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Neighbor Wants To Watch

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Multi-part story involving my next door neighbor seeing me masturbate.

[This is part 1; part 2 was posted earlier.]


This may be a little long so I might break it into several 'installments'.

This past weekend we, Susan (the wife) and I had the next door neighbors over for dinner, nothing unusual for the 4 of us to do this about monthly or so. During dinner Patti (the lady half) asked Susan if our phone was out of order. Susan says not that she is aware of and asked why. Patti says that she had tried calling one night and she got a busy signal for over an hour. (I had been out of town, in STL and was talking to Susan when she tried to call.) I jokingly said that I had been on the phone with Susan during that time. Patti thought it was sweet that we would have such a long conversation, and then I said that we had been having phone sex, which was true. Everyone laughs and the conversation continued along other lines. Dinner finishes and they go home.

Sunday I am in Wal-Mart getting something and run into Patti. We chat for a few minutes and she starts following me as I go about picking up the items I had come for. It was close to lunch and she asked if I wanted to join her at McDonalds inside the store. So we go to the McDonalds, get our food and sit down away from everyone else, she led the way and I followed.

During the course of lunch Patti came back to the conversation that we had during dinner the night before and asked if Susan and I were really having phone sex when she tried to call. I told her that indeed we were and that we do this a couple of times a week when I travel. She remarks that she would like to have listened in on that and that she thought it was hot that we do this. I asked if she and Gary (her husband) ever tried it. She laughs out loud and says that he wouldn't have anything to do with anything like that. I asked her if she had ever tried asking him, to which she laughs again and says that he won't even undress in front of her and that when they are intimate all the lights are turned out and the curtains are pulled shut.

I didn't exactly know where this was leading but I had ideas brewing in my little perverted mind so I pursued it more. I asked if they ever masturbated in front of each other (DUH, she had already told me that he wouldn't even undress in front of her) and she about fell off the chair laughing. Knowing that they were childhood sweethearts and married early led me to ask if she had ever seen him naked. She replies that she gets 'quick glimpses' but that's about it. Then she went on the aggressive and began asking me about my sex life with Susan. Questions like how often we 'did it', where, and do we masturbate in front of each other when I'm home and things like that. I answered truthfully to each question and then came the shocker.... She asked if I have ever masturbated in front of anyone else besides Susan. I admitted that I had but did not tell Susan about it. Then the questions from her flew fast and furious and I was certain where this was headed.

Within 20 minutes she worked up the nerve and asked if I would masturbate while she watched. WELL.... Being the dedicated DF'er I am, how could I refuse such a request????? She asked if I was traveling the next week and I told her I would be home only Monday (today) Then she launches off into questions about whether I am totally naked or just take it out of my pants, what do I think about while I jack off (first time she had used the expression) and what time I usually did it. Again I answered truthfully, yes, I'm totally naked, I usually read some stories on the web when I do it and that I normally do it in the mornings after Susan leaves for work. She then surprises me again and asked if she could drop over Monday when she sees Susan leave. I said that it would be fine with me but not to be surprised if I answer the door naked. She says that is what she's hoping for...........



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