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My First Time

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I have been reading stories here for a while but I never wrote of my first time masturbating because I thought it was real weird. But reading of two guys with poison ivy makes me want to tell it.


I little background first. Since I was about eight after my dad died my mom has a job that makes her travel. At first it was a few days a month but by the time I was 10 she was away for 2 or 3 weeks a month. My much older sister watch me most of the time but then she went to college in another state.

My mom started to to make a deal with medical college students near us. They would get room, board and I guess some money too in exchange for watching me when mom was away. The first year we had 3 different people. One girl that I remember being real weird. She might have been doing drugs. Then two guys stayed with me. The first was pretty cool and he did a lot of boy games and stuff with me and my friends. He stayed for the rest of his school year and then moved out. My sister watched me over the summer then another guy moved in just before school started again. He lasted not even as long as my mom's first trip. He abandoned me and I was alone for 3 days. I was ten years old by then and took care of myself and didn't think much of it until my mom got home and made a big deal out of it and sent me to a psychiatrist and everything and I learned I was scared for life. That lady convinced me to be afraid of almost anything. All she could tell me was of many suppressed memories I had. I went to her about 6 times and I got tired of being afraid and ran into the woods behind my house and hid so no one could make me go. But some damage was already done and I'm thankful that the only thing I had a lasting fear of was being alone.

Cathy came a week or so after the 'trauma' and stayed with me since then and didn't even leave in the summer. She said she was raised in foster homes and didn't have any family so we became her family. I soon grew to love her like a sister. Her room is sort of next to mine with our bathroom in between. When I was 10 I didn't think anything of being naked in front of Cathy. We never closed the doors between our rooms and I saw Cathy naked, at least her top, almost every day. I would often play quietly with my toys naked after my bath in her room while she studied or while she took a bath or shower. I would often wake up early and go to her room while she put on make up topless and later got dressed. Many times I would go to her room in the middle of the night and go to sleep beside her bed. She always slept nude, and I picked that up too, but I would always see her when she got up then. I never thought anything sexual or erotic about our nudity. The only times I remember getting an erection was when I woke up and had to pee.

That started to change the summer after I turned 12. Cathy often took bubble baths with fancy oils and perfume and stuff. When I was little I would love the smell of them and loved to play with the bubbles so Cathy let me get in the bath with her sometimes but most times she wanted to be alone. This one time I was sitting facing her, between her legs, and for the first time really noticed her boobs. The nipples were at the same level with the bubbles. She had hers eyes closed and I just watched her nipples go up and down, in and out of the bubbles. I soon found I had an erection. It was maybe 4 inches long at that time. It kind of surprised me because I didn't feel like I had to pee and I never had one before when I didn't have to pee. I started to play it with under the water as I watched her nipples and didn't even make any connection to it. I watched her a long time, maybe 10 minutes when she was done relaxing, opened her eyes and sat up. I knew not to disturb her before but now we could talk. I very innocently stood up on my knees and showed her what happened to my penis. She asked me if I needed to pee and I said no. She told me that it sometimes happens to boys when they get older. I was just glad that I was somehow growing up.

Over the next several weeks I noticed I often got those boners and it must have been at least ten times before I made the connection between boners and seeing Cathy naked. I still didn't make any real connection between that and sex. The day I made the connection between boobs and boners was a hot summer day in August. She started classes, and I was eager to start seventh grade the next day. At one point I remember stopping playing with Lego's. It was after we both had a bath or shower because we were both naked and she sat at her desk studying. I got up and stood beside her to see what she was studying. She was studying to be a paediatrician and I would find some of the things she learned interesting and she would sometimes examine me to help her understand what she was suppose to learn. I once again got a boner looking at her boobs and started playing with it. It just hit me all the sudden what made it happen and I stood so I was facing her more and pointed my boner at Cathy and said something like, 'I think I get a boner when I look at your boobs.' She just stared at me a few seconds and then looked down at my boner that I was pointing at her. She looked back and forth several times. I was trying to hint to her that I was looking for an explanation for it. I finally asked her why does it do that. It was the first time I felt embarrassed in front of her when she laughed so hard she almost fell out of her chair. I was really very ignorant about anything dealing with sex back then. I was shocked about how I felt and ran to my room and buried my face in my pillow.

She came in soon after and got me to turn around and told me not to be embarrassed. She told me that this was happening at a good time since they were starting to study more about puberty in children that semester and she was sure I was staring puberty and that is why I got the boners. It was perfectly normal and she asked me if I would be willing to help her study by letting her watch me grow and I could ask her anything and she wouldn't laugh anymore. I remembered having a few classes on sex and puberty in fourth grade but I couldn't remember much. It was around then my mom had me go to the shrink and I missed some of it to see that lady.

Cathy was leaning over me with her big boobs almost in my face for several minutes and I couldn't help seeing them. I got a boner again and I asked her to look at it. It was about a year since she touched me there after I decided to wash on my own. Cathy took it between her fingers and felt along it and felt my balls too. She just told me that I had definitely started puberty and might even start growing hair above my penis soon. I would start to like girls and think about different things and it was part of growing up. I wasn't sure I wanted to like girls yet so I didn't say much. It was late so Cathy tucked me in and kissed me goodnight. I wasn't sure if I wanted to grow up like that yet so I tried to forget about it hoping that if I didn't think about it, it wouldn't happen. It was around a month later that we saw my first pubic hairs come out and I resigned myself to fate.

Cathy also started examining me like a doctor every week after I asked her about my boners. She would measure my hight and weight and take measurements of my waist, chest, arms and legs, both length and how big around, and even my penis, both soft and erect. She got this thing that looked like a necklace. It had small oval balls that increased in size from like a small marble to almost as big as an egg. I forget what she called it but it had numbers on each one and she compared the size of my testicles to that every week. She always made careful recordings of my growth every week for a couple years until I was 15 and I hadn't grown much for about 6 months. I was a little disappointed when she thought my puberty ended.

It was a couple weeks before school started when a new family moved in down the road from us. Dominic was their only boy and soon became my best friend. He was the first boy around my age (8 months younger), that ever lived near me so I was excited. He grew up in an Eskimo village and his mom is all Eskimo but his dad is white. His dad is a school teacher and came back to get more teaching courses. It was the first time Dominic was ever outside Alaska and didn't know a whole lot about stuff in the North-east U.S.. I went with him to visit his home the next summer and I found that Alaska was as different.

One Sunday, around Halloween, me and Dominic were playing in the woods. It must have been unusually hot because we were both wearing shorts and took our shirts off. Dominic was always excited then to see the different color leaves of the trees. They don't get that as much in Alaska. I also found out they don't have poison ivy in Alaska. Dominic didn't know what it looked like or even what it was until I found him picking up a bunch of leaves from a patch of it that had changed colors. I got him to drop it and I thought getting him to wash in a nearby stream would wash it off. It didn't. The next day Cathy had to pick us both up from school after we got our rashes. The nurse was surprised how much we had. She made us strip to our underwear to see how much we had and even made us open our underwear. Both of us had rashes on our penises and balls. I suppose we got it from our hands when we peed in the woods.

We stopped at Dominic's house. His dad was at school and his mom didn't know anything about poison ivy either so she let Dominic come home with me so Cathy could take care of the both of us. I was wanting to ask him to sleep over soon but I didn't expect this to be the reason.

By after dinner our rashes were pretty bad but Dominic was a lot worse. I pretty much got it from us touching each other when we were wrestling around and stuff. I had mostly small rashes but Dominic was getting blisters. We both started scratching and of course Cathy tried to get us not to scratch. She put some stuff on but it didn't help much. Cathy finally ordered us upstairs to strip in the bathroom to get a special bath she would make for us.

I never stripped in front of another boy before, not even to change for gym class. I and a few others did once the first day in sixth grade that we had to change but all the other boys thought it was 'gay'. I didn't really understand that, I don't think they did either, it was something they got from older boys, but after that we all were more modest about changing. So I wasn't sure what Dominic would do when Cathy told us to strip. He took his clothes off just as easily as I did though. He later told me that there was little water in the village he grew up in. They didn't have running water in their houses or anything. They bathed by taking steam baths with about 10 other boys so he was used to being naked with other boys.

Cathy had us lay together in a bath with corn starch in it. I was interested that Dominic had a foreskin. He also never saw a boy that was circumcised like me. I asked Cathy about it and she explained it to the both of us. I sort of felt bad for Dominic because he actually had a blister on the head of his penis under his foreskin. The next morning it got so big it made a bubble you could see. He had a hard time pulling it back to get some stuff put on and Cathy slowly got it to come back but then it stayed back. I saw he got a boner when she was helping him but he didn't start puberty yet so he still had no hair and his boner was like 3 inches. I can't brag about it since I wasn't really much bigger and had hardly any hair, it wasn't even curly yet.

Cathy had us stay naked almost the whole time. She said it was better and helped to keep the rashes dry and the clothes from scratching. I didn't care and I don't think Dominic did either. He was a little surprised when he saw Cathy naked in the shower the next morning when we woke up and peed together. He said he never saw any girl beside his mom naked. I think he didn't care but just never saw a girl naked before.

Cathy had to go to classes a few hours each day and I was glad that Dominic stayed with me. I still didn't like being alone. His mom came after the first day to check on him and made a big deal out of the big blisters he had and the end of his penis sticking out all the time. He didn't like that and asked her not to come again. I was surprised she agreed to it. His dad came once that afternoon while we were in a corn starch bath again and we talked a little and he never came back either. Cathy came home from school and got information about treating poison ivy and made a paste with the stuff inside a pumpkin and other stuff. After our bath she rubbed it in real good on all our rashes and she did that a few times each day. We both got boners when she did that but didn't really know why. That paste really worked because it took a lot of the itching away and our rashes were almost cleared up by Thursday afternoon. Dominic's foreskin even returned to its usual place.

We woke up on Friday and no more itching, blisters, or rashes. We had to get permission from the school nurse to go back to school. Cathy called but the nurse refused to believe that it was all cleared up and made us stay home without even letting us come in and looking at us. Not that we cared, it was another day off from school and we could have fun and the weekend was ahead of us. Cathy put some different cream on us, she said it would keep us from getting scars. I remember it was the first time I found it really enjoyable when she rubbed it on my penis and balls. It got real hard and tickled a lot when she rubbed it on the head. I saw the same thing happen to Dominic when she put some on him. After she went to her classes we talked about it and Dominic said sometimes when he had a steam bath with older boys that had a lot of hair and no grown ups were there, they would sometimes rub their penises and white stuff came out. They would be mean sometimes and do it in front of younger boys and squirt it on them or smear it on them. He said that's why the younger boys would hardly ever steam with older boys and one of the reasons they moved from the village. We both weren't sure what the white stuff was but I knew we could ask Cathy about it.

When Cathy got home I asked her about when she was putting more cream on us. Dominic even said it looked a lot like what she was rubbing on us. She told us about boys making semen to make babies and the boys in the villages doing what was called masturbation about orgasms and stuff. She talked for about an hour or more and finally we stopped asking stuff. Dominic's dad came by and picked him up. He was getting homesick after being away for a week.

Later that night Cathy was again putting cream on where I had rashes after my bath. I got another boner. She never rubbed it for long but I got one anyway. I was still a little confused and I asked her if I was having an orgasm when it was getting hard when she rubbed it or when I saw her boobs. I think now how funny that must have been. I still was getting boners when I saw her naked boobs and neither she or I really cared. She told me an orgasm was much more than just getting a boner. It brought a lot of very intense pleasure. I told it did feel real good when she rubbed it. She again said it was more than that so I asked what it was like. She said she would show me but I had to tell her about it when we were done so she would understand about boys puberty. I didn't mind helping her out so I said alright.

She took a little more of the cream and started rubbing up and down on my boner and balls. I thought it would happen right away but it took about 10 or 15 minutes. It was the greatest thing I ever felt. It was like lightning going through me but good. I thought semen was going to come out but none did. Cathy had to explain that you can have an orgasm before you are mature enough to make semen.

After that I really started to get in to her checking my growth and recording things. I learned to masturbate myself and of course I showed Dominic. I wasn't sure if he would like it after what he said happened to him in the village but one night about a month later he was sleeping over and he saw what Cathy was writing about my growth that I kept in a drawer by my bed. I told him about it and he asked me about where she wrote about my first orgasm so I told him. When we took a bath later he asked me to show him how to have an orgasm so after we got out we went to my bed and I rubbed his boner and he had an orgasm too.

He liked feeling my boner and the little hair I had and soon he was giving me an orgasm too.

Cathy was right next door in her room and I guess she heard us and came in right after and talked to us about it and said it was OK but we really shouldn't tell others because some people think it is abuse. We couldn't imagine how it would be unless somebody made us do it and hurt us.

Dominic also wanted Cathy to make a record of his growth. He didn't start puberty until he was 13 but he slept over once a month anyway and we checked. It was strange because even though he started two years later than me he sort of grew fast and we both stopped at about the same time. We were both together when we were able to record our first real ejaculations.

Cathy still lives with us but she is more like an older sister to me now. She expects to graduate in a few weeks and work at a hospital nearby to become a doctor. I hope she stays. She taught me it was cool to go through puberty and do things that a lot of people think are bad or at least shouldn't be done. Dominic is still my best friend. It was last week when we were reading about the guys getting poison ivy that we remembered when we got it and we found our puberty journals and we read them and had remembered how great it was to grow up and learn stuff together.



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