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My Support Group

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I belong to a men's support group that had started to get boring. We decided one week when we ran out of talk early in the evening, that we should watch some of the Host's porn. We did, and that created a topic for discussion the following week. We all went home with boners of course and were universally frustrated that our spouses or partners would not oblige us. We got to the subject of masturbation and the problem several of us had finding the space to masturbate alone. Many of us needing to wait to the weekend to get off. It produced some nervously told stories about early jack-off experiences and mutual jack-offs in our childhood and youth.

As a joke, one guy suggested that when we watched porn again (it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that watching porn was now going to be a part of our weekly 'support group') that those guys who felt like it should just whip it out and beat off. Another guy took it seriously and said he would do it but with a towel over his lap.

So when we watched a tape that night, three guys including Gary took towels and when the tape got really hot they unbuckled their pants under the towel, and proceeded to jerk off. One guy, just before he came, got so into it he pulled off the towel, stood up from his chair, and let his cum fly. The other two completed the job under the towel. I think we were a little shaken up by it all, and nobody spoke much. I went to the bathroom and jerked off privately before I left for home.

The next week every one of us showed up again. It was a very nervous meeting and we all confessed we had a good time the week before. Over the next few months attendance was nearly perfect every week and we became much more comfortable. The towels were forgotten and everyone there pulled out their dicks at some point. We now had only brief 'support' sessions first, mostly just while Gary was setting up the tape.

Not long after, we all started to strip down to underwear or to nothing at all, as soon as we got into the loft. We all were totally naked and jerking off during the tapes. Two new guys joined the group since then, knowing about the jacking-off before they joined. No mutual occurs in these groups.

But one week recently, when it snowed, I was the only one to show up. It was just Gary and me there. As usual by this point he was naked when he let me in, and I stripped off quickly, neither of us knowing we would be the only ones there. Once I realized no one else was coming I found it profoundly intense to be naked alone in a room with another man, knowing we were both going to be jerking off. I started to get a hard on right away although I tried really hard not to.

As soon as he put the tape in and lowered the lights, we both got so hard even before the tape got going. he noticed and commented that it looks as though our dicks liked each other. Then he sat down on the couch right next to me instead of the other end of it or a chair. He pulled his legs up and folded them on the couch like a lotus position. I was literally trembling at this point. I knew something was going to happen. I was stroking myself very lightly as I think any quick movement would have made me shoot and the video had only been rolling for a minute or two. Then he got up and left the room. I was relieved and thought he went to pee. But he came back quickly and was wearing a leather cock ring. He handed me one without saying anything. I had never used one before, and fumbled with it. He took it from my hands and started putting it on me. Just as soon as he got the snap shut (it felt so good having his hands there and the tightness of the ring was ecstasy)I blew all over the place, most of it hitting his hands and belly. He immediately took a handful of my cum and furiously jerked himself and in about five strokes he was shooting all over me. We were both panting and exhausted.

Unexpectedly, he gave me a big bear hug mushing our cum between our bodies in the process. We both still had half-hards and just lay back on the couch for some minutes with the tape still rolling and now getting into the hot parts. Both of us got a second hard- I think maybe ten minutes after we shot our first load. Our cock rings were still on and this time we each jerked ourselves off. We never told the other guys what happened. I really look forward to my group every week, and keep hoping there will be another day when no one else shows up but me.



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