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Wrong Number

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One day I got a missed call on my mobile phone and I called back. A lady answered the phone and I asked her why she called. She said she was sorry she dialed a wrong number. I said that was ok and was about to end the call when she asked me if I could help her find a job. She was a sales girl in a textile shop and the owner sold the shop and she was jobless.

I told her that I have some contacts I would check and try to help her. She was very happy and thanked me. I checked with a couple of my friends, but no one had a vacancy where she could work. One friend said he was looking for a maid to take care of the house keeping.

I called her back the next day to tell her about the job. She did not answer the phone. After about 15 minutes she called me. I asked her why she didn't answer the phone when I called. She said she was in the toilet and didn't hear the phone. I asked her what she was doing in the toilet as it took very long for her to call me back. She laughed and said she went to shit and took so long because she wipes her private parts dry to avoid any fungal infection.

I told her about the job and she was ready for that. She did not know the place, so I told her to come to the railway station and I would pick her from there and show her the place she has to work.

This was a Sunday and as agreed I went and picked her by 10:00 am. To my surprise she was a very beautiful girl of the age 24 and very good looking and sexy. She wore a skirt and a tight Tshirt. She had medium sized breasts and was well shaped. Curly brown hair, a nice medium sized ass etc.

We got in the car and started going to the place . On the way I stopped near a public toilet. I told her I would be back in two minutes and ran out as I had to pee. I came back soon and started to drive, she was laughing. I asked her why she was laughing, she said she was just thinking the way I ran to the toilet. I said but I came back fast. She asked me if I had washed after peeing. I said no I didn't. She told me that was very important and should keep the genitals dry. Saying that she pointed out a drop of water on my trousers and said see your pants are wet. I laughed and looked at her, I could see her cleavage as she was wearing a low V neck and started to get a hard on.

Then I told her that she was very beautiful and sexy. She thanked me and we quietly continued our journey. She burst into a loud laugh and I was wondering why. She then pointed out the boner and said look at this. I had a real huge bulge in my trousers. I was feeling bad, she just touched me on my pants and said it was huge.

Then I asked her why do you say it is huge. Then she said her husband had a very small one. While saying this she was rubbing me on my trousers. I stopped my car under a tree and asked her if she wanted to see mine. She was very interested. I told her in turn I wanted to see hers too. She opened the zipper of my pants and pulled my 7"long cock and started wanking it. I put my hand under her skirt and found she was not wearing any panties. When I touched her she was wet. She sucked me and I came into her mouth. Then I rubbed her until she had her climax.

This was totally fun and the best masturbation I ever had.



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