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A Smokey Sensation

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Getting a blow job

One day when I was about 17 there was a girl that liked to hang out with me. We used to ride around in my truck together. She was a smoker. One afternoon early evening we drove around and she started to do a lot of heavy petting, touching my cock and making me get very horny and hard. She made my cock tickle a lot. She asked if she could give me a blow job and of course I said yes, I mean I was like hell yes!

She grabbed a cigarette and struck a match lighting the end and taking a drag she said open your pants and take your cock out. I did as she asked me to and she touched my already hard throbbing cock. She took another drag and blew the smoke right onto my penis and balls. It felt cool but amazing, it made me tickle even more I had never experienced anything kinky like this before. She then told me she was going to go down on my cock and suck it. She took another drag and held the smoke in while placing her mouth over my cock and started sucking.

The smoke enveloped my big throbbing wiener and it made me tickle uncontrollably. I could see the smoke exiting her mouth and around my cock shaft. I could feel her warm sticky spit all over my cock as she took me in all the way into her mouth sucking harder and faster. She rubbed my shaft up and down in her hand I could feel her tongue lick and pass on my cocks head. My cum was building and boiling up in my balls the tickles were so strong my cock throbbing beyond belief.

I took a deep breath as she continued to suck harder and faster and then I just blew my large load of cum. I could feel her tongue as she sucked my sticky white hot load of cum straight down her throat. After she was done and my cock had deflated she stopped and smiled at me and said wow that was great. I was still recovering, my body twitching and shaking and the tickles still going through my entire cock. I said OMG that was great thank you.



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