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My Sister's Computer

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It'samazing what people keep on their computers


A little about me...

I'm twenty-seven, never been married, have a group of about twenty people I run around with as friends, but no 'real' boyfriend. My sexual activities began my senior year in high school and continue until the present. However, I've been a lot less sexually active over the last three years than those wild, college days. Intercourse averages about once every three months and usually over a long, intimate weekend, but masturbation is at least a daily activity.

My fingers are my favorite way of stimulating myself, but a trusty pocket rocket (I have three) comes in handy when on a musturbation marathon. I have a smooth, plastic handle with a nice bulb on the the end when I'm taking my time in the shower. A Venus Vibrance also comes in handy which I use most everytime I shave those nether parts.

Usually I masturbate upon arriving at my apartment after work and undressing. It's really a wonderful stress reliever and allows my mind to wander and imagine. I plop down on my big rocker and let my fingers and hands touch those erotic zones until I can feel my tummy twitch, then it's down to business. It only requires about fifteen minutes, but oh it's so nice and comforting.

The pocket rockets all have their place. One at home in my bedroom, another in the living room, and the third in my purse. I tried owning just one, but it was never where I needed it. They are a bit noisy and any woman in a public restroom would recognize the noise, but it has it's time and place.

Being horny or needy is something I simply can't tolerate for very long, so masturbation can be most anywhere or anytime. Being an executive secretary allows me to have my own office and plenty of privacy. I share a bathroom with three other secretaries, so there's almost always another area of privacy available. Rarely am I disturbed in my office, accomplishing most of my work by intercom and email.

Being the youngest of two older sisters, I had the advantage of their experiences and advice, but there wasn't much talk about sex. Just to prevent getting pregnant and STD's. Carmen is three years older and Lisa six years older. Carmen is married without children yet. Lisa has two children four and seven, and I often babysit for them. It was during one of those babysitting sessions two years ago that I made some discoveries about my sister.

With their kids in bed and most of the evening ahead of me, I knew I would have to masturbate at least once to overcome the boredom of a Saturday night. Having significant computer training, I can browse the internet and wipe my tracks so no one is the wiser after I leave. However, Lisa either isn't or doesn't worry about it. Her husband hardly knows what a computer is, so I just think she feels safe not deleting her internet browsing besides, the pages load faster :) My guess, she doesn't even know how because there were literally pages and pages of internet history available for me to peruse.

Getting to the point was my main focus, so I chose a few of the pages having amateur videos that were uploaded. This was very new to me and I was wet and pulsing after just looking at the pictures, but twhen I clicked on the picture to start the video, my fingers became instantly busy and wet. Not wanting to climax too soon and wanting to enjoy the build up and feeling wasn't an option right then and I climaxed in about two minutes. Gosh it was only a little after eight, what was I going to do with the rest of my evening?

I go up to get a soda, checked on the kids, and was drawn back to the web page with videos. There was everything imaginable, but I like the men and women masturbating by themselves the most. This time, I went much slower and enjoyed a crashing orgasm after about thirty minutes of teasing and probing. Seems for me, the second orgasm is always the most intense.

Two amateur video sights were the most visited by my older sister but then there was another, SOLO TOUCH! What a treasure-trove of stories and fantasies! I was like a kid in a candy store with literally thousands of stories just waiting to be read. And read I did. By my fourth orgasm, my pussy was a little too sensitive to rub, so out came the pocket rocket and I eked out two more orgasms before everything down there went pretty numb.

Soon Lisa and hubby came home, but not before I deleted my pages from her history. She was a bit drunk and hanging all over her husband, so I was pretty certain what would happen later that night. She was also highly sexually charged and many times brought boyfriends home to her bedroom while my other sister and I watched through the keyhole at their lovemaking, jilling off under our pajamas.

That night was only the beginning of my discoveries in my older sister's house. Seems she had many toys in various hiding places and each time I would babysit, I was challenged and erotically stimulated by what I found.



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