longer distances on the country roads. It was great fun. He soon had a number of girlfriends and we shared some videos we had both made while having some sex with our partners. It made me really bone up when he showed me his fat cock pumping in and out of his girlfriend.  We watched while we helped each other bust a nut.  We are really close as a result of these sessions but he has been getting heaps of sex and has lost interest in mutual sessions.  I do massage work as well and would love to give him a full body treatment with a happy ending. That is, if he was up for it and his cock wasn’t too sore from having so much sex with his girlfriend.  I am still happy to help him out any time he needs, in any capacity. It is just a guy thing that makes me feel close, it’s not a sexual orientation thing because I am still really hot for my sexy wife.



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