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My Sex Buddy

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I've had many sex partners over the years, but it is usually Rhonda I fantasize about when I JO


Rhonda was my sex buddy for years during an off-again-on-again and finally over marriage. This experience occurred one hot southern summer weekend.

Rhonda had come out to our house in the country to sunbathe with my wife on the patio. Naturally I joined them, and was in heaven watching two oiled-up blondes in tiny bikinis bake in the sun. When my wife got overheated and went inside, I asked Rhonda to show me her pussy. She said no, nodding toward my distant neighbor's house.

Shortly thereafter we both went in to cool off. I got a couple of drinks and brought Rhonda one. (Wifey was cooking in the kitchen.) When I handed Rhonda her drink, I noticed that she was sitting with her knees apart. I couldn't resist myself. I reached down and slowly ran the tips of my fingers the length of her pussy slit, which I could feel through the fabric of her suit. Then I put my fingers in my mouth and tasted the faint tang of her sex on them. Instantly, my dick hardened.

It usually didn't take much to get Rhonda going, and this really aroused her too. I sat across from her and watched excitedly as she first pulled her pretty b-cup tits out from her bikini top, and then pulled aside the crotch of her bottoms and began to actively masturbate!

Her half-dollar sized nipples were perfectly round, beautifully pink and hardening as she pinched and brushed across them. And soon her pink labia were engorging and spreading to show the moisture in between. She was a natural blonde and trimmed as well, so I had a perfect view.

I pinched the material of my cutoff jeans up under my hard dick to show it off to Rhonda. 'Take it out' she whispered. I was nervous because of my wife in the next room, but eased my dick and balls out the leg of my cutoffs.

Sitting right on the edge of the seat cushion, my balls dangled heavy, a good six inches, while my dick jutted up to its full, fat six-inch length. The shaft was thick, angry red and popping with veins. The head was mushroomed out large and purple, and already dripping with precum. Rhonda's eyes were glued to my penis as I slowly stroked it, while her fingers sped up their attention on her clit and pussy lips.

About then, we heard a car arrive, its wheels crunching in the gravel outside the window. We hastily covered up as Tom and Lisa, another couple we were friends with, walked in. I know they could feel the sexual tension in the room, and probably smell the activity, as well. We nervously talked for a couple of minutes, then I said I had to go out back and move the lawn sprinklers. (We had just put in a new lawn.) Rhonda left ahead of me, saying she was going to the john. Following her out screened me from Tom and Lisa, which was good because I still had a raging erection, which was starting to get painful.

I went around to the back which was very private, and looked up to the bathroom window. Sure enough! There was Rhonda looking out at me, her top removed and her boobs fully exposed to me. (She was standing on the toilet seat to see out.) Quickly I dropped my shorts and began stroking my dick rapidly, while watching Rhonda obviously continuing to masturbate in the window. In about six strokes, I erupted, spewing massive amounts of cum high in the air to fertilize my new lawn, all the while smiling up at Rhonda who watched from the window. When the last thick white drops oozed out the tip of my dick, I gave it two or three good shakes and put it back in my shorts. Around that time, Rhonda let out a whimper, shuddered, and fell off her perch with a thud as she came. Afterward we met back inside with big smiles on our faces.

Later, my wife commented that she 'didn't know what Rhonda was doing in the bathroom!' When I went into the bathroom, I discovered that the tank lid was ajar from her fall.



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