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My First Time

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This site is so kewl! I like that I can read stories like boys my age doing stuff.


My first time I was just turned 13 and just had my birthday. It was last summer. My aunt and uncle and my cousin Julie came for the weekend for my birthday and they stayed overnight because they live in another state. Julie is like two years older than me. Our parents went out one night and Julie stayed home with me. We were swimming in our swimming pool that we just got put in last year. We also got a hot tub. My mom said it was ok to go swimming when they were out if we stayed together so we were swimming. Then Julie said she wanted to go in the hot tub. I really didn't want to. We had it a few weeks and every time I was in with my mom and dad I went naked so I thought that was what you had to do. I still didn't have any hair at my penis then but I do now but I didn't care that my mom and dad saw me bare but I didn't want Julie seeing me bare. Even though I didn't have hair yet I got a boner in my swim shorts seeing Julie in her bikini. She has big boobs and they were rubbing on me when we wrestled and stuff in the pool so I got a boner. She kept bugging me about going in the hot tub so I finally agreed but I made her get us some pop and when she was getting it I took off my shorts and got in the hot tub. When she got back I was in there and she saw my suit and she asks me if I am bare so I said yes that is how you have to go in the hot tub. She told me that you don't have to be bare and I was embarrassed but I couldn't get my suit back without getting out and her seeing me bare so I just said I was going to stay bare but she could leave her suit on. But then she said it might be fun being bare but I couldn't tell her parents that they would be mad so I promised. She got in and she turns her back to me and makes me unhook her top and she takes it off and I see her take off her bottoms but I can't really see anything because she stayed under the water.

So we were in there for a while and we are talking and stuff but we stay under the water. Julie was always across from me. Then she asks me if I ever saw a girl naked so I said I saw my mom naked but that was it. She asks me if I got hair yet and how big my thing was and stuff. I wanted to see her bare so I said I would show her mine if she showed me so we did that. She made me show mine first and then she stood up and I saw her slit and she even had some hair on it but not like my moms I could still see everything. Then Julie comes over and she sits next to me and asks me if I play with myself. I said all the time but I thought she meant playing with toys and video and stuff because I have no brothers and sisters. I said something stupid but she said she meant jacking off. I had heard of it but didn't really know what it was but only that it was something with sex. I just said no and that I didn't think I was old enough to do sex stuff yet. She said all boys are old enough and she would show me if I wanted to. She knew from her boyfriend and they did stuff together since they were in grade 5. She told me it felt good and she would let me feel her slit if she felt my boner. I said ok and she grabs my boner and goes up and down on it and she does it for a while and it felt good but nothing happens. So she makes me get out and lay on the side of the pool and my boner was sticking straight up like five inches and she gets out and I see her all bare again and she plays with my boner and balls again and then it starts feeling really good and she goes real fast with her fingers on my boner and then it twitches and everything and I feel like I want to explode but nothing came out. Julie said that is normal but when I get hair that white cum will shoot out and her boyfriend did the same as me at first but now he shoots cum. Then she layed down and let me feel her boobs and her slit and showed me where to play with her clit and she got all slippery there and she had an orgasm too. We did that to each other three times before our parents came back we had to get on our suits on before they saw us bare together.

I try to cum everyday now but I started getting hair about a month ago. I hope I can make stuff soon. I want to see it and I hope Julie can stay for my birthday again in August. That is my story of my first time. I have another friend that is a boy and we do stuff sometimes and he is a year younger so I taught him. I want to write stories of him and me but another time.



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