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My Masturbation Techniques

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My Masturbation Techniques
I was in the seventh-grade the first time I jacked-off. I had heard the older boys talk about jacking-off but didn't know what that meant. I used to milk a cow in the barn and while I was in the barn I got a real good feeling in my dick. I just naturally unzipped my Levi's and played with my dick with my right hand, kinda like milking the cow. I was fantasizing about being with a girl but didn't understand why. Within about 65 seconds I came. It felt so good. I did it again about three days later and have jacked-off every since.
I don't remember the shape of my cock in my younger days, but when I was older and at the end of the working day, we would shower and some of the guys would tease the other guys that had bent cocks and accuse them of being masturbators. My cock has a slight bend to the left near the head, shaped as though I had been a regularly masturbator with my right hand. I do it now with my left hand because it takes longer and I'm trying to see if I can make my cock to go straight again.
Now that I'm much older, I have learned more about jacking-off and what the correct words are for these activities. Masturbation is a term I learned is the same as jacking-off. I called my penis a prick most of the time. A lot of boys called it a dick.
I always jacked-off within about 45 to 60 seconds. I thought that was the way is was to be done. But now I can go for an hour or two. But I don't play with my prick now the way I used to. Now I can enjoy it a lot longer. This is how I do it now.
While I'm in my underclothes, I'll surf the Net and at the same time place my left hand under my cock and with my fingers. I'll gently massage the underside of the head or I'll pat it. Boy does it feel good. Then I'll grab it with my left hand, the fingers underneath and the base of the palm on top and gently massage it. Like having a real soft rubber ball and gently squeeze it. It will get partially hard. I start getting that precum liquid and that turns me on. As I'm surfing the Net, I'll look at the good-looking porn ladies and when they stand in a certain positions, play with their tits or show their cunts in a particular way, I really get turned on. I'll continue to massage my prick, not the to point of orgasm because I want this good feeling to last forever. It doesn't last forever, but it lasts for as much as up to two hours. When I finally come, the muscles in my groin start to throb, and I'll straighten my body so that it becomes stiff from my head to feet, and I'm in heaven. I can tell I'm going to cum because those muscles throb four or five times and suddenly the jizz starts to flow through my prick and I image licking a beautiful women's cunt or sucking on her breasts. I'll even think about eating and licking her ass. God! It feels so good. I wish it would last forever. And then I have a wonderful orgasm. The cum goes all over my left hand and drips down the side of my cock and it goes soft pretty fast. And then I think of the next time I'll do it. Sometimes I do it the very next day and other times I don't do it for three or four days and up to two or three weeks. Then I'll get an urge to do again. I've learned to use a lubricant called Astroglide. It really is slippery.
I like to watch a porn video and play with dick. I'll put the video in, take off all my clothes except for the underclothes. I'll be sure to lock all the doors so no one will catch me. The porn videos I like the best are called Debutantes by Ed Powers. They run 2 hours and 20 minutes. I like these videos because he talks and jokes with the ladies before they "do it." This pre-activity makes the women appear more human and natural. They laugh and joke and he asks them questions about sex, if they like oral sex or whatever. In most cases, he'll ask them if they have every masturbated or if they like to masturbate. He'll fondle them and joke with them when they are fully clothed. He then has them take of their clothes. They slowly take of their clothes, first their blouses and that exposes their brassieres. I love to see a woman with her bra on. Especially white bras. That really turns me on. I'm still playing with my dick. And as I write this, I'll play with my dick and it feels so good. Then she'll take her skirt or pants off and you can see her beautiful body with her panties and bra on. As I write this, I want to go to the video store and get another video. In the meantime, I'll reach down and with my dick in my left hand, and bounce it up-and-down. I want this physical feeling to last for a long time. I'm no hurry, because I'm enjoying writing this and thinking about sex. Then Ed will ask the ladies (sometime there are two) to lie on the bed. They will take off their bras and expose their tits. She rubs her tits and licks her nipples. Then she takes off her panties. She grabs the elastic part of her panties and begins to slide them off her hips, she raises her knees to her arms and take the panties off. Then her whole body is exposed. She spreads her legs apart and starts playing with herself. At the same time, I'm massaging my penis with my left hand. And as she plays with her bushy area she starts to move her hips up-and-down and in-and-out. This turns me on because she's getting turned on. Then she starts to moan and groan. I know the feeling because I make noises as I'm about to shoot my wad.
These are my favorite video scenes. I like to see the woman jack-off the man and watch the jizz spurt, and I'll play that part over and over again. I am still massaging my prick but not to the point of orgasm. I want this to last for a long time. Remember that I've had this last as long as two hours. I like to watch the women on top where she faces her man. She puts her legs over his body, grabs his cock and guides it into her pussy. She slowly starts to go up-and-down and forward and backward. He fondles her tits. I like the forward-and backward movement the best. I also like the position where the lady sits on the man and she is facing his feet. I also like the doggie position. Those pricks seem soooooooo big! You can hear his privates hit against her beautiful ass. Those porn stars fuck for 8 or ten minutes and I wonder how they do it. I wish I could go that long. Does anyone who reads this know how the porn stars can go so long? I can play with myself much longer. I certainly enjoy masturbating.
When I found Solo surfing the net and began to read the masturbation stories, I got turned on more by reading how the girls masturbate more than about how the boys do it. I learn new and different ways to jack-off by reading their experiences, but I play with my muscle while reading about how the girls masturbate. Solo is one my favorites and I've learned to save all the information about masturbation so that I could read it at my leisure Offline.
Sometimes I'll put a pair of my wife's silk panties on and rub my dick. I've put on her panty hose and rubbed myself against them. I've even put on her brassieres.
Here are some ways I used to jack-off during my teen years. I would go to grandma's, and her back room she had a closet that had some old silk dresses and blouses. I would wrap the silk around my prick and jack-off and the jizz would stay on the material. I used to go to my friends' home and visit with them. One time I had to go to the bathroom and right in front of the toilet was hamper full of dirty garments and other underclothes. I looked inside and found some panties. They hadn't been washed yet. I smelled them and I liked it. I began getting a hardon and I put the panties over my dick and start to jack-off. With the down motion the panties would pull on the head on my dick and felt good. Within a few seconds I shot my wad in the panties and put them back into the hamper. I used the mother's panties and the sister's panties many times. I also got their bras and placed one of the cups over my cock and jacked-off in them. I've always be turned by ladies underwear. One time on vacation, I went down to wash my clothes in the public washroom in the basement and one of the tenants had her panties and bras hanging on the clothesline. Seeing them turned me on. I grabbed one of the panties, went up to my room and jacked-off in them.



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