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My Parents' Friend's Daughter. Part 2

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In the previous installment Sarah stood behind her mother and opened her dressing gown to show me her naked body


I didn't have the opportunity to speak with Sarah anymore during the evening after she flashed me but I wanked until I was sore whilst thinking about what might lie ahead.

The next day the adults had decided to go out to a stately home. The prospect filled be with dread for I couldn't see how I could get any time alone with Sarah.

Her family came to our chalet this time, when they arrived I rushed into the lounge and saw that Sarah was wearing quite a short, thin dress. This was different for I'd only seen her in shorts, bikini or jeans up to that day. Excepting for last night of course!

As I entered the room she sat on the sofa very demurely with her knees together and smiled at me. My heart was pounding. I sat in the chair opposite her and found something to chat about. I couldn't say the things that I wanted because there were adults standing nearby.

My eyes kept flitting down to her tanned legs. They were silky smooth and I could see a short way up he skirt. I tried not to be obvious but I think she knew what I was hoping for.

She asked me if I had had any nice dreams last night. As she said this she was loooking over my shoulder so I took the opportunity to look down at her legs whilst replying that I had been dreaming of the nice views that we might see today. My parents had been trying to sell today's trip on the basis that we would pass some nice countryside-there was only one sort of view I was interested in that day and I wouldn't been seeing it from a car window!

I looked up and found Sarah looking straight at me. She winked and said that she hoped I wouldn't be disappointed . As she said this I saw her legs move out of the corner of my eye.

I looked down and was rewarded with a direct view up her skirt. She was wearing tight white cotton panties with what looked like little blue spots on them. She didn't stay like that for long, I guess there were too many people but nobody was taking any notice of us.

As her legs closed I looked up into her face. she was smiling at me. I mouthed 'thank you' and she smiled more.

After a few more minutes we all left the chalet and went off to the cars.

it seemed like a long journey as Sarah and her sister went it her parents' car leaving me alone with my parents.

The trip around the stately home was generally boring until we found ourselves going up a narrow servants' staircase. At one point Sarah was in front of me and we were separated from the others for a few moments. Sarah stopped in front of me, about 4 stairs higher and lifted her dress. I had a much better view this time, the small dots were in fact small flowers. I was close enough to touch but I didn't dare. She stood with her legs slightly apart, but I could hear the others climbing the flight of stairs below us so I knew this wouldn't last long.

'Beautiful, thanks' was all I could think to say.

She lowered her skirt, turned and climbed quickly up the next flight of stairs. She stopped again and turned but she left her skirt down.

'Is he hard?' she asked, pointing towards my cock. I nodded, afraid to say much.

'I want to see' she added.

'I can't show u here' I said quickly, I could hear the families approaching.

'later ok?' she said. I nodded, my head was spinning, I couldn't believe this was happening to me.

At lunchtime we sat at some of those bench type tables which you have to lift your leg high to get into. I was treated to some more panty views but we didn't get any more time alone. I managed to get into the toilet at one stage to get rid of my raging boner but it soon returned!

When we got back to the car Sarah's 8yr old sister, who had started this by innocently flasing her pussy, asked her parents if she could ride in our car. Her parents agreed and Sarah suggested that I could ride with them. This suited me!

Sarah sat behind her mother on the passenger side of the car and I was behind her father who was driving.

During the journey, I noticed that Sarah's dress had ridden up. She was sitting with her legs apart and I could see her cute panties stretched over her little mound.

She saw me looking and smiled. She slouched lower in her seat pushing her bottom forwards and making her skirt ride up almost to her waist. Her mother couldn't see behind her and her father was too busy driving to look round.

She lifted her skirt up towards her tummy until I could see the waistband of her panties. Then she lifted the waistband and pulled the panties forwards and lower exposing the hairs on her pussy.

She put her hand down between her legs and rubbed a few times then held it out towards my face. I could smell her scent on it!

Her mother must have noticed her arm for she turned a little and asked if we were ok. Sarah let her panties snap back but otherwise didn't move as she said everything was fine.

Her mother settled back to her map reading and Sarah whispered 'Your turn'. There was no way I could show her my cock without the chance her mother would see so I shook my head!

Sarah pouted and sat up, and I could no longer see her panties. Then I decided that I must do somerhing, I had refused to reciprocate twice now.

Cautiously I eased my hand into my jeans and took the head of my cock, it was wet with precum. I smeared it round my fingers, took my hand and put it up to Sarah's face. she smiled, and pulled my hand to her lips and kissed my fingers.

When we got back I was straight into the toilet again and had yet another great wank.

But the best is yet to come (pardon the pun)

Watch this space!



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