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My Online Friend and Me

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This is a story about a friend I met on an online game and one particular conversation we had together.


This story started with my brother, (who we will call John) purchased a video game. Now this game also has an online function where people can go online and play games with each other and chat and stuff like that. Well, anyway, when I found out about this I was immediately interested because I enjoyed talking to people online and playing games. Well as it turned out this was REALLY fun, even better than I had expected. But anyway after a while of just playing games I decided to go into the chat for a bit and while I was there I talked to some people and eventually we decided to put each other on our 'Friend Lists' which was a function where when you logged on it would show you if they were online and if they were, what they were doing.
So, after that I continued adding people to my friends list and one of these people happened to be a girl called Jessica (not her real name). Well, anyway, Jessica and I talked for a bit whenever we were on and occasionally played games together but this one time was different. She had not been on for a few days and I was wondering where she was but then eventually she came online. When I asked her why she had not been online she said she had been going to parties and staying with friends and stuff and then continued to tell me about one of the parties she had gone to.
But, anyway, when she had finished telling me about the party she asked me to guess what one of her friends had left at her house. I asked her to give me a hint and she said that it started with 'd' and was plastic. I thought I had a vague idea but asked her for more hints. She said the last letter was 'o' and that the second letter was 'i'. Well, then I was pretty sure I knew what it was and I guessed 'dildo.' And by answering my prayers she said 'yes.' She then added that she was using it at that very moment. This immediately got me hard. I asked her if it felt good and she responded with a definite 'yes' again. She then asked me how big my dick was, and well I was a bit shy and did not want to actually say because I had not finished puberty yet and had not yet started to grow in that particular department yet. But I eventually gave in and told her the size of my penis and apologized for it being the size that it was even though I knew she couldn't see it. But she said it was ok and that by the time I was 'grown' I would definitely be big.
She then asked if I was hard and I responded yes so she asked if I was masturbating. Unfortunately I had to tell her that I wasn't because I was in my house and my siblings and parents were in the house so it would be too risky. She eventually convinced me however to take out my hard cock and give it a bit of a stroke and told me how the dildo was making her feel sooooooooo good. This got me really turned on and started going faster up and down my shaft.
After over and hour of talking about it she finally told me she had climaxed! I could just imagine here sitting in her chair with the dildo up her sweet pussy. OMG but the worst part of all is that I was not able to relieve myself in the end because I was too frightened that one of my family members would come in at any second and bust me. But on the whole it was a very fun and interesting conversation which I plan to have again with her at a more convenient time for myself so that I may join in the festivities.:)
P.S. Oh and by the way did I mention this was just earlier tonight!!! Can't wait to talk to her again.
Thank-you for reading and I'd just like to say the I LOVE THIS SITE!!! THANK-YOU!
[Editor's note: Chatting online can be fun, but keep in mind that you have no way of knowing for sure that the person on the other end is who s/he claims to be. If you're under 18, you should never give out any personal contact information online. And if you're 18 or over and decide to give out your contact information, be very careful. Don't tell anyone where you live and if you decide to meet in person, do so in a busy public place.]



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