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At High School

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This is a great site! Thanks for all the time and effort.


I've been reading this site for years (way back to the Proaxis days) for pretty much one reason and one reason only: female masturbation is the biggest turn on for me. Basically, it's what gets me going the most. Watching it, reading about it, hearing it... it's all great.

This story dates back to my senior year of high school. I took a photo class for fun and also figured it would be a pretty easy course to end my high school days with. Sitting right next to me was a gorgeous sophomore: 5'4'ish, small waist, D-cup breasts, and a nice ass.

Turns out, she had a little crush on me, which was pretty obvious by her flirting that she made little attempt to hide as the year went on. So why didn't I date her? Honestly, she only interested my sex drive, if you know what I mean. She was a bit of an intellectual lightweight, was somewhat obnoxious and very high schoolish, and I figure if all I can think about is having sex with her, that's not exactly the best situation for a relationship, I guess. Besides, I had my eyes on another girl.

Anyhow, this girl had a habit of wearing skirts and 'accidentally' giving me a little peak of what she's got. First time I noticed, I figured it was just an accident. She couldn't have meant for me to catch a glimpse of her panties... right? It started with just a quick flash as she crossed her legs and continued to where I knew if she was wearing a skirt, I'd catch a few glimpses of her often pink or white panties. She knew what she was doing, too... I'd sometimes catch that look in her eyes when she knew that I had just been staring right up her skirt.

One day, we ended up in the photo development room together, which for those of you who are unfamiliar with photography, is PITCH black. Literally, no light can come in. Otherwise, the film gets ruined. As we went about our work, she finished first, and exited the small development room by making sure she brushed her tight ass against my crotch as she slid by. She even had the nerve to dip down and back up as she did so. I was rock hard instantly.

I finished my work and headed back out to the lab area where people were 'burning' their negatives into the photo paper, and this room is dark, as well, but not pitch black. She sat down at her desk and began to 'read,' while I noticed her hand slip between her legs. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The room was dark enough for her to be fairly certain nobody would really notice, but light enough to see that right on front of me, her fingers were rubbing up and down softly on her panties. She rubbed for about a minute more all while looking back into my eyes every ten seconds or so.

She didn't cum, but gave me just enough of a show to where I had to cum. That little tease knew exactly what she was doing. She just wanted to drive me so insane with lust that I had to cum. I excused myself to go 'use the restroom,' and found that the bathroom (thankfully) was empty. I was unzipped and masturbating nearly instantly. I came in probably 30 seconds, cumming one big shot after another into the toilet. I cleaned up and walked back to class in a daze. I sat down and she smiled. She knew exactly what I had just done.

We had never talked too much before that day and didn't really talk much thereafter. Still, it's quite a memory.



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