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My First Time

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Well it all started when i was 13. i had signed on line and went into a chat room. i looked for someone nice to talk to and to my surprise i found someone. it was a girl and she was my age. we talked for a while and finally the conversation came to masturbation. she asked if i ever tried it and i said no, don't see why i should. it doesn't seem like a big deal. at this she responded, i thought that at first too but my friend told me it was the best thing she experienced in her life. at first i was a little skeptical but she explained every detail of her first time (out of respect i'm not gonna write about hers). after reading for a minute, i started getting an erection and told her about it. she said that's a good thing. it means i was ready to give it my first try and she would help me through it. i said alright. she said it feels better with lubrication. she said if i had any lotion or vaseline it would give more stimulation. i said i had vaseline. she said it was great that i did because she liked that the best. she said i should try putting a little on my fingers and to put it all over my erection. i did. it was a nice feeling and i told her she had said that was the tip of the iceberg. she said now that i was all lubed up, i should start stroking. i started really slow it was great and after a little bit a white semi-clear fluid came out. i told her and she said it was semen. i was surprised it was my first time ever seeing it. i went back to work and started going faster. i was moaning so loud it was amazing (it was alright no one was in the house). i was about to ejaculate when i thought i was going to pee. i stopped. wrote in and said why was that so amazing? i can pee and it doesn't feel good, well except the release of my bladder. she said silly that's the climax. if you want to feel the sensation keep going till it happens. so i started up again. that feeling of having to pee came up again but i didn't stop this time. i kept going and moments later i ejaculated and got semen all over. it got on my hands and my chair. i mean all over the place. but it was all right. i might have had to clean up but that doesn't matter. the release was worth it. now i masturbate at least 1 to 2 times a day. well that's my story. maybe next time i'll write the story about my session with my best friend's mother. oh and the girl, i get to masturbate with her online through camera on the computer.



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