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My Top Ten #10- Kerry and the Cake

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Discovered site just three days ago and where have you been all my life.


I love to masturbate, I mean I really love to masturbate, NO, I mean I REALLY love to masturbate. I have masturbated on average four times a day since maybe age eleven. I have no clear moment or occasion as to what triggered this love for self love, I just know I must have been born with both hands on my boner.

Since discovering this site just a few days ago and already having spent quite a few hours reading others events I had some time to reflect on my more special moments and would like to share a few of them. I'll start with my top ten.

Number 10 is actually one of my first experiences and one I shall always cherish as it sort of kick started one of my side fetishes. Food and Sex

On this occasion I was approximately 13 yrs old and going by what I saw from friends and schoolmates had an average size cock (approx. 7' long, a tad thick and is cut, where I differ from the average is the amount of semen I ejaculate and it fells GOOD when it launches WOW it feels gooood) anyway, this particular night my school had a fundraising carnival and I had won via a cakewalk a very delicious pudding filled cake.

It was a very warm and sticky late summer night at the start of the school year and I woke suddenly a little past midnight with a raging boner and an urge to eat some of my cake so up I crept from my downstairs room to the kitchen for a midnight raid.

As I neared the top of the steps I adjusted my rigid cock as best I could in my pajamas as I heard female voices. My two sisters (ages 15 and 17) each had a few friends staying for sleepovers and there were teenage girls all over the house giggling and horsing around. I eased into the kitchen to get my cake, a glass of milk and then slide back out just as quickly. That was my plan.

Inside the kitchen were two of my sister's friends, Shellie (age 15) and Kerry (age 17). Shellie was a neighbor girl and I paid her no mind but Kerry was the hottest thing ever and the subject of many a late night spanking session.(she currently is a news anchor/reporter and still a hottie) Immediately my efforts to restrain my pounding boner were thwarted by the fact I was wearing just pajamas and no underwear. My cock pounded like it never had before and I was saved at the moment by a mobile dishwasher in our kitchen.

I stammered something about popping up for a piece of my cake as the head of my cock peaked out in the gap between the buttons of my pajamas. Kerry giggled and said my cake was gone except for the one piece which she held in her hands and was eating. Sensing my arousal and being a bit of a cocktease she walked over to me and proceeded to bring the cake up to my face and leaned across the dishwasher then deftly licked some of the frosting from the cake and whispered very sultry 'You want some of what I got little boy'

At this point I wasn't only fighting keeping my boner down but also trying to keep from cumming as her fingers were maybe two inches from my cock which by now was leaking precum at the tip. My heart was beating a thousand times a second and yet I wasn't taking one breath. 'Yes' I blurted.

Kerry was dressed in a somewhat flimsy red nightgown that hung from her pert 17 yr old 36B breast and draped just below her waist. She glanced over to Shellie who now had her back to us reading Cosmo and eating leftover pizza and slid around the dishwasher, wrapped her smooth left leg around my right leg and pulled me closer to her and put her lips up to my ear and again whispered to me.

'What is it exactly you want of mine? this piece of cake or................'

BUSTED! Kerry's eyes fixed on my raging boner, but she surprised me totally by crinkling her nose. 'Mmmmmm, I guess you're not such a little boy are you. Nice' she said.

Again she glanced around at Shellie who was still consumed with the magazine.

Her eyes never left my pulsing cock as she asked me 'Need some help'

I was a zombie, I said nothing. I had a million things going thru my head. I had no experience in this situation. Was she offering me a handjob or was she offering to put it away for me and save me a ton of ever increasing embaressment. I had no fucking clue. Only after a few seconds of absolute dead silence did my thoughts get answered. Kerry set the cake down on the dishwasher and slowly slid to her knees and wrapped her little hands around my pole snuggly but gently. A slow relief-filled moan escaped my mouth as I could feel Kerry's hand begin to slide ever so slowly back and forth on my cock.

Kerry as I mentioned before was a hottie. Most brunette girls her age had their hair styled like Sally Field and Kerry was no different. she peered up to me for a brief moment and asked 'Have you ever cum before' I was putty in her hands, very red rigid pulsing putty.

'Yes' I somehow got out as her hands slid so effortlessly on my cock.

'How much' she timidly asked.

'Lots' I said as a feeling of control was coming over me, that wasn't all that was coming over me. I sensed a huge feeling way back in my nut sack as I knew what was coming.

'I'm going to cum' I blurted, looking around the room again. Still Shellie read her magazine only now she was bent over the counter away from me and the sight of her panties tight up in her tiny little ass added to my impending explosion... if possible.

'Oh yes, cum cum cum for me. Shoot it anywhere you want, I want it all.' Kerry pleaded

UGGGGHHHHH!!!! and I unleashed a torrent of white ropes on Kerry's face, hair, shoulders, chest. Some of it splashed two feet over her head and landed on the refrigerator. Some went flying up in the air as her hands were now stroking my cock rather wildly. some even went over the dishwasher and landed on the piece of cake.

An ex girlfriend of mine once had me refrain from masturbating for 24 hours then measured how much cum I shot in one single ejaculation and it was about two jiggers worth. (This event could make my top 10)

i look back now and believe this was about as much as I shot that time on Kerry. As my cum launching subsided Kerry just smiled and licked her fingers clean but did nothing to clean it up, instead only squeezed my cock so as the last drops hung from the tip of my cock and gently licked it off and took my wilting cock and took it all the way to the back of her throat and slowly slid the length of my cock out of her mouth with a loud pop and smack as she licked her lips clean.

Kerry took her time standing up, fluffed her hair but left the cum strings as they lie, in her hair. Kerry pauded a moment and glanced. 'Thanx little boy' she quipped.

I felt very proud at that moment, standing with a rejuvenated boner I watched Kerry walk away, caked in cum and toting my cake coated with my cum. 'Huh' I thought to myself. 'Little boy'

Before I went back down to my room I took one last look at Kerry who was now standing next to Shellie as I tried pushing my cock into my pajamas to no avail. Kerry gave me a glance and a quick smile with a wink as she watched Shellie take a bite of the cake with my additional frosting.

I wasn't down but maybe two steps of the stairs before I was creaming in my pajamas thinking of Kerry sharing my cum with the other girls.

I didn't really get but one other chance to hookup with Kerry again but I did manage to make it a special private memory.

Sorry for the length but this is actually a small percentage of what I could say about this special moment. I hope everyone enjoys and mostly inspires.



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