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My Mom's Friend (4)

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It's been years and I realized I never finished talking about my mom's friend Robin. Here's the rest of the story.


So my mom had sent me over to Robin's to pick up some flour. It was a little awkward, considering what had happened the last time I was over. She acted like everything was fine though when I came to the door. I told her why I was there and she said to come on in, that she had some in the kitchen. I followed her in, not saying much. Like I said, she had just watched me masturbate into her pantyhose the other night and it was a little weird. I had jerked to that moment quite a few times since, and I had left still wearing her thigh high hose under my jeans. My friend was still staying with his dad for the week and I was alone with her in the kitchen.

She got a bag of flour out of some tupperware and started filling up another container for me to take. Then she said, 'Thank you for what you did the other night, I haven't been so excited in years,' or something to that effect. She said she wouldn't mind a repeat performance if I was up to it. I was already hard in my pants but I remembered why I had come over and said that my mom would be expecting me right back. She said I could just tell my mom that she had asked me to help her real quick since my friend was away. I was already short of breath and said ok. She had me follow her downstairs to her room.

Robin said we'd still have to be quick about it, and that she knew just how to do that. Following her into her room, I stood in the doorway as she took her shirt and shorts off. She sat down on her bed in her bra and panties and smiled at me. 'I didn't know you were coming over today or I might have worn the nylons you like so much,' she said. I was still nervous as I slowly undid my pants, but she got up and helped me out of my clothes. I was standing there in my boxers and she said I should put on some pantyhose. 'It will help you come faster so you can get home,' she told me. I agreed. I may have worn the hose I left with before when jerking off once or twice. She actually mentioned that she had hoped I enjoyed them as she saw I didn't leave them there.

She got out another pair of thigh high hose, black this time. I turned around and dropped my boxers, but before I could put them on she pushed me down on the bed so I was sitting on the end and began rolling them up. She slid them up my legs and my cock was already oozing pre-cum. I had the lacy tops up to my balls again, all the way up my legs. She was on her knees in front of my throbbing cock as I sat there in the nylons. She undid her bra, smiling at me, and tossed it behind me on the bed. Her tits were amazing as far as I was concerned. She was 45 and they sagged a bit, but they were still plump and round where it counted. She had dark red-brown nipples and they were already hard. Then, she took my cock into her hand and started stroking. At this point in my life, it was the first time anyone's hand other than my own had touched my dick, let alone sit there topless in front of me, and it immediately felt amazing. I specifically remember her slender fingers as she stroked me off.

I stretched my legs out and she jerked my dick, telling me how much she wanted me to come. Her other hand was running up and down my leg, caressing the nylon. Her tits were jiggling and she had me grab one. That was pretty much it, and I told her I was going to cum. She started stroking me real fast, squeezing the head every time her hand came up. I shot a huge load all over her breasts and my hand that was on her nipple. She seemed quite happy to have my cum all over her and said I had better get dressed and get the flour back. She made me keep the nylons on though. Robin said I should tell my mom that she still needed my help and that I should come back later, still wearing them. She walked me to the door in just her panties and kissed me on the cheek. I walked home wearing hose and suppressing the hardness that was growing in my cock again. The whole thing must have only lasted 20 minutes, including the walking.



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