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My Sister's Understanding Nurse

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Introduction to The Wand


My name is Amy I have written a few stories about my horny sisters and mother the last few weeks. In my last story I explained how my sister Kelly had to go to the hospital and stay on bed rest because of complications. My sister has been very horny during pregnancy if you read my previous stories. All my sisters and my mother were visiting her because she is all alone with her husband being in Iraq and all that.

We were all at the Hospital and we asked Kelly how she was feeling and she said that the she was uncomfortable and her back was hurting from lying down all the time. They would only let her walk short distances with the help of a Nurse to and from the rest room and that was it. They didn't even want her showering so she has been getting cleaned by the nurse in bed. We said how you feeling otherwise she said ok the food wasn't that bad but to be honest she was horny and she had not had an orgasm in over a week because she has been in the hospital. Now Kelly is 8-1/2 months pregnant so movenent is limited. She said a couple times when the nurse was giving her a cleaning the sponge almost sent her into a frenzy. She said what the most embarrassing thing is she is not groomed at all and feels dirty down there. Sara said do you want to be shaven? My mother said its not big deal for women to get like that during pregnancy. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Kelly said she always shaved and it was really starting to itch and it was driving her crazy.

Kelly's Nurse came in and introduced herself as Danielle and asked how we were doing and Karen pulled her to the side and said my sister is embarrassed but we were wondering if we could get a razor blade and some shaving cream that Kelly wanted to shave. The Nurse said I can shave her legs tomorrow when I give her the next sponge bath tomorrow. Karen whispered in her ear and said no her private area. Nurse Danielle smiled a bit and said I understand and went over to Kelly and said I can do it tomorrow morning and Kelly said I would feel more comfortable if one of my sisters did it. The Nurse said the hospital staff for insurance reasons are the only ones that can clean patients including shaving and showers. Kelly said I am so itchy I can't take it would you mind doing it now? The Nurse replied not as long as your family doesn't mind. We said we just want her to be as comfortable as possible.

The Nurse left and came back five minutes later with shaving cream a pink razor, and a warm towel. My sister hiked up her gown her belly was so big and her pussy hair was looking unkept. The Nurse wet the area and applied the cream and we all started talking to Kelly like nothing was going on. Nurse Danielle said how do you want it completly gone or do you want to leave a little on top? She said I want all of it off. The Nurse began doing her thing and as we were talking I could see Kelly getting a look on her face that seemed familiar. For most women when you shave you have to move the lips and stretch the area to shave it. Kelly was so horny that the smallest touch was getting her very excited. Kelly said stop! The Nurse said what's wrong? Kelly started to almost cry. Sara asked the nurse to step outside for a minute and explained to her Kelly was extremely horny throughout the pregnancy and has not had an orgasm in over a week and was getting turned on. The Nurse who was not that much older than Kelly maybe 25 said Oh I understand. Don't worry I know just what to do.

The Nurse came back in and said to Kelly don't feel embarrassed at all. I have seen everything in this place during my last two years so if your body reacts to what is going on I understand. Kelly said the shaving cream was tingling her area and she was almost about to cum. We all stared to laugh including my mother. The Nurse finished shaving finally and Kelly said thank you. The Nurse said now let me clean you up a bit and took out her sponge. She started cleaning Kelly off and she started to hold onto the bedrails and told the Nurse I am going to cum please wash harder. The Nurse didn't say a word and began grinding the sponge into my sisters pussy and then it happened Kelly said Oh my god I'm cumming, Oh my god I'm cumming, Oh fuck! right there in front of her mother, sisters and Nurse Danielle she had a shaking orgasm.

Kelly said thank you so much to the Nurse. She said it looked like you really needed that. Kelly opened up and told the Nurse about her husband and him being away in Iraq and that she has never been so horny in her life. My mom said it happened when she was pregnant too. Nurse Danielle said listen I could get in big trouble for doing that so please don't say anything to anyone or I could lose my job. We said we would never say a thing. She said down at the gift shop they have battery operated toothbrushes and they vibrate when you turn them on. She said if you really need the urge I can't stop you from doing this. You have your own private room. Kelly said the problem is I can barely reach myself. Sara than told her what happened a few weeks ago that she actually had to help out as well and bring her off with her magic wand. Nurse Danielle said she didn't know what that was so Kelly explained it was a vibrator with a huge type ball at the end which really gave her great orgasms. Nurse Danielle said why don't one of you sneak it in here and I will put it somewhere in one of the drawers and if needed when you visit, shut the door since this is a private toom and do your thing. I agreed I would go get it for her and bring it tomorrow.

The next day I came back with my mother after picking up her vibrator. It is not the easiest thing to conceal it is rather bulky for a vibrator. Sara and Karen were going to meet us at the hospital later on in the afternoon. We walked in and Kelly said thank god you guys are here did you bring it? I said yes. Nurse Danielle was on duty again and said welcome back how are you doing? Kelly asked her if she could lock the door and that Amy brought her the vibrator. The Nurse closed the door and Amy took it out of the bag and Nurse Danielle said wow look at the size of that. Amy said this is a plug in vibrator will that be an issue? The Nurse said it shouldn't be as long as you use the plug in the corner. Kelly said plug it in I need to use it now. She asked the Nurse would you mind helping out? She said she couldn't that what she did last night would be as far as she could go because the way she gave her an orgasm could appear as accidental and not intentional.

She said she really needed the job. Kelly looked at me and said Amy. I said Sara will be here in an hour can you wait until then? Kelly pleaded come on just do it. Mom said listen I will do it and The Nurse said if the door is locked I have to be in here because they think I am giving you a sponge bath. I said don't worry. Kelly said Mom I don't want you doing this. She said it's no big deal, we have seen each other now and what does it matter. Kelly pulled up her gown and mom put the wand right on her clit and turned it on. Instantly Kelly appeared in ecstacy. The Nurse looked like she was trying not to watch but I could tell she was glancing over. My mom said how does it feel honey and Kelly said good mom very good I can't believe how good it feels. Let me know when you feel like cumming. I looked over at the Nurse who was looking directly at Kelly and my mom and Kelly said now! She began to cum and shake and squeal and she kept saying I'm cumming over and over. My mom started moving grinding it into her pussy. The wand there what seemed like forever Kelly kept saying ok ok ok ok but mom held it there for another 30 seconds causing Kelly to shake more. Kelly said stop and mom stopped. Kelly was sweating and The Nurse said I never seen anything like that before. I never ever had an orgasm that hard in my life. Mom said you should meet the Sybian.

There was a knock at the door it was Sara and Karen. We put the toy in the top drawer next to the bed. Sara walked in and said what the hell happened to you Kelly? I said the magic wand. We all laughed. Karen said I see you wasted no time but how did you use it? She said mom helped me out. Sara said mom you are opening up after our little gathering a couple weeks ago. She said she had nothing to hide and it was her daughter and she looked like she really needed it.

Nurse Danielle said whats a Sybian? Sara and Karen looked at her and said how do you know about that? She said I saw Kelly orgasm and I told you mom I never seen anyone orgasm so hard and she said you have to meet the Sybian. Sara explained in was like a saddle you straddle with vibrating pieces that attach to it. You plug it into the wall and it sends you to orgasm heaven. The Nurse said you all used it? Sara said yea we gave our mom her first ride a couple weeks ago she has been smiling ever since. Mom said Danielle the feeling you feel through you whole body is blissful. I was married for 35 years and never in my life have I ever felt that good.

Nurse Danielle said I will be back in 15 minutes I have to check on another patient. Karen said I think she is going to rub one off in the bathroom. We all laughed.

Sara said you know what, I left the machine at Kelly's, we should invite her over one day she seems cool and maybe we can get her to ride it. My mom said I don't think its a good idea bringing strangers in the house for that kind of thing. Kelly said mom she took care of me someone should return the favor.

Danielle came back in and Sara jokingly said are you feeling better? She said what do you mean? Sara said I know you just went and masturbated. She's like I want to I am really horny but people kept walking in I almost came but had to stop cause someone walked in. We all looked at each other and I could see Sara was thinking what I was thinking. Sara got up and locked the door and mom reached in the drawer and pulled out the wand. Kelly said go for it if you want. Karen said how will anyone know. I will stand in front of the door and if anyone comes we will say Kelly is getting cleaned and she would be done soon.

I plugged in the wand and turned it on and said just feel the vibration of this thing. Kelly said it feels great just do it. Mom said I never used this before but I heard its a great feeling. Sara said don't you want to cum? Danielle said yes. She was wearing those blue pants with the string on the waistband. She went on the opposite side of the bed and untied the pants and pulled them down to her knees. She shaved too but left a landing strip up top. I handed her the wand and she had her back against the wall. She looked really wet and took the wand and put it to her clit. I could tell she was enjoying herself. She was arching her back and began pushing out her pelvis. Sara walked over to her and started whispering in her ear do you like it do you? Whimpering Danielle said Yes. I am going to cum soon Oh my God I am cumming! She didn't make another sound because she was holding it in but her body began to shake, her legs buckled and she ended up in a squatting position on the floor holding the wand tight. Her face was beat red. She calmed down and we all started to laugh and clap. Nurse Danielle stood up handed me the toy back and tied her pants and said that was the best feeling ever. Mom said again you have to meet the sybian and we all laughed again.

Nurse Danielle said I have to go lets keep this quiet so I don't get in trouble. We said of course don't worry.

We ended up leaving shortly after that but we received a call at 1:00 AM Kelly went into labor and I wondered if that orgasm triggered her labor. At 6:00am Kelly was able to give natural birth to the newest member of our family.

Kristen Marie who weighed 8lbs 9ozs. Kelly is coming home tomorrow and we invited Nurse Danielle to come by for coffee but she said she was busy but maybe some other time. Kelly got her phone number so maybe one day Nurse Danielle will stop by for the ride of her life!



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