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Helping a Patient

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I was in my first year as a hospital nurse, and got a lot of the mundane jobs the other more senior nurses didn't want to do, bedpans, sponge baths, shaving prep for surgery, among them. I had a patient that was recovering from a serious car accident. A young man in his late teens who had multiple fractures, a concussion, and serious contusions. His youth and physical conditioning may have saved his life. It was a sponge bath I also thoroughly enjoyed. After a day of obese or elderly patients, cleaning his impeccably sculpted body, and amply endowed manhood was a bright spot of my day. He also was enjoyable to talk to. John had two broken arms, and rather than the traditional gown, he only wore drawstring pyjama bottom shorts, so that his ankle casts would be open. Erections from young men during sponge baths are not uncommon, particularly if they have been unable to masturbate, either because of surgery or in John's case, two broken arms. You learn to ignore it, and if they are embarrassed, which they usually are, you reassure them that it happens all the time. Sadly though, John's magnificent appendage never did, even though it had been over a week, and there was no way he was getting any relief with his broken arms. I was dying to know how big it got. I would schedule John's bath for the last of my shift for two reasons. I ended my day on a upnote, and as soon as I got home, I had a fresh memory to masturbate to the fantasy that he begged me to give him relief, and that I was straddling him on his bed...... That particular day, I opened John's door, and got quite the eyeful. Bent over him was a girl with John's hard dick in her fist, and her saliva coming out of her mouth onto the swollen head. She was fully clothed, and quickly jumped back and nervously tucked her hair behind her ear. John laid there, fully exposed, his pjs around his knees, his huge erection glistening from her saliva, reaching past his navel. Without a word, she quickly exited the room. I looked back at John, and he merely shrugged his shoulders, which caused me to laugh, but I quickly regained my composure, and I covered him up with his sheet. I looked at my watch, and told John that I really couldn't come back, that I needed to wash him then. Another shrug of the shoulders, then he said ok, and he asked me if I was going to say anything about what I saw. I told him I didn't see any reason why I would say anything, and he thanked me, and told me she was an old girlfriend who had agreed to help him out. As I washed his chest and perfect pecs, I noted that he was obviously feeling better and on the road to recovery. I peeled the sheet off his stomach to wash his abs and crotch, and his erection was still at full pitch, and he seemed unfazed by it. It was still wet from her saliva. What a sight. It was without a doubt the most perfect most beautiful penis I had ever seen. It had a slight upward curve, a perfectly flared head, a light pink tone which contrasted with his golden tan, and two large testicles nestled neatly on either side. God I wanted that in me, and I could feel my wetness grow. I grabbed it by the base and pulled it away from his stomach, and washed his stomach, and pubic hair, I cleaned her saliva from it, and then cleaned his scrotum. My mind was thinking about how great my masturbation was going to be in less than 30 minutes. I cleaned his thighs to his knees, then down past his casts to his toes. I towelled him dry, and began to pull his pjs back up. I glanced at John's face, and his expression wasn't his usual cheerful smile, but instead he was biting his lip, and staring intently at me. I stopped and asked him if something was wrong, and he softly stammered out would I help him finish. I wanted to on so many levels. I wanted to stroke it, hold it, I wanted to see it erupt with so much stored semen, I wanted to see his face when he orgasmed, I wanted it so much. But I could also ruin my career. I sighed and told him I wanted to help, but if anyone found out, or walked in, I would never be a nurse again. He just nodded, and I pulled his pjs up (had to adjust his erection so it didn't hang out the top), and tied them. I walked to the door, wished him a good evening, and when I looked up, there was a tear coming down his cheek. My heart melted. I left my cart by the door, walked back, pulled the sheet down, and quickly pulled the tie, and his pjs down. I grabbed it with my now ungloved hand and my fingers barely encased his girth, I slid it up and down, rubbing the backside of the head on the palm on my other hand. His balls bounced up and down, and I was getting very wet. Clear liquid coated his head as he oozed his precum, and I used it on my palm to lubricate the back of the head. His hips began to jerk, his breathing quickened, and his balls tightened. His eyes closed and he rolled his head to the side and his face grimaced. His abs tightened and he moaned as the first volley arced onto his chest. I immediately stopped jerking him, and lightly ran my thumb across the magic spot on the back of the head, and the spurts continued unabated. I was amazed by both the power of them and the sheer volume. When he finally stopped, and his abs relaxed, and he opened his eyes, his chest was covered in white pearls from his nipples to his navel. He smiled at me, and said thanks. I quickly cleaned him up with the towel, pulled his pjs up and tied them. I patted his still erect penis gently, and told it to get some rest now. John laughed and thanked me again. I ached the entire trip home, lucky to arrive without hitting something, as my attention was entirely focused on my soon to be jilling session. I ripped my uniform off as I raced to my bedroom, I had never been wetter in my life, and I furiously rubbed my hard clit, while impaling myself on my dildo. I reached over grabbed the towel I had taken from the hospital, and smelled John's semen. The musk sent me over and I began the longest strongest orgasm of my life. John was discharged three days after that day, and it wasn't repeated in the last two baths I gave him. Recalling this story has me wet all over again, and now I'm going to go get my dildo and relive it one more time.



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