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My Very First

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My sister taught me


It was my sister Maria (17) who helped me get my first orgasm. I'm not the coolest, most popular girl in the area so I'm usually watching TV or sleeping over someone's house in the evenings, and when my 'rents went out, my older sister Maria had to 'babysit' me and really give me some company - we live 3 miles out the local town, and there are no buses!
I was watching some ITV drama around 9.30 and I heard some moaning noises - I thought Maria was hurt so ran up to check. Her door was shut and it all sounded muffled, so I quickly opened the door and burst in. She was blushing trying to hide herself behind a squashed pillow, naked on her bed! I didn't know what to say! She looked worried!
Twenty minutes later, she called me back up. She'd told me what she was doing, and to be really kind and let her finish. She said she'd make it worth my while. I didn't know what she meant, but when I heard her stop moaning (if that makes sense), I went back up, and knocked on her door. She called 'Ok' so I went in. This time, she was wearing a cute bikini, and sitting up on her bed. I came over, and sat with her. She told me to strip to my underwear, but I undressed all the way, I was nervous and sweaty. She piled up some cushions and lie back, and asked me to lie on her, so my back was resting on her front. She told me she was going to 'make me feel really good in a special way' and asked if I minded her touching my special area. I totally didn't mind, and tried my hardest to relax, though I was like breathing heavily.
She reached a hand along my stomach to between my legs, and gently rubbed my outside up and down, moving the skin around. This felt very nice. She asked if I minded my nipples being touched. I didn't mind, so she gently played with my little breasts too. I felt very, very excited and happy, and started to shake and fidget a bit. As if I had set something off, she parted my special place and rubbed the inside with a finger, and slipped one in me. It was sooooooo strong and soooooo good, and she moved it in and out like sex. I loved it sooo much. I remember being very wet and moving up and down a lot. I felt giddy and started shaking a lot, and I felt amazing, like on a roller coaster! Then I was tired and snoozed.
She woke me about 20 minutes later, and asked me if I wanted to try anything else. I asked her if I could try her. I made her stand up, and undressed her bikini so she was naked. We both blushed, and I stood in front of her and put a finger in and wiggled it up and down. Soon she was squatting and moaning; she was very, very wet too. She kept shouting, 'I'm coming!' and kissed me, before jumping on her bed and collapsing in a sleep. I turned off her light and cuddled up next to her, and fell asleep too.



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