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My Son's Sex Ed

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I am a single mother of a teenage son who apparently has become more sexually active as he has got older. His father left us when my son was very young so he hasn't had much of a father figure except for the occasional boyfriend of mine. I was raised in a very open almost 'hippie' like household and I tried to raise my son in a similar environment which has led to some interesting situations.

When Peter was young he often ran around the house naked as kids often do. I never tried to stop him as I thought it was a natural thing and I didn't want him to feel ashamed of his body. He eventually out grew that phase, but would still walk around naked after getting out of the shower or changing clothes. I was also rather casual about nudity and would not think twice about walking around naked after getting out of the shower or getting ready for work in the morning.

As Peter got older and hit puberty I would often notice that his cock was getting larger and pubic hair was starting to appear. I also noticed that he often had an erection after getting out of the shower in the morning and I began to wonder if he was masturbating yet. I tried to never invade his privacy so I wasn't quite sure how to ask him about it without making him uncomfortable. One day he came home with a permission slip from school for a sex education class and I thought that this would give me the perfect opportunity to discuss it with him after the class.

The morning of the sex ed class I was very excited and woke up early so that I could masturbate before getting ready for work. I began to finger myself and rub my clit and before I knew it I came with a shuddering orgasm. Only afterwards did I realize that I had forgotten to shut my bedroom door and I could hear the shower running. Peter must have got up early and jumped in the shower. Had he seen me? I wasn't sure so I decided not to worry about it and go and start to make breakfast. On the way to the kitchen I passed by the open bathroom door and I could hear what sounded like skin slapping against skin and I could see some furtive movement in the shadows behind the shower curtain. Well that answered my question, but I still wanted to talk with him after the class.

That afternoon Peter came home from class and seemed to be distracted. I asked him how the sex ed class went and he was hesitant at first to discuss it. 'Did they talk about masturbation?' I asked.

'Yeah, they briefly mentioned it.' 'Just briefly? I thought they would talk about it more. Do you have any questions about it that they didn't answer?'

'Uh, no I think I know enough.' 'Know enough? So you do masturbate. That's good. I want you to feel good about it and not to be ashamed or feel that you have to hide what you are doing.' I told him.

'No, Mom I don't feel ashamed about it, I have been doing it for a while now, I can't believe you haven't caught me yet.' He said in a surprised tone.

'When do you do it and how?' I said feeling very bold. 'Well, sometimes in the shower, but I like to lie on my bed and look at your women's magazines, at the women in the advertising.' 'Would you like me to get you some real magazines to use?' 'Sure, that would be great, but it will probably make me hornier and want to jerk off more.' He said with a big smile on his face.

'That's fine with me, it might make it easier for me to catch you in action' I told him with a sly grin on my face. The next day I lived up to my promise and stopped by the bookstore to pick up several magazines and the grocery store to pick up some lube for Peter to use. On the drive home I was so excited that my pussy got very wet and I soaked through my underwear. I was happy to see that Peter was already home and I immediately went to his room to give him the magazines and lube.

'What's this?' he asked. 'The magazines I promised you and some lube to make it easier for you to masturbate. You thought I forgot didn't you?' 'I didn't think you were serious.' He said as he started flipping through the magazines.

I watched as he continued to look at the pictures and began to adjust his cock inside his shorts. I really wanted to leave and go and masturbate myself but I was fascinated by his reaction to the magazines. He soon could not keep his hand off his cock as he began to rub it through his shorts while holding the magazine open with the other hand. He then stood up, pulled his shorts down and began to rapidly stroke his cock. I was surprised and a little embarrassed, but I couldn't stop watching. He seemed to be oblivious to my presence and moved to his dresser and placed the magazine on top so that he could more easily flip through the pages. I realized that he forgot the lube so I picked it up off the bed and put it on the dresser.

'Use this, it will make it feel better.' I told him. He looked at me and then the jar of lube with a quizzical look on his face as if he was unsure what to do. I quickly grabbed the jar, opened it up and took out a gob of lube with my finger and placed it on his throbbing cock. 'Work that in while you stroke, it will feel better, I promise.'

He did as I told him and I guess it worked because he began to groan with pleasure. 'Oh, God! I'm going to come. I need something to come into, give me my boxer shorts.' I grabbed them from the floor and held them up in front of him as he began to come and shoot several streams onto the boxer shorts and a little ended up on the floor.

'That was so cool. I can't believe you brought these magazines home for me.' He exclaimed as I put his now dirty shorts in his laundry hamper. 'I think I want to jerk off again I'm so horny.'

Seeing him standing there with his still hard cock in his hand dripping a small amount of cum from the tip was too much for me and I told him to have fun as I went to my room to get myself off. I almost ripped my skirt off as I got undressed and laid down on my bed. I buried several fingers in my pussy as I recalled what had just occurred and what was probably happening again in the next room. I soon began to feel myself cumming and I let out a loud moan as I came. I fingered myself two more times because I was just so damn horny. After I finished I stood up and began to look for some clothes to put on and I saw Peter walk by, still buck naked with a large erection.

'Thanks Mom. I really enjoyed the magazines and you were right, the lube really does make it feel better.'



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