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Perfect Love

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Kate came back to college.


She holds my face in her hands and gently kisses me. Her lips are as soft as a butterfly’s wings as they touch mine. Her tongue probes the inside of my mouth and I whimper with pleasure. 

I’m lying, submissively on my back, and we are both naked. Her hand cups my left breast, and forces a sharp deep intake of breath from me. Her fingers pinch my nipple exquisitely causing a needle of pain that arcs down through my body to my clit. 

I’m already wet. Already open. So ready for her. She kisses me again, and her hand tracks down, over my belly to my mound and then to my clit. Her eyes open wide as she discovers my latest piercing. “You dirty slut!” She says, but with every word dripping with love. It takes her a few seconds to work out how to touch me now things are different down ther, but it doesn’t take her long. In seconds I am writhing in beautiful agony beneath her, aching for the moment when she will enter me. 

I reach for the strapon she is wearing, I treat it like a cock and wank it. It is slick with lubrication and feels very lifelike. It should. We spent a fuck ton of money on getting the best, 

She almost brings me to, orgasm with her fingers, but realises just in time. She positions herself between my legs and pins my hands above my head. I position the strapon over my hole which by now is both gaping and oozing girl cum. 

Kate pushes. One long, delicious, full-length push and she is inside me. She begins fucking me gently but firmly, all the time looking deeply into my eyes, as she does so. She watches for every indication of pleasure, every single nuance from flared nostrils to dilated pupils. 

Slowly, she increases her speed and adds a little rotation of her hips that drives me crazy. In return I bring my hips up to meet each push I grind against her each time she is fully embedded inside me. I feel my cunt grip the strapon. It won’t be long. 

Both my hands are on her arse and my nails, I know, are digging into the firm flesh. I realise I’m moaning and muttering to her. “Fuck me....fuck me, Kate. Screw me, shag me.....fucking shag me hard.” She is dominant this time, and she will do what she wants. She knows only too well how fast I will cum if she obeys my request. So she increases her pace slowly. 

My hands, pinioned as they are above my head on the bed makes me feel like I am being forced yet nothing could be further from the truth. My legs are crossed around her back and honestly, she couldn’t be in me any deeper if she tried. Holy fuck it’s good. She releases my hands but I slip them under the pillow and headboard. I like being pinned down like this. Her hands travel down the side of my body and to my arse. I feel her digging her fingers in, giving me both pain and pleasure simultaneously. Then, she reaches around still further and slips a finger deep into my arsehole. And I mean really deep. All the way.

The orgasm cascades over me in a shower of fragments light and sounds. For a moment I am out of my body, and in another world. 

When I return, Kate is holding my face and kissing me. Tears are rolling down both our faces. I can feel a pool of wetness and I’m wondering if it’s her or me? I later find out that it is her. She came when I came, even though I wasn’t stimulating her in any way. The pressure of the strapon, maybe....or maybe it was the eroticism of the ocassion. Who knows. 

We fall into each other’s arms and we fall asleep, even though she is still buried deeply inside me. 

I wake before she does and gently disentangle us. I feel the strapon slip from my cunt and I wish with all my heart I could go down on it....on her...and make her spunk into my mouth. 

Instead, I undo it and lift it from her. My lips find her clit with ease, and I suck her off. Soon, she has her hand on the back of my head and is urging me to suck her harder. Kate cums with a great spurt most of which I manage to swallow. 

We lay in each other’s arms, sated.



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