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Naughty Wife

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Recent house move with new open plan layout has revealed another side to my wife, one I never would have noticed before we moved.


I will start with a brief bit about us as a couple, married 18 years very happy together we have a good sex life which includes mutual masturbation, my wife likes to watch male and female masturbation videos, but is always hornier watching males with big cocks although she says she wouldn't want one in real life, I'm around 8 inches and she says that is more than enough for her, she is still fairly tight for a woman of 45 and incredibly wet when aroused.

My wife is very orgasmic and can cum as many times as she wants even after a good session she will always rub one more out at the end, she told me that she never masturbates on her own anymore and prefers when we do it together.

She has a routine when we masturbate together, we start with a little oral first to get going and she will cum from that in minutes, then her preferred position is legs up and slightly apart, she will start by rubbing her clitoris with a finger each side in a up down motion dipping her finger inside for lubrication which she has plenty of, she will cum and is very vocal at the point of orgasm.

After the first orgasm she will then go at it with one finger inside on her G Spot and slowly rubbing she will cum again in 2 minutes flat, then she will thrust 2 then 3 fingers deep inside and pump very fast and hard for another wet and loud orgasm after this she will return to her clitoris to continue and can cum at least 3 times from rubbing that, then 3 fingers inside for a good wank and she can cum lots, she will then roll over and hump her hand and beg for me to spunk on her bum which I do she loves the feeling of hot spunk and will dip fingers into it roll over and rub one more out for good luck I think.

Now since we have moved house and it's open plan I have noticed she does like to get herself off alone and so far this has been every morning.

I always get out of bed first and make coffee and my wife sleeps on for another half hour or so, my study is in a position where I can see at an angle into the bedroom and her new playtime was revealed.

Very different from what she does with me in the room but still very horny to watch and makes me love her more for it and no way would I ever mention it to her.

Her new routine is very stealth like and amazing to watch, her legs are spread very wide apart and flat on the bed, her hand now moves very slowly much slower than she does normally, this goes on for about 5 minute then her legs tense up and she lifts herself off the bed slightly then relaxes down, speed of her fingers then moves up a gear and her toes curl up legs moving slightly as she rubs herself to her first cum, then she slows down again to a steady rub before she arches her hand to push her fingers deep inside to finish herself off, all this is done without a single sound from her other than the odd squishing from her wet vagina, then to my amazement she licks her fingers clean after this is something she has never done with me.

Sorry story not very interesting, but had to share with someone......she is a very sexy woman and I love that she can do this without me being in the room.

I wont ever mention it to her because I am enjoying watching her to much, it has brought a new dimension to our sex life, no wonder she is always so happy when she does get out of bed each morning and with a twinkle in her eye.

I may video it one day :)



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