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Caught by Neighbor

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When I was 25 I moved into my first apartment. When I first saw the place it was a mess. The carpet was old, all the appliances were outdated and the whole place needed to be painted. The landlord said he was going to fix it up. When I signed the papers and went to the place with my parents I walked in to a total redone apartment. I had all new carpet, all the walls were painted, All new appliances and even a new air conditioner in the bedroom and living room. I told my parents this wasn't the place I looked at. In a week I was moved in and all the furniture was delivered and my parents even bought a few hundred dollars of food. I was in heaven. The best part was the black leather recliner I bought. I sat in it and leaned back and watched tv. A few days later I was reading a sex magazine when I saw an add for VHS tapes of women masturbating and getting off. I thought about it and then reached for the phone and order a few tapes. Once they arrived I would get naked and put on my big old headphones and go to the living room with a bathrobe and jerk off. The women who lived across the hall was two years older than me and very friendly. Her name was Tara and I met her on the first day and she actually baked me cookies. We hit it off and we were doing our wash together for the company. A few times I would switch her stuff and tell her how sexy her bra and panties were. One I told her if she wanted to model any of them she could. We cooked each other dinner and one night after too much wine we made out and actually fell asleep on the couch together. Tara was into football and I would rather watch it with her than my guy friends. We exchanged keys for emergency purposes and I had to use hers when I forgot my keys at work. I had an appointment and wasn't driving so I left my jacket at work. It was a nice day and my co worker dropped me off at home. When I remembered, I knocked on her door. No one answered and I tried the knob and it turned and opened. I called out and went in and Tara came around the corner naked and I turned and told her sorry. She yelled at first and then said it was okay. I took my key and opened the door and then gave it back to her. She was now in a robe and I told her I called out and she just smiled and kept smiling. I went to my place and closed the door and looked down at my hard on. I stripped and put on my robe and put in a video. I was just starting to slowly jerk off when I looked to the door and Tara was in the room. I took off the headphones and she now said sorry while looking at my dick. She was still in her robe and she actually had it open. She told me I dropped my jacket. She then looked at the tv and saw a woman masturbating and smiled. After saying we are even she looked at me and asked if she could watch this with me. I unplugged the headphones and the girl was moaning and groaning and you heard how wet she was. Tara looked at me and said I get that wet. Then she picked up the controller and turned off the tv and dropped the robe. She walked towards my bedroom. I ran in and Tara was slowly rubbing herself. I was also and Tara said I needed to watch her first. Over the next ten minutes Tara had a mind blowing orgasm and told me how intense it was. It was now my turn and I laid beside her and started to slowly stroke myself. In a minute I squirted my cum and it landed all over myself. Tara smiled and said how hot that was. I looked at her and said she caused this. We cuddled and after ten minutes Tara got up and told me she would see me later and put her robe on. A week later it was Friday night and there was a knock on my door. I opened it and no one was their. I looked down and saw a tape. I put it in and saw it was Tara's bedroom. She start by telling me how hot it was to watch me. Then she said this video was for me. I watched as Tara got naked and played with herself to orgasms. The tape was 25 minutes long and I stopped it once to strip and jerk off with her. The final scene was her naked telling me to get to her apartment now because I am naked and want to make love to you. I stopped the tape and ran across the hall and the door was open. I closed it and went to her bedroom door and when I opened it Tara was naked with her legs spread telling me to fuck her. The rest is not for this site. We stayed in bed all day sleeping and making out. That was the start of our relationship that saw me move in with her, get a bigger apartment, ask her to marry me, get married and have two children. On a few nights we have pulled out the tape and play it before we have sex.



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