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More Randome Thoughts

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I donít know why my mind has been wandering like this lately, but hey.......


Iím 15, and I HATE my new swimsuit. It fits ok at the top, after all, itís not like Iíve got much to put in it, but it doesnít fit well between my legs. In fact, if I pull myself out of the pool backwards (bum against the wall) the fucking thing seems to slide down, and by the time I hitch my feet out, I new that my crotch was visible there anyone either side of me. Thing is, I liked it! 

The very first time I saw someone looking was so horny. It was one of the girls and she didnít just glance and look away either. She took a good, long look. Girls are very interested in each otherís bodies. We all grab furtive glances at each otherís Ďboobs and pubesí as we called it. As that year went on, I got more and more daring, and would deliberately flash myself at the life guard, one or two teachers, even, (for some reason, we had random teachers from the general,staff teaching swimming) and even, for shock value, some of the older nuns! 

I remember after a flashing session, my quim was always creamy, and in the swimming baths, we had the luxury of individual changing cubicles. Iím sure I wasnít the only girl who had a little fiddle around in there, although we were constantly yelled at and hassled to be quicker. Itís quite amusing when youíve got a hand between Itís very tempting to yell back ďAlmost there!Ē

For pubescent girls, periods are technically known as a fucking bitch! They are irregular, both in timings, and flow, and they donít always come with a warning. When I started, there was a time when I always had a sanitary towel in my panties (not healthy) even though most of the time all it had was pussy juices on it. Thing is, I quickly realised how horny I felt when I was on. Unlike some girls I knew, I never had that revulsion around periods. I liked them...they made me feel special...grown up...and very horny. Sister Mary explained that the increased blood flow had something to do with it. I remember dry humping my pillow a lot during my periods. The friction of the towel did the job nicely, along with a mental image of some hunky guy fucking me from behind....even though I didnít know what fucking was...or even how it felt to have anything inside me.

Girls are soft, boys are hard. Boys have hard muscles, and (if youíre lucky) hard cocks, girls, on the other hand, are soft, curvy, and the direct opposite. But thatís not to say they are gentle. Far from it. My first naked cuddle with a girl, even though we didnít actually finger each other made me wetter than anything. It was almost a dare. I donít remember who dared whom, but one of us suggested that we should get naked and cuddle. We did that usual teenage girl thing of looking at each other slyly as we stripped. Then, still standing, we hugged. For a moment, thatís all that happened. We stood there, like statues, neither of us sure what to do next, if anything, or how far we should go. Then I felt her hands gently rubbing my back so I did the same. From shoulder blades to over each otherís bum. Of course, our little boobs were touching, as were out tummies, and now and then, we felt each otherís pubes. We kissed, and started pressing our mounds together. It all felt terribly exciting. Neither of us came (I donít think), but I was so wet afterwards. Really wet. When I got back home I was keen to remember ever moment of it, and when I touched myself to a very pleasing orgasm, I still got a whif of her scent.

Boys. Hmmmm. Well, we all thought boys wanted to ďdo it to usĒ. Adolescent girls tend to,imagine they have to liemthere, legs open, and let boys do us. Donít worry, that phase doesnít last long though! The moment we get to know the insides of,our vaginas, we realise we can be active participants, but even so, a boys cock is something of a mystery. I mean, does it hurt when they get a hard on? What about shooting sperm? What does that feel like? How embarrassing must a wet dream be for a boy? The first time I realised I had real,power was during one of my accidental-on-purpose flashing sessions. I was sitting on a desk at school at lunchtime during a very rainy day. Sitting on a chair was a boy. I canít remember his name though. I knew that from where he was sitting, he had a ringside seat for a look at my thighs, and I had made my skirt creep up so he could just see my panties. Thinking back, I guess he might have been able to smell me too. I was certainly wetting up, because I knew I was deliberately flashing him. I looked down, and saw a massive bulge in his trousers and I knew Iíd given him an erection, or a ďstiffyĒ as we called them. I even noticed that right on the tip, his trousers were wet....just a tiny little shiny wet spot that had darkened the light grey a little. When I got off the desk, I deliberately straddled him across his chair for a minute....it certainly wasnít long. When I got off him, that wet patch was much, much bigger. To this day I donít know if I made him cum in his pants, but oh, I wish I did! 

Lastly, my big one. Easily the most daring thing three of us did at school. My two closest friends and I all agreed, (yes, pinky swears work) that we would go to school with our skirts rolled up as high as we dared. (There were punishments if they were too short, but we knew we could get away with a bit) and.....nothing underneath! No panties! We also, as part of the dare said we wouldnít even have a pair in our bags! It was panty less all day! Personally, I had my excuse worked out if I was discovered. ďIím sorry sister. I had an accident on the way to school this morning.....I (force crying)wet myselfĒ.i hope the other two had worked out something similar! 

Not wearing panties when your 15 is daring enough, but they donít tell you that the wetness has nowhere to go but onto your legs! And there nothing to absorb the scent! I was acutely aware of my quim scent the moment I sat down! Ohhh fuck! As the day went on, it was only ever going to get worse! First lesson, I had a desk to myself. Second lesson (up to lunch) I shared with another girl who kept looking at me and sniffing. Third lesson was on my own again.

Fourth lesson though, was a boy! And he wa considered something of a dreamboat. A lot,of,girls,fancied him, and we all flirted with him shamelessly. At one point, he wrote on a piece of paper ďyou smell great today, ClaireĒfo a nanosecond, I thought he meant my perfume, but I realised I wasnít wearing any! Now, whether he knew he was smelling pure quim or not is something I shall never know. Boys tend to,pick up,on things slower than girls, Iíve found. But I knew. I even opened and closed my legs quickly a few times under the desk to make sure the scent didnít go away. Fuck, I could smell myself....he must have! But then he might not have had any experience with girls yet....he may never have touched a girl or smelled a girls quim on his fingers.....each and every sexy thought I had seemed to race straight from my brain to my clit....and from there to my ďjuice factoryĒ. As we sat there, I just go wetter and wetter, hornier and hornier. And there was nothing I could do about it. I learned there and then, in that lesson, what delaying an orgasm can do for a girl. I knew without doubt that if I dared to slip my hand up my skirt and touch my clit, I would cum almost immediately, but I just couldnít do it. For one, he would,have noticed, for two, we were sitting right at the front, and the teacher would have noticed ifmhis star Latin student cummed in front of him. (Well, ok, he was somold he might not have noticed, but others would have.) After the lesson I all but flew to the lavatories, found one empty cubicle, and I didnít even bother to sit down. I just unclipped my skirt, let it fall around my feet, leaned back and touched my magic button. As expected, the cum was almost instantaneous.....and it wasnít by any means small. I realised Iíd been teasing myself all day, from the moment I led the house with no panties on. Every lesson, every break, lunchtime, I had been building for this. So, sadly, even though I tried to keep it quiet, I failed as a couple of little moans and gasps escaped. 

Afterwards, I found that my friends hadnít managed to wait that long. ďI had to rub one out at LuncthimeĒJenny said, meanwhile Jane told us ďhuh....I had a cum at break....both of them....one at lunchtime....and one just now in the lavatory on the language floor. (Fuck...that was the one Iíd just cum in!) ďsomeone else was having a good time in there tooĒshe said. I replied ďer....yeah...that might have been me. Iíve waited all day!Ēthat made me the winner, and got me loads of kudos for my self restraint! 

A girls journey to adulthood starts young...younger than ever these days, it seems, and the hormones that make such dramatic changes to,our bodies just wonít be denied. As for what happens in our brains....the things we think about, fantasies about.....well, theyíre something else, and you may well be shocked. Just as girls with girls often have no limits to what they will do with, for and on each other, I know girls whoís mental fantasies range from the mundane (same fantasy every time)to the far more common wild, erotic, exotic, even perverted (although I hate that word). 

Next time, Iíll tell you of a conversation I had with Jane, and another friend of mine called Helen. Itís strong stuff.



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