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My Sister's Things (3)

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This will make more sense if you read the preceding stories.


The relationship between Lil and I became very close. Ohhh, there were times when she didn't want to play, but she didn't mind if I went to my room and beat my meat. Sometimes I'd dress up, but more often I'd just use the panties to jerk off. On those days when she wanted to play, though, we had wonderful times. When I think about it now, I'm ashamed of myself because, at the time, I didn't think more about Lil's problems. My whole world focused on my cock. It was quite a while before I started to understand why Lil didn't have a boyfriend.

One Saturday, Lil dressed me in my most feminine outfit and took me to the city. On the way in, she gave me a little white card that said, 'I'm sorry, I can't speak. Please talk to my sister, Lillian.' Lil told me to put it in my purse and show it to anyone who tried to talk to me. Then, she told me we were going to a public swimming pool.

At the pool, Lil got tickets and locker keys for both of us. We walked down a long hall and went into the women's dressing room. There were rows of lockers to the left and right, and, further to the right were the showers. Lil turned right and went to the third row of lockers and told me to sit on the bench while she changed.

There were 10 or 15 women in there, some young, some old. Many were talking but most were quiet as they changed. Some women wrapped themselves in a towel when going to the shower, but some didn't bother. I was scared at first, but I was also excited.

Lil changed and took a shower. When she came back, she said, 'Let's go.'

We went out to the pool area and Lil got me seated in a deck chair. She asked me to hold her towel and said she'd just take a quick dip and then we'd leave. There were a lot of people there, and they were having a lot of fun. I felt out of place with my clothes on, though.

After a short time, Lil beckoned me and we went back to the dressing room. There were plenty of women in there and this time, I was better prepared. I walked more slowly and looked down each row of lockers ... and I got to see lots and lots of tits. Some women were putting on or taking off their bras, but the very best were the women who were drying their legs or bending over to put on their panties. Their tits hung free and swayed as I watched.

It seemed like no time before Lil had showered again and was dressed, ready to go. You'll be surprised to know that I was glad to leave.

When we headed home, Lil asked me if I enjoyed myself. I said I was kind of scared, but it was fun. She said, 'I'll bet you had a hard on the whole time.' When I didn't answer, she asked again, and I told her, 'No. Actually, I didn't.'

'It was strange, Lil.', I said. 'In some ways it was like a dream come true, but there was another side of it, too. Part of me felt like I didn't belong there and it made me uncomfortable. I'm not sure, but everyone seemed so natural. No-one seemed to think there was anything special about naked women. They were just people, going swimming, having a good time. It made me feel like I was the odd-ball.'

'Oh, my God, Billy. I'm so sorry. What have I done?'

'No. No. No, Lil. It's not like that. I actually feel better. All of a sudden, I understand that I'm not a girl, and now I know it. I'm not sure if I'll wear these clothes any more. I like them, and I like the feel of them, but, right now, I'm not sure if I want to wear them like this. And there's another part of it, too. In one way, nothing has changed and in another everything has changed. It's you, Lil. You are different. You are not those strangers at the pool. You are someone I love. You are very special. I know I'm safe with you. Just thinking about you excites me, and I want to hold you, and I want you to hold me and touch me. Right now, I can't wait to get home.'



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