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My Surprising Sister

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One day I went about my business and went downtown to the library. I arrived home around dinnertime to find my parents had gone away for the weekend. They left some money with a note telling me to get pizza or chicken or whatever the girls (my two sisters and their three friends staying the night) wanted. They wanted pizza. We settled on two large pizzas with four different toppings for the six of us. This was in the days before VCRs and they were to get the stereo and downstairs TV for their friends and I was to use the TV in my parents room. I had my own stereo.

After we ate I headed upstairs and settled down for Saturday night TV. The girls were full of giggles tonight. They kept running up and down the stairs and giggling a lot. After a while my sister knocked and came in asking if they could use my electric razor with trimmer. I said 'Sure, but be sure to clean it COMPLETELY after you use it. I don't want your underarm hairs all over my face.' She laughed and walked out. Then there was even more giggling. Later I noticed that they were playing the same couple of songs over and over again but thought nothing of it.

This time the younger of my two sisters came in and said that I should come down and take a seat they had set up for me and they were going to put on a little show they had been working on. I agreed and then she said 'And one other thing. You have to take all your clothes off before you sit down in the chair.' In front of all five of you, are you kidding?'. She said 'If you don't there will be no show. Are you coming down?' I agreed that I would be there in a couple of minutes. She said 'Come down after the music starts.'

I had no idea what was going on but thinking back to the surprise from my sister this morning I thought it might be something different. The music started. I went downstairs. The living room was set up with two flood lights aimed at the door of the den and a chair in the middle of the floor with another floodlight aimed towards it. I heard multiple voices giggling as I walked into the light and they could see the erection I had and sat down. I started to tuck my erection down between my legs when a voice called out from the other room, 'Leave it sticking up in full sight or no show.'

One of the friends came out in a bathrobe and bowed and said 'We are going to do the baby doll dance for you.'

(For those of you of a different generation, when I was a teenager the shorty nightgown sets were often called 'baby doll' nightgowns. Many dolls came dressed in such and they became very popular in hot weather).

The music changed and they filed 'onstage' and were all singing. As the danced back and forth they flipped the hems of the nightgowns up and down. Not one of them was wearing the shorts that came with the gown part. They had all shaved which was very very unusual at that time. Later they said that they all wanted to match and were going for the doll look which had no hair. The giggling I had heard was all about the trimming and shaving.

As the danced around they flipped the hems higher and higher. They were laughing a lot as they did this so the singing got pretty ragged. They appeared to be competeting to see who could flip the hems highest and pretty soon they were all showing their titties each time. Pretty soon one of them flipped her top off completely and pretty soon all five of them were fully nude. Then as they danced around me each one sat on my lap facing me and rubbed their titties in my face. That's not all they rubbed. As they each straddled my lap in turn I could feel how warm and wet they were as they rubbed against my erection for a minute while giggling a lot and then hopped up.

After a couple of more minutes the music ended. They all gathered around and pointed and giggled at the copious pre-cum leaking from the tip of my penis. They all thought that was 'neat'. Then my sister said 'We all want to see you squirt.' I said 'Well I want to see all of you each spread your legs and rub yourselves.' Some of us will do that while the rest of us do a maypole dance around you. You get to supply the maypole. Lay on the floor'.

I got down on the floor. They put on another record (you know, 33rpm). The oldest girl, the one who lived next door, sat down to my side near my head, spread her legs and started rubbing. The others put their hands on my penis and started moving slowly around, stepping across my body. This proved to be awkward and after a couple of trips around they all just settled down where they were and rubbed my penis.

It was starting to feel pretty good and I started moaning a little. At that, one of the girls swapped positions with the one rubbing herself. They were rubbing gently and slowly. I could feel the pressure building. My penis was starting to throb with each little touch. Suddenly I reached that point of no return and the throbs tightened into the harder contractions of ejaculation. One of the girls felt the changes and said 'He's about to cream'. I felt some of the hands tighten around my penis to feel the throbbing and contractions. As the semen started shooting out they rubbed more in time with the contractions making the ejaculation keep going. It was so intense I was saying 'stop stop stop' and they kept rubbing and the contractions kept going and I was thrashing around completely disorientated and incoherent. They started laughing and cheering, going 'oh wow oh wow'. A good time was had by all.



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