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My Friend Taught Me!

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Long and unbelievable but true account of my first wanking experience which was in front of my friend and two girls.


I was a slow developer in puberty and in the beginning of my new school year, at age 14, I had never masturbated or produced cum. I had some pubic hair and had started to get hard-on's more often but even though my friends had talked about masturbation and cumming a lot, I had never tried it. I was aware that my dick was smaller than my classmates as we all compared in the showers and so on and all my friends dicks were noticeably longer and thicker than mine.

My best friend, Richie, came over to my house after the first day of that school year having been away on holiday over the summer. As soon as we were alone in my room he told me how he had lost his virginity while he was away. He gave details of how he got to know this beautiful 15 year old and how she first wanked him off and later let him have full sex with her. He said how she made him pull out and 'shoot his load' over her tits. I was in awe of all this and had a hard on in my pants. I was asking him what it was like and he said that when he came it was the best orgasm he ever had and he shot pints of cum all over her. I said he was a real man now and how jealous I was because I was such a runt. I had told him before that I had never cum and he now asked if I still hadn't popped my first load. I admitted I hadn't and he laughed, which really pissed me off. I said there was no need to rub it in and he made some joke about me having nothing to rub in! I was really upset and he tried to make it up to me by saying I was just a slow developer and would probably start to cum soon, he didn't know I had never even masturbated! I asked him when he came for the first time and he said when he was thirteen he had been jerking off with his hand in his pants and he came in his underwear. I asked if he thought if I wanked I might be able to make myself cum. He looked at me funny and said 'What are you saying!? You do masturbate don't you? I felt a bit confused by his response and said no. He fell about laughing and said it was no wonder I hadn't cum yet.

Richie then asked why I never jerked off and I said I never really thought about it. He said I must be the only boy who never thought about wanking at our age. He then said for me to try it now and he could give me some tips. I was very reluctant but somehow he persuaded me and we both stripped off. I was amazed to see his cock had grown even bigger than it had been when I last saw it and I told him he was huge. He said thanks and that the girl he had sex with told him the same. He said my dick was really small but not to compete with him as he was above average even for a full grown man. I asked if this was true and he boasted that he was seven inches and the average was six inches. He asked me to get a ruler and he then proved his size and width of nearly two inches before measuring mine.

He said he reckoned I would maybe grow much nearer the average by the time I was 18 but he would probably grow nearer eight or nine inches. He proceeded to wank his huge dick and encouraged me to copy him. I found it difficult as I could not move my hand back and forth like him as my hand covered my dick completely. He then said to let him try and he took hold of my stiff dick and began rubbing it. Soon he found a grip with two fingers and thumb which worked well and felt good. I then tried for myself but while he jerked his big weapon and moaned I wasn't feeling all that much. After a while he reached over and suggested we do each other. I eagerly took hold of his big, fat cock and tried to copy his moves. After a few minutes he was panting and groaning he was going to cum and for me to keep going til he said stop. I jerked his loose foreskin back and forth and he shot rope after rope of thick, white cum from his cock.

I was so excited I said wow about five times as I watched. Richie then said for me to stop and I scooped up some cum from his dick to feel it and smell it. 'You can taste it if you like' he offered. I accepted and licked it off my fingers. He giggled and asked if I liked it and I said 'strange but nice'. He then said eat all that up off the floor then. We both laughed as I got down on my knees and scooped all the cum up on my fingers and bit by bit devoured it until there was only a smeary stain on the polished floorboards.

We both laughed then I took his semi-hard dick in my hands and it got harder and soon I was jacking his fully erect fat cock again. I rubbed the head and shaft and wanked it slowly. I worked my own dick in my fingers as he urged on and told me he would shoot his cum again and this time I could swallow it. Gradually he wanked quicker and breathed harder and eventually after about 10 minutes he came hard shooting it in my face. I pulled away as his cum filled my throat and his last spurts plopped out onto my chin, then down onto my legs. We then stopped and got dressed.

I tried wanking a couple of times each week for the next month or so and we had several similar experiences where I wanked him but I always concentrated on him more than myself and I guess he was enjoying himself too much to think of getting me off.

Just about six weeks after our first experience, Richie and I stayed behind in the locker room talking after our sports lesson. It was lunchtime and we waited for everyone including the teacher to go to get food and we crept into the same toilet stall. We had planned it and thought we would not be disturbed as everyone would be eating. We pulled our shorts down and I started jerking him off. As we were just getting into it two girls from the next year up from us came into the locker room and we froze. We scrambled to put our dicks away and then Richie whispered for me to get up and stand on the toilet seat so they wouldn't see two sets of feet.

They must have heard us and said who's there. We opened the door and the two girls giggled at us and said we know what you've been up to!

We will go to the teacher and tell him you have been together in the toilets unless you show us. Richie stood to my left and then I pulled my shorts down around my ankles. I was stood in front of the two 16 year old girls in just my underwear and sports vest and I could feel my dick get hard. My boxers were quite tight so even my dick made a bulge at the front as I looked down. I felt embarrassed and looked over to the girls to see if they were looking. I saw them staring and saw one whisper to the other and giggle. I was blushing as my hard on was quite obvious through the thin material and was perilously close to the fly. I began to pull the waistband of my boxers out and reached inside to feel underneath. I groaned as my hard on was now clearly visible to me looking down. I knew they could see my dick too and I was turned on. I slid my hand into my groin rubbing against my balls.

My hard on popped out of my fly into full view of everyone. The girls looked at it staring and smiling at me and then at Richie who was also grinning. It was then I saw the huge bulge in Richie's shorts.

My dick twitched with excitement and I was breathing hard and sweating. My dick was a little red and was pointing almost straight up now and I looked at Richie's bulging shorts. The girls were giggling and Richie now looked as horny as I was. One of the girls said, 'You look like you have something pretty big in there needing to get out'. Richie smiled and the girls giggled loudly then said, 'We girls have seen it all before so why don't you boys just carry on and do what you need to do'. They came and stood next to us staring at us. Richie smoothed his hard on through his shorts and then pushed his shorts and underwear down releasing his massive hard cock. The girls gasped and said 'What a big boy you are!'. Richie looked proud as he began to stroke his cock and we all watched closely. 'Do you normally help him' asked the other girl, Richie answered for me saying 'yeah, do me Tom' and so I nervously began to wank his big cock while playing with myself with the other hand. After a minute or so he was gasping and he grunted as he shot the biggest, hardest load I ever saw, thudding loudly and splattering the floor in front of the girls. The girls were excitedly laughing and saying 'Oh my God' as he shot and they complimented him on his huge load.

I then concentrated on myself as I could feel a better feeling than I ever felt building in my loins. I was working my foreskin fast over the head with my fingers and I was panting with excitement. They all watched me and I was so tingly and turned on. I was breathing real hard and sweating and I was feeling almost delirious. I carried on for a good four minutes and my cock buzzed with a new feeling I hoped might be my first orgasm. I was now moaning 'Oh God, keep going' and they asked if I was cumming. 'He's never cum yet' Richie replied for me. But this was it and I gasped and cried out as the sensations overtook me and I felt my first cum spurt up and out of my cock and saw it plop out in three ropes onto the floor.

'Was that your first cum' the girls asked. 'Yes' I replied breathlessly. We all chatted and agreed this was our secret. After that one of the girls became Richie's girlfriend and they both often got together with us to watch me wank Richie and jerk myself off.



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