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Sarah's Obsession

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Even though I've had a lot of friends in my lifetime, I've only had a handful of friends I really grew up with and ended up staying close to. Most of them were the kids of my parents' friends, with their daughters usually being friends with my sister and their sons usually being friends with me. Even so, I became friends with some of the girls as well, especially since everyone was around the same age for the most part. One girl in particular I grew close to was Sarah. You see, both Sarah and I at the time were chubby kids, and I guess we grew close because we could relate to each other. Even though Sarah was a little fat, she was still pretty cute. Her parents were Indian, not Native America, but like India Indian. She has slightly long blackish brown hair, big brown eyes, a little bit of a big nose, and slightly big lips as well. She was about my height at the time, but since we were both in high school at the time, her one year behind me, she had developed nicely, with a nice big booty, and of course an ample chest. She was actually one of the first girls I actually had a crush on, most of it just hormones and because I was horny. Even though I never really masturbated much, when I did, I would fantasize about her. Also I always wanted to see how she looked naked.

Now we both grew up with strict parenting. We went to the same Sunday school as kids and were warned about the dangers of fraternizing with girls. I mean they told us being friends with girls were okay, but to be wary of anything else, because it could lead to premarital sex, which was a huge no-no. Anyways, because of this, both of us had never really experienced anything sexually with anyone else. We never really even talked about it until one day. Her mom needed to clean out and take down parts of their garage, but since she had no sons, only two daughters, she asked if I could help, which I did. After I finished, I cleaned myself up and hung out for a bit. Sarah's mom told me to stay for dinner so I said okay. Sarah's mom then went out to get some stuff from the garage and pick up something for us to eat. Sarah was home in her room, while her sister must have been out somewhere. Anyways, Sarah's mom was probably going to gone for a good hour or so, so I hung out with Sarah, and we talked and stuff.

Now usually we were never alone together, most the time hanging out when her family would come over to our house or there was some kind of party or whatever. Because of our new found alone time, we talked about stuff we usually didn't, and eventually we began to talk about how much we hated going to Sunday school back in the day. I also told her how lame it was that they would always pressure us against getting to close to girls without really going into detail why it was so bad, just that it was. We both agreed it was stupid, and continued to talk about it, with me saying it was probably because of premarital sex. Now we never talked about sex, ever, to each other, so I mentioning that at the time seemed a little risqué I guess. I realized what I said and apologized, but Sarah said it was cool, that we were pretty grown now, and that talking about stuff like that wasn't wrong. Anyways, we continued to talk, even more into sex, until eventually Sarah said something pretty raw, letting me know she had never seen a penis before in her life. No I hadn't even really seen a vagina either, with the only naked girls I saw on my friend's computer once. She then came close to me, and softly asked if she could see mine. She said she felt like a little kid asking, but was so curious. I said it was okay, and unzipped my pants.

I then pulled it out, and I was slightly limp, so it wasn't anything impressive. I was circumcised because of religious beliefs, but never felt happier for having it done that at that moment. Sarah then leaned in at looked at it, totally amazed. She looked at me at said it was so cool looking and cute. I kind of laughed; never even thinking my penis looked cute. She then asked if she could touch it, and I said go ahead. She then took my penis in her hand, and began to feel it, rub it, and like play around with it. She did this for a while, when I then looked at the clock and saw that her mom was probably going to come home any time. I then zipped up my pants and we talked normally again, but not before she asked if she could see it again some other time. I told her sure. Eventually her mom came, we ate and they dropped me off home.

While I didn't see Sarah for a while in person, I did talk to her online often, almost every day. She would spend most the time while we talked asking about my penis. I was sort of taken aback by her questions and overall interest in my package. She would ask questions like how big is it, how big is it when it's erect, do I play with it, and stuff like that. You could say she was almost obsessed with my penis, but I didn't mind, I felt kind of good that she liked it so much. I did kind of respond in point, saying that I would like to see her breast and vagina, to which she reluctantly agreed to, but only after she had a little more fun with my dick

The next time we met, Sarah seemed more excited than normal. Once again, I was over to work on the garage, helping install what Sarah's mom bought the last day I was there and the days since. I didn't mind the grunt work, especially since Sarah decided to help me, and it just seemed she wanted to be around me more, which was cool. Sarah's mom eventually told me the same thing as last time, asking me to stay for dinner, to which I agreed, but unlike last time, she didn't leave but instead saying she was going to prepare it after she took a shower. Sarah's sister was also home, but was locked in her room watching TV and doing homework or something. So we both went into Sarah's room, she locked the door behind us, and once again started asking to see my penis. I of course pulled it out, and she began to get her hands all over it. She then asked if I could get erect for her, and even though I was kind of getting hard with her touching me, I told her I needed to be aroused to get erect. She then asked if she could help me, to which I said sure. She then took her right hand and began to rub it up and down the shaft of my penis. I told her to slow down, which she did, as she was jacking me off. Before long, I felt I was about to cum and I told her. She seemed super excited, telling me she had never seen cum before. She then kept pumping me, and I began to spurt. I ejaculated a huge load, all over her hands, all the while she almost squealed in delight. I apologized for getting on her hands, but she didn't mind, looking at the cum on her hands. Suddenly she licked it off her hand. She told me she was surprised how warm it was and how salty and smooth it tasted. I laughed, and we cleaned up, then went and ate dinner.

As time went on, every time Sarah got me alone, which was more often than before, almost by her doing, she would ask to see my penis, and would play with it. It almost became so ordinary that I would just lay on her bed watching TV, and she would fiddle around with my piece, jack it and everything. I didn't mind her doing her thing obsessing over my cock, but I would pressure her a few times if I could see her boobs and pussy, but she would always shy away. Eventually one time, I told her she couldn't play with my penis anymore unless I got to see her. She reluctantly agreed, and began to take off her shirt. I was so happy I was finally going to see the girl I wanted to see naked for so long, and it didn't disappoint. She unbuttoned her bra, and there stood her magnificent breasts. She had probably 38D's at least. Her breast did sag a bit, but her brown nipples were like Hershey kisses. I began to feel them and they were so soft and nice. I couldn't believe I was feeling up her chest, and it was just as great as I imagined, even better. The next time we would engage in a little fun, I let her once again play with my penis, only if she let me see her pussy. She agreed, and took off her pants and panties. Then I got to see the greatest sight I had seen in my short lifetime, her pussy. There it was, covered in a little bit of a bush. The folder of her pussy looking like a perfect slit. I then got closer, spread her pussy apart and saw the pink and brown insides of her vagina and inner pussy lips. I told her it was beautiful, and she said thanks. I then got so hard at touching her that I got erect instantly. Sarah noticed, and I think we began to think what could happen. I then lay on her bed, my penis exposed and erect. Sarah stood above me, and then began to lower herself onto me. Her open vagina was only an inch from my penis, slowly getting closer and closer, and I couldn't believe I was about to enter her. But then she suddenly stood up, and I asked what's wrong. Once again our old Sunday school teachings got in the way, and she said she couldn't. I then myself began to feel guilty, and we agreed we shouldn't.

She apologized but I totally understood, and figured we probably shouldn't have sex. Even so, I was hard as a rock, and Sarah noticed this. She then told me to come close to her, and she said she'll take care of my erection. Then she took my penis in her palm and began to rub it furiously. She pumped it faster and faster, like lightning speed. My heart was pounding, my mind was racing. I felt myself tighten up and I then shot the biggest load of cum I ever had in my entire lifetime. It shoot up almost a foot at first, and then Sarah cupped her hands milked all the cum into it. She then told me to look as she then licked it all up. There was a little bit on the side of her mouth, which I told her. She then licked it off and laughed.

From then on we would sometime hang out and she would of course play with my penis, sometimes jacking me off. It became almost casual. We never had sex, nor got anything close to it, like a blowjob or anything, just going as far as masturbating together or masturbating each other. Even so, Sarah was amazing, and I still use those times to reminisce and fantasize.



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