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My First Time

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The first time I masturbated was when I was 13 years old. My best friend, who had just returned from visiting relatives, said he had learned how to do 'something' really cool from his cousins and just had to show me.

So that Saturday night I went over to his house for a sleep over. His parents left after dinner for the evening and that's when he told me that his cousins had shown him how to 'jack off'. We had heard the older teenagers talk about jacking off and knew it had something to do with our dicks while they were hard, we just didn't know what.

He started to undress and told me to do the same. We had been friends for many years so seeing each other naked was no big deal. Soon we were naked with our now erect 5' dicks sticking straight up in front of us. He told me to lay down on the bed next to him and to do everything he did. He started stroking his dick and so I tried to copied him and started stroking mine. He asked me how it felt and I told him it felt good but nothing great. He said I must be doing it wrong. He reached over and started stroking my dick. His stroking did feel a lot better than mine.

He stroked my dick for maybe five minutes when I felt a tightening in my groin. My dick felt like it got even bigger and harder as if that was even possible. It also started to feel like I had to piss. I told him to stop so I could piss. He said no, that I didn't need to piss, that I was just getting ready too cum. I could soon feel the contractions as my dick filled up with cum, then the orgasm started and I watched as my dick spasmed and my first cum ever shot out of my dick and onto my stomach. My dick spasmed three or four more times spurting cum onto my friends hand.

I closed my eyes as the orgasm spread out from my dick to my body. WOW!!! My friend seemed to be as excited as I was asking me if that wasn't the best thing in the world. I had to agree it was. The feeling was unbelievable!!! He took my cum and put it on his dick and said 'now you do me'. I started stroking his dick and the feeling of my hand sliding up over the head of his dick and down his shaft to his balls was so wild. He didn't last as long as I did and soon was telling me he was ready to cum. I could feel his dick swell and get really hard as he approached orgasm. His hard dick spasmed as each of his spurts of cum landed on his stomach and covered my hand. We masturbated each other several more times that night and many times since.



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