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Accused (FICTION)

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A high school senior is summoned to the Dean of Students' office under a false accusation. (FICTION)


It was April of my senior year in high school. I had just turned 18 less than 2 months ago. My parents gave me a used car for my 18th birthday. It got me back & forth to my Dunkin Donuts job which was great because I wouldn't have to walk or take a bus.

But more importantly, it could get me back & forth to school. More importantly than catch an extra few minutes sleep not having to catch the school bus, i could "escape" from school at the end of the school day ASAP. It was a private parochial high school, forced to attend by my religiously strict parents. i hated every minute of high school. Back in the 70's, teachers, especially the priests, seem to enjoy exercising their dominance, sometimes seemingly sadistic. I was fortunate to have never gotten hit, though witness to many students who did. I couldn't wait to get out of there.

Although sometimes i was glad when some of other students got hit. I took a lot of abuse from them. When you don't make the clique, high school life can be rough. And not yet comfortable in my own skin, i wasn't always up to the task to hold my own. So i became one, of several, subjects of pranks. Some seemed to have been jealous that i had my own car & could drive myself to school. It was hard to trust people and i had made very few friends.

And now I

was called to the Dean's office.

The Dean of Students was a tall American priest, about 40, and if I had to guess, some combo of Irish, German, & perhaps British ancestry. He wasn't one of the priests who would hit students - he didn't have to. Students were too afraid of him to act up. He always seemed so serious & domineering, no one dared get out of line around him. I think he could've had his way with any of the students if he so chose. He was that feared & respected.

And now I have to report to his office. Was this a prank by one or more students? I have no idea what this is about. Did I park in the wrong spot in the parking lot ? A few weeks back, I did participate in "Keep away" with a few other students before math class, when we kept passing Peter's Calculus book around the classroom & wouldn't give it back.but we did give it back. But we did give it back as class was about to begin & the teacher never got involved and there were other kids involved, not just me.

So not having any idea what the issue was, now heading there during my free period senior privilege time slot, hoping this doesn't carry me into my next period, which is gym. I had my jockstrap on & was ready to go.

I was asked to close the door behind me after showing up to his office. As I approached his desk where he was seated, I noticed a pair of handcuffs right in the middle of the desk which was fairly cleared off otherwise. I was hoping those weren't for me, having no idea why he had summoned me.

He didn't ask me to sit down, but instead said "The reason I called you in is because I got reports from other students that you were seen with drugs."

I thought this had to be made up, because how would this originate? The year before, I had tried pot once with one of the few students i thought of as a friend who wouldn't blab. Any of my other experimental activity was done away from anyone from my school, and in a private place like the woods or someone's garage where no one could see us. I was too paranoid back in those years to get caught by anyone, including malicious students.

I stood there confused by the accusation. He told me he had just searched my locker, but found nothing. At school, we were issued combination locks, where the Dean kept the key that could alternatively unlock them from the back. He's said during assemblies he has the right to inspect anyone's locker at any time, especially if there's reasonable suspicion of illegal or dangerous activity.

"Now I want to search YOU" It was so scary to hear. How was that going to happen? Was he going to grope me? Disrobe me? Was he going to order me to strip for him? And how far? I guess I must submit to him without the ability to refuse. What grounds did I have for refusal? My barely 18 year old mind was not prepared with any kind of wisdom with which I could handle the situation properly. I didn't know my rights. I was somehow led to believe, he was like absolute power. I have to submit to this, but what is going to happen? How undressed does he need me to be? I had my jockstrap for gym on under my clothes. I've never let anyone see me wearing it. It makes me feel too awkward. It reveals my naked buttocks, being strapped over. How embarrassing. And all it covers is my genitalia, as if to almost highlight it. Was i going to have to expose myself to him?

"You can start with your jacket & tie." with a slight flick of his head over his shoulder, as if to cue a frozen me to begin stripping for him. Taking these off didn't make me any more nervous. But as i stood before him with my jacket and tie off, waiting for him to call out the next step, i could feel my penis starting to move.

"Now your shirt & pants". I unbuttoned my dress shirt, slowly moving my arms out from the short sleeves. As i reached for my pants, I could feel my penis start to move a little more, as his eye level was close to my belt as he sat in his chair. I bent my head down to look at my belt buckle & zipper, as I unfastened the belt, popped the button & unzipped my pants. I hesitantly slid my pants down, revealing my white cotton briefs before steeping out of my pants & slowly regaining an upright position.

Now with a smile and an up & down movement on on his eyebrows, "Tee shirt and undies". As i pulled the tee shirt up over my head, he had gotten up from the desk, so when my head re-emerged after pulling my shirt over it, I could see him standing before me.

All i had left on were my white briefs covering my jockstrap. Just like at a physical in a doctor's office, without the jockstrap underneath.
Now standing there, he whispered in a soft deep voice "Your undies " At that very moment,, I could feel a rush of blood to my penis, and as I contemplated this stage of exposing myself by lowering my undies to reveal myself in nothing but a jockstrap, I had gotten the biggest erection I ever had, to compound the embarrassment even more. i wasn't attracted to men, but being exposed was apparently sexually exciting to me, whether I wanted it to be or not. Exposure aroused me sexually regardless.

And now I was standing before this priest, clad in only a jockstrap with a raging hard on. I lifted my waistband to adjust the pouch as best i could to cover my erection. It was a Small & my boner had reached the waistband. I felt so awkward. And scared. What was coming next? As i stand here, uncontrollably sexually aroused, and scared at the same time. I had lost control of my emotions, and having stripped as ordered, I felt i yielded control of my body to the priest.

And that was before what was about to happen. Now clad in only my jockstrap, he reached over on his desk & grabbed the handcuffs. Grabbing my left wrist and starting to guide my arm behind my back, he whispered in that soft deep voice "This is where I take over". But I felt like he already HAD taken over. Why was it necessary for him to handcuff me? He didn't find anything. So it made even less sense why he did this. As I heard the handcuffs clicking around my wrists as they were being locked behind my back, the head of my penis was emerging from the waistband, and now i wasn't able to pull up on my waistband and make any adjustments.

With me standing before him, handcuffed behind my back, "What's in here?" as he reached out and began to grope me over my jockstrap. i wondered if he would stop at this "pat down" and spare me the humiliation of being exposed naked before him.

The groping. He swept the palm of his hand over my pouch. Then he started grabbing & mildly squeezing, as if to feel around. All the movement of my pouch made my erection become more & more exposed, and finally, I could feel his fingers against me as he had grabbed hold of my waistband and pulled my jockstrap down to my knees. My erection sprung out, bouncing up & down as it stuck straight out.

"You're excited, huh?", smiling as he knew he was in total control over vulnerable me. He reached out and gave a slight tickle to my scrotum as his eyes opened wide and his eyebrows moved up & down. He repeated it a few times, as i would jump slightly, but try to remain standing & not lose my balance as I started to breathe heavy.

"Honk honk" as he squeezed the head of my penis twice in succession. I was breathing deeply now, realizing i was better off at this point if he had just gone ahead and relieved me of some semen.

"Look how big you are, my my." as he began stroking me. I was having such a hard time standing still, i thought I was going to fall over, and I think i almost did. I was breathing like I was out of breath. He wrapped his arm around me & guided me to lie back on his desk, as he continued stroking, occasionally tickling my balls. i felt like I was mildly convulsing from the sensation. It didn't take me long, maybe only 3 minutes to ejaculate a considerable distance, and keep shooting for a good 10 seconds or so.

I thought he was going to be mad at me for making a mess. He grabbed a roll of towels to start to clean where I shot, and then he tore off a few squares for me to clean myself up.

"I guess you're clean" You're free to go. This should remain confidential." I took it "clean" meant he found no drugs on me. Of course I would keep it confidential. Who would I brag to about an incident like this?" "And even approach the subject of even being accused of having drugs to my parents?" No way. In fact, i was just hoping he wouldn't go bragging to any of the other priests about what he had done.

I would make it in time for gym, but now i had no motivation to participate. I had no idea who was in on this prank, or did the Dean make the whole thing up just for this to happen? I would never know for sure.

But what started out as a very scary experience to me would eventually become a fond memory that i would masturbate to for years to come.



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