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Naked Summers

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During the warm months when I was younger, my mother always had me go naked around the house. When I would ask her why, she would always tell me that there is no point in wearing anything, it would just mean more laundry. In her defense, she used to be naked too, but when I started getting older, she began wearing a long t-shirt for obvious reasons, but that was it.

Sometimes, when I had friends over, they would strip down too when my mom was there. They thought it was pretty fun to be naked around other people, especially an older woman. Sometimes, there would be a group of us either watching TV or playing with the computer, all buck naked, and many times with erections. 5 minute trips to the bathroom were pretty common, too. My mom acted naive, but she knew what they were doing.

One day, when my mom was at work, a few people came over like always when I had the house to myself. When they got there, they all got naked right at the door and tossed their clothes into piles. I figured it was going to be a normal day, but one of them had something to show us. He got back into his shorts pocket and pulled out a blank disc. We asked him what it was, and he said he burned a disc of a porno he found in his parents' room. As soon as he said that, the disc was thrown in and we were all gathered around the TV watching it. Of course, as soon as it started, we were all hard. It wasn't long before one of them said they would 'be back', which was our code for going to masturbate, but I told him we didn't have to go to the bathroom and we could do it there.

We were all a little nervous because, even though we were naked around each other a lot, we had never seen anyone else masturbate. About a half hour went by, but no one had done anything yet, but everyone was dying to, going by all the stiff, pre-cum covered penises in the room. I figured I would go first since it was my house, so I grabbed a tissue and started stroking myself. This got the ball rolling, and the rest of them grabbed one too and started masturbating as hard as they could. It wasn't 2 minutes before we all came since we were so horny. Since we had the whole day, we kept going, masturbating when we wanted to, and when the disc ended, we started it again. When it was about time for my mom to get off work, we all came at least 4 times, but I think I came 5. We would then clean up everything and hide the disc, acting like nothing happened when she got home.

This happened a lot, at least once a week, I would have a group of people over and we would all masturbate all day long. Every time, there would always be a pile of sandals on the porch, a pile of clothes at the door, and a pile of tissues around us. We thought we were being sneaky doing it when she wasn't there, but we didn't even realize she would notice all the tissues she had to buy.

The next summer, since I was getting older, she decided to have me start wearing clothes around the house, and it was the same year a got a summer job, which ended our little parties.

Even now, I wish I could go back and do that summer over again, having fun naked with friends, and a lot of times I still think about it when I masturbate.



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