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My First Time, with Mom's Help (Part 1)

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This is a true story, happened to me 20 yrs ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday!! Part 2 to follow!!


I happened upon this site accidentally. Mom had called me from her mobile needing something emailed to her office, she had just finished work and was already headed home.

She gave me her password and I went and took care of the email, then, my curious mind got the better of me and I went to her favorites, and Solo Touch was one of them!!

I had only briefly discovered the plesures of touching myself, as I was quite late developing, and when I would shower and dry myself, I got all tingly when I touched my pussy, or when I dried myself and the towel ran across my breasts, which weren't big like my classmates, but 30a.

I started to read some of the stories from other girls, and could feel myself getting that tingly feeling again, only this time it felt like I had started to wet myself. I unzipped my jeans and instantly knew that wasn't the case, I knew what my pee smelt like, and this was much more fragrant....and my panties were soaked!!

I could hardly pull my eyes off of the monitor and with one hand reached under the waistband and reached down until I could feel my tiny hairs that were soaked and my pussy felt like it was twice as big from the arousal the words on the monitor was feeding my brain.

I just naturally moved my finger over my clit, which felt like an electric shock when I touched it, to rubbing around the outside of my pussy lips, this had never felt so good in the shower, and the thoughts that other friends of mine had given me about masturbating were fast falling to the wayside, how could something bad feel so good?

My fingers acted like they had a mind of their own, running along my pussy and then ever so slowly separating the lips so my finger started to insert itself inside of me. Thousands of images were flooding my brain, like the story I was reading, all of a sudden, was me!!

In and out my finger went, then a second finger joined the first one, and my tiny pussy was being stretched for the first time in my life!! So intent was I with concentrating on the words and my pleasure that I didn't hear the car door slam, or the door to the house open, or the footsteps of mom walking through the house looking for me.

She walked into the den and stood right beside me, finally asking, 'Do you have any questions?' when the first orgasm I ever had shook me.

I completely froze, didn't know what to say, Solo Touch on the computer and here I was with my pants undone and two fingers buried deep inside my pussy.

'Relax', Mom said to me, 'It's perfectly natural, and I do it all the time.' then quickly adding, 'Did you cum?'

'Yes, I think so' I replied. 'Would you like some pointers so you feel more at ease' next came out of her mouth. 'Would you?' feeling more comfortable with her than I ever did.

'Let's go to my bed and get a little more comfortable than here' was her response. I got up, and before I started to follow her to her bedroom, I noticed that her pants were open too, and then noticing for probably the first time in my like how sexy my mom really was. part two to follow!!



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