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Needing To Cum

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A true story


About four weeks ago I awoke in the middle of the night to pee. I sleep with my panties on and topless. So before leaving the room I put on my robe, as I live with my son. Proceeding to the bathroom I heard sounds coming from the front of the house. Seeing what it was somewhat surprised me. It was my son on the sofa jerking off. Not too surprised with that but he must have gone to the laundry room, because he had a pair of my panties I had put there before. He had them up to his face. He was sniffing them saying softly how good they smelled. Wishing he could tell me how he finds me sexy. I was flattered he was jerking off thinking about me. At this point my pussy was throbbing with excitement. I more than likely should have gone back to my room and still not noticed. I decided to enter.

When he saw me he stopped right in his tracks. Saying I am sorry, I am sorry. Telling him there is nothing to be sorry about. Everyone masturbates and there is nothing wrong with what he was doing. I said I masturbate at least twice a week. At this point I was looking at his cock all exposed. It had to be at least eight or nine inches long. But what really got me going was how thick that thing was. Would it be alright if I helped you out with that big cock? I sure would like to touch it if it would be ok with you.Why don't you open my robe and you could see what is under it before making your decision.Knowing this would get him going even more.

He pulled the belt tie and my robe opened and fell to the floor.Standing there in front of him with my 34c's exposed,and a pair of blue nylon bikini panties covering my ass and pussy. He asked could I touch them?I told him I hope he would.Then he was looking at my large mound of pubic hair in my panties.Telling him to take them down.He put his hands on the waist band and began to slide them off slowly. He asked me to turn around so he could see my ass.As I did I felt his hand rub across my ass.Than he slid his hand in the crack of my ass telling me how much he liked it.

As he laid back I took that large erect cock and began to masturbate it.He took a beep breath and let out a sigh OHHHHH! yes.Keep going That feels so good. Within a very short time he shot a large thick and creamy load of cum.With his cock still erect,not wanting to go down.I did it a second time till he came again.Then I just had to taste it. Now it was my turn I sat back on the sofa he started to rub my tits.I told him to give my nipples a pinch.With that I started to groan.He slid his hands down my stomach to my hairy pussy. Taking control I told him I wanted him to put his finger deep inside my pussy and put his thumb on my clit.Telling him how fast I wanted him to go.

He followed orders just fine, doing his thing to me.My pussy was on the verge of cumming I said with your left hand put a finger deep inside my ass hole.He did I shouted deeper fucking deeper.With that and what he was doing to my pussy.Shouting here I cum.I am going to cumAHHHHHHHHH! Letting myself go feeling so good.I told him that was good.How about you?He said he never felt better.With that I just got up saying nothing walked out and went back to my room.

The next few days we did not speak of what happened that night.Although now four weeks went by and I don't know about him but my pussy is feeling like it is in need of being touched again.I think we are going to have a little talk later, and make this something we are not ashamed to do,when needed.Although this is something we will have to keep to ourselves.



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