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My Highschool Buddies Part 2

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A true account of me and my buddies in our highschool years.


Several weeks before school was to start, Corys parents were going to be away for a couple days so we planned a sleepover like we'd done several times that summer. Our parents trusted us as long as we didn't have any other friends over and my parents sort of chaperoned us to make sure we didn't get out of control.

The day started out normal and we just hung out like any other. In the late afternoon we ended up in the pool horsing around and playing Marco-Polo. While I was 'it' I had my trunks pulled off and opening my eyes was suprised to see Kevin holding my suit triumphantly over his head, twirl them around and fling them onto the lawn. I rushed Kevin, overpowered him and got both his suit and briefs off. Another surprise, he didn't fight too hard and unlike his normal reaction of getting mad and hiding himself he laughed his ass off and just said 'OK, we're even now'.

The game continued and Ian and Cory were eventually pantsed as well and we swam around naked, did tricks off the diving board, wrestled around and ended up playing Chicken. We naturally all got boners with our naked dicks rubbing up against whoevers shoulders we were on and wrestling around. None of us were embarrassed by our arousal and were openly checking each other out and playfully grabbing at each others erections. It all seemed so natural and relaxed to be this way.

This was the first time I'd seen Kevin naked and I wondered why he was so shy. He was average in the dick department and hard was thicker than the rest of us with a large mushroom head, nothing to be ashamed of. We tired of chicken and were sitting on the steps in the shallow end and Cory mentioned how even hard we had 'twin dicks' and asked me to stand to compare. Even though he had a trim swimmers build and me a more muscular stature we were twins. The same shape and length, hair on our wrinkly scrotums and even the same veins showing through the skin. We ended up comparing lengths with each other with Ian winning with maybe a half inch longer than Cory and I, plus his extra foreskin covering his glans even when hard. Kevin beat us in girth, easily double our thickness and his large mushroom head but no longer than Cory or I.

We swam about a bit after comparing and got out, rinsed off and spent the rest of the afternoon shooting pool and bbq-ing burgers. Then a long game of Risk. Around 11pm or so we all took quick showers and bedded down in our underwear on our sleeping bags laid out next to each other to watch TV. Surfing through the channels we passed an adult channel that was normally scrambled but was hazily clear for a change, with no sound, so we stopped on that. It was a tame movie with nothing but butts and boobs. I mentioned how I'd seen a real porn once and how I wished I could see one again.

They all looked at each other and Cory whispered something to Kevin who said 'yes' and then looked past me to Ian who also nodded 'yes' and then jumped up and ran upstairs. I asked Kevin 'What's up?' and he replied 'You're about to get your wish'.

Cory came back shortly and popped a tape into the VCR. It was a foreign film starting in a Disco with two couples dancing, then going to an apartment and dancing and grinding and then finally to the bedroom where they stripped and the action started.

We were intently watching and not talking. I looked around and noticed I wasn't the only one hard knowing what was going to be on the screen. Kevin with both hands over his penis. Cory idly scratching his pubes under his waistband with an obvious tent and Ian reaching into his briefs to reposition his dick to the side to be more comfortable.

At this part of the video the couples were naked and the girls started to get into it and the guys stood and watched while stroking themselves slowly and checking each other out. The guys eyes met and they reached out and started to stroke each other. I said something like 'whoa'.

Cory asked if I was OK with it and I said yes, just didn't know they did stuff like this in porn. And then he broke the ice and asked if I'd ever done anything like that. I thought for a second and threw caution to the wind and said when my friends and I watched the porn we all jacked off, just the one time. Cory then asked flat out if I ever jacked anyone else off and I admitted me and my buddy had done it a few times (really a lot of times but I wouldn't admit that) and liked it. It got quiet again and they looked at each other and I'd thought I'd crossed a line in our friendship. As I was about to blurt out I was joking Ian said, sheepishly, 'We like it too, want to do it?'

I couldn't have been more happier and relieved and said an enthusiastic 'YES'. Cory jumped up and ran outside to get the coconut oil we used for tanning as lube and a towel we left outside, then locked the doors. Kevin got up and sat on the couch away from us, my questioning look making Cory tell me he doesn't like to be touched.

Cory then backed up the video which we weren't watching while talking and shoved his briefs off, Ian too, and I followed. Kevin just pushed his down on his thighs.

Cory, on my left didn't waste any time and opened the oil and squirted some on himself, then me, and handed me the bottle and I put some on Ian. Following their lead I rubbed it all over, balls and all and we stroked watching the video which had the couples now fucking.

We were openly watching each other masturbate more than the movie. Kevin, off on his own was using his spit as lube and just using his index finger to rub the underside of his head. Cory, jacking with his left hand put his right hand on my thigh and gave me a look that asked 'can I?' so I let go and he ran his hand through my pubes and felt my balls and started to stroke me.

I felt Corys balls with my hand and pushed away to stroke him like he was doing me and used my other to rub Ians thigh like Cory had done to me. Ian put his hands behind his head and I took it as a cue and played with his soft skin. So much different from my own and Corys. He was so hard on the inside and so soft on the outside.

Kevin, off in his own world, never looking at us started to breathe deeper and his legs suddenly shot out straight with his toes clenching. He was still using his finger to tickle his glans and convulsed but didn't shoot. It just oozed out over his hand and down into his pubes. After his orgasm he relaxed a minute, suddenly got up and ran to the shower, never making eye contact.

Ian and Cory didn't even pay attention to Kevin and I asked what was up? They just said that was Kevin and his way and we wouldn't see him until tomorrow.

The video pretty much forgotten except for background we concentrated on each other. Ian fondled my balls while Cory stroked me and I stroked the two of them. I was intrigued by Ians foreskin and how it would cover and uncover his glans and how soft it was. He leeked a lot of precum and I massaged it into his head and used my fingers to rub him in the same spot I liked, hoping it would feel as good to him as when I did it to myself.

Corys breathing suddenly got heavy and he pushed my hand away and got on top of me with our boners together, stroking both at the same time, dick to dick. He held his hand still as he humped back and forth and shot all over my stomach. His cum as lube set me off and the smell of his sweat, the coconut oil and his sperm set me off and I came seconds later all over myself, my cum on my stomach with his.

I remember how white his was compared to my more yellowy color and how it reminded me of his teeth.

Cory, exhausted like me, lay on my chest mixing our cum. Then we concentrated on Ian who I had stopped jacking when Cory got on top of me. I felt bad for letting him linger and as Cory stroked him I played with his nipples and balls. His hands went back behind his head and he had a wonderful smile on his face.

I wanted to bring Ian to orgasm and took over for Cory in stroking, twisting one way up, the other down. Ian involuntarily started bucking into my hand and he leaned toward me to shoot on me, firing off about 4 volleys mixing all our cum. Ian's was waterier than mine or Corys but I remembered it smelled more bleachy.

The three of us spent we laid back and Ian took his finger and mixed all the cum on my stomach. It stunned me when he put his finger in his mouth and licked it off. Cory did the same. Ian then got another fingerfull of our mixed semen and held it in front of my face and said I needed to lick it off, it would make us more than blood brothers. And I did, without hesitation.

We didn't go for a second round. The video was turned off and we took showers to clean up and went to sleep, the best sleep I'd had since moving.


We did this on sleepovers maybe two or three times a year throughout our highschool years and I feel it made us closer friends making each other feel good and sharing such an intimate act.

I never did it with any of them just one on one in our teens except with Ian once when we were 17. My next story.



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