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A Weekend With Stacy - Saturday

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My first sexual experience was with a good friend of mine the summer before college when we were 18. We spent a weekend together in a cabin in the mountains, and she introduced me to the world of sex.

This is a continuation of the story of the weekend I had my first sexual experiences with another person, when my good friend slash ex-girlfriend Stacy and I visited a cabin in the mountains. The Friday night before, Stacy and I had arrived late and relaxed a bit before stripping down for bed and enjoying voyeuristic fun watching each other masturbate in bed. Stacy was particularly thrilled watching me spurt all over myself as I came into my fist. We’d snuggled down to bed together, spooning with me nude and her wearing just a pair of panties.


The morning came, and I woke up naked in bed as usual for me. What was unusual was that my bed contained another person. I rolled over, and there was Stacy on her side, back to me. The blanket was up to her collarbone, but I could see her bare shoulders and back.  I smiled, and scooted over to spoon up to her from behind like we had fallen asleep. The last night had been the first time I’d felt a girl’s boobs, and I eagerly but gently slid back into position and pulled my arm over her body, and slowly cupped her breast again. She felt lovely, her back against my chest and her nipple against my palm, and my low morning wood took notice.  In seconds I was rock hard, my erection pushing against her panties. I had no idea how long we had slept but she woke gently and easily, bringing a hand atop mine and gently pushing back at my erection. Still completely inexperienced and new to sexual contact with someone else, I gasped at the sensation of her rubbing at me and she chuckled. “Morning. Someone’s up.” I couldn’t help being a little nervous still. “I... can’t really help it.” “Mmm. It’s nice.”



Stacy rolled over to face me, snuggling her face against my shoulder. I ran my hand up and down her bare sides under the covers. We didn’t need to say anything. I’ve said it before, but there is something about our relationship that is at the same time friendly and casual, but intimate. We are utterly comfortable around each other no matter what. Holding her naked in bed I was horny as hell, but content. It was, somehow, right.



She felt the same, and we just lay there for a while. But I later learned she had a few machinations of her own planned, thought up in the weeks she’d thought about being my first real introduction to sex. She could feel my erection pushing into her waist, and she took it upon herself to tease me. “You seem super ready for someone that came so much last night.” “I’m holding a practically naked girl, what do you expect?” “Yeah, but you can’t see anything.” I breathed in, and spoke. “I... think I prefer feeling right now.”



Stacy knew I was still new to her body. And she didn’t waste any time. “You can feel more.  Lay back.”  I rolled sideways and she wasted no time pulling away the blanket and straddling my hips, her tiny panties against my waist and my erection up behind her butt. And there she was, in all her glory atop me.  She pulled my hands up to her boobs. “Touch me... your hands are so warm.”



I followed orders. I pawed at her boobs like an idiot, stroking and squeezing and playing with her nipples, and ran my hands up and down her sides. On the way up her thighs I hesitated, then slipped my fingers below her waistband along her hips. She breathed harder, leaning over and running her own hands up and down my front. I shuddered, whispering “You feel wonderful.” It was slow, and deeply, profoundly sensual, our hands running all over each other despite not a touch to each other’s genitals. I think she was trying to get me over apprehension of touching her sexually, any worries that she didn’t want it. It worked.



After a while she lay down across me and we just hugged again. Somehow we just knew that we were done for now, and would get back to sexual exploration later in the day. We rolled out of bed, and the two of us made our way to the main room with the kitchen with my stiff cock still leading the way. I cooked us eggs naked while she walked around checking out the knickknacks that had accumulated over the years. We sat down at the table to eat and talked about what we wanted to do, not bothering to dress, at some point my cock behaving and deflating. We decided that first thing, we were going to head to the river. “Do you need to wear clothes there?  Can we skinny dip?” Stacy asked hopefully. I shook my head. “Probably not. I mean, I’ve done it, but there’s usually too many people.”  The cabin was along a quiet road dead-ending in a tiny river access, but the stretch of river itself was between two popular kayak on and off points and there were always people going past. I’d braved it and gone naked once or twice on my own, but I wasn’t about to suggest it.



I grabbed my swim trunks (cursed things!) from the bedroom and slipped them on quick, while Stacy dug through her bags for her own swimsuit. As I looked for the bug repellent in the cabinets, she came out wearing it. Though it was a two-piece her blue swimsuit could hardly be called a bikini, too big and too practical for that. After having just a little too much fun slathering each other’s exposed skin with sunscreen, we headed out walking down the road towards the river. 



It was a gorgeous day. We’d managed to avoid the near-100 heatwaves that sometimes came, and the sky was mostly clear with no ominous clouds. Making our way towards the riverbank found a turtle, and after we climbed down I showed her the crayfish. I’d brought a digital camera and we took some safe-for-work photos to show friends and family. Kayaks came around the bend in the river every few minutes and I didn’t suggest we go naked, though I sorely wished we could (to this day I hate swimsuits). But one time, after a few minutes without one, Stacy called my name as I paddled out into the deep water and I turned to see her on the shore, waving her top at me bare-breasted before jumping in the water after me. By the time she got to me a canoe had rounded the bend and she, too short to stand in the deep pool I could stand in, wrapped her legs around my hips and snuggled up to me topless with her shoulders below the water as they passed. After they left we got her top back on and moved on down the river. “You realize if you dropped your top you would probably need to wear the towel back.” “I’d manage.”



We must’ve spent two and a half hours, most of the remaining morning, at the river. Sexy companion or not, there was a reason I like going there with friends. We walked, soaking wet, back up the dirt road towards the cabin and made it back a bit before lunchtime. We stripped off on the deck, setting our swimsuits out to dry over the railings before walking naked into the cabin – and I finally got my first view of my friend without so much as panties on. I was surprised to see her shaved – she had just a hint of stubble between her legs, having let it grow for a few days. At my insistence (from experience) we checked ourselves for ticks in front of a mirror in the bedroom and we looked over each others bodies too – possibly taking a bit more time than needed. There was no hiding my renewed erection. “We should probably shower the river water off” I said. No longer quite so nervous around my friend, I continued. “Want to join me?” “Definitely” she replied with a smile.  



And so we did. We hopped into the shower together, the well water smelling like sulfur. I told her to just imagine it was a hot spring. We took turns under the showerhead shampooing silt residue out of our hair before grabbing body wash and making a show of washing each others backs. As I moved my hands up her back, Stacy grabbed them and moves them around her body, to her boobs. Confidently this time, I stepped up behind her and held them in my slippery hands, my erection nestling against her back and her head lolling back against my shoulder. We stood there, gently rocking against each other, before she said it was her turn to wash me. She reached up to wash my shoulders, before pushing her breasts against my back and reaching around to hold me. We wiped ourselves off, and stepped out of the shower and dried each other off, laughing at attempts to grope through towels. 



Once we got out of the bathroom, she said she wanted to make a phone call – she’d promised to check in with her boyfriend on Saturday. With no cell service in that valley at that time, that meant breaking out the landline phone. The two of us still totally naked, she lay back on the couch and took the phone to her ear. Her sweetie picked up, and the two of them just got talking. I made a show of going to the other side of the room to check out what we had available for lunch, but I couldn’t help but listen. At first she was talking about our time at the river and the ride over, while she lay there totally relaxed. Before long though she started talking, not too quietly, about watching me masturbate and us groping each other. Her voice got that breathy edge I’d heard the night before, and my cock sprung to attention. Suddenly, she called out. “He wants to talk to you!” I hurried over and put the phone to my ear.



“Sounds like you two are having fun.” “Uh… yeah.” “I’m glad. She’s been really stressed lately. You two should kick back, enjoy yourselves” “Y-yeah. This place is good for that.” “Good. Give her a good time!” “Uh. I’ll try.” My brilliant conversational skills strike again. I handed the phone back to Stacy, her trying not to laugh at my responses and her boyfriend teasing me. I wouldn’t get good at talking about sex with my partners’ partners until my early twenties.



As she said her I love yous to her boyfriend and hung up, her eyes were on my erection. I was as hard as I’d been all day. She spoke as soon as the phone was on the hook. “You seem pretty ready again.” “Yeah...” “Did he tell you to enjoy yourself?” “He did.” “Should we take this to the bedroom?”  She didn’t have to tell me twice. I pulled her up from the couch by her hand, and we just walked straight to the bedroom and lay down together on the queen-size bed, her putting her towel down behind her wet hair. I started stroking myself instantly; she ran her hands up and down her body, this time stopping and taking one hand between her legs. I saw a glisten of wetness on her finger as she pulled back from her pussy and my heart skipped a beat. She saw my attention on her playing with herself, and she spoke.



“What do you feel like?” I considered, and responded “Can I just… see your pussy? I haven’t seen one up close, not in real life.”  “...Okay.” She pushed herself up to the head of the bed, and pulled the  pillows up behind her supporting her back sitting up. After making herself comfy, she just pulled her feet back, spread her knees and put two fingers between her labia. I just scooted down the bed sideways, my head right between her legs, and watched. It was gorgeous. At first, she just spread her lips and let me get a good look at her spread pussy. I commented on how delicate she looked – she was already wet, but I didn’t doubt her now regarding when she’d suggested yesterday that I probably wouldn’t fit in her. Between her slight, petite build and her tiny inner pussy lips and narrow opening I could hardly picture it working myself. Before long she was stroking fingers between her labia and up onto her clit, which started to harden. I stoked my cock as I finally got to watch her properly masturbate for the first time.



Our talking tapered off, as she retreated into the sensations of playing with her pussy. Her fingers, slick with lubrication, slid over her clit and pulled her hood back. She was soaked. Two fingers alternated between rubbing her clit in a circle and dipping down between her folds. Before long her eyes were closed and her head lolled sideways, as her skin flushed. I spoke occasionally, talking about how sexy she was and what struck me as she rubbed herself. Eventually she started slowly working a finger into herself, though that seemed to be just an extra bit of sensation for her rather than the main event. Eventually she was completely in her own little world, rocking her hips towards my face as I stroked myself even harder and listened to her breathing grow irregular and brief, sharp moans creep into the mix. 



Then, all of a sudden, she hit the edge. And she came HARD. Her abs spasmed, as her head whipped around to the other side and her breathing went nuts. Her thighs slammed shut, crushing her fingers into her pussy as she let out a moan broken by gasps and her chest and cheeks flushed a deep pink. I stroked myself even harder, smelling her pussy from a foot away, as she shook and convulsed in orgasm for at least thirty seconds. Eventually, finally, her legs and arm went limp, and her fingers stopped working her clit. I stroked slower, realizing she must not have cum watching me the night before if this was anything to go off of what it was like for her. 



She lay there limp for a full minute, her breathing slowing and her flushed skin slowly returning to normal, as I looked her satisfied body up and down. I was so close, but I wanted her to enjoy watching me jizz again. Eventually, she opened her legs again and pulled her hand from her pussy, and opened her eyes. She seemed dazed, and pulled her fingers up in front of her face. She stared, in her own little world, at the strings of girlcum stretching between her thumb and two fingers as she rubbed them together. 



I brought her back to reality, as I pushed myself up next to her. My body touched hers, shoulder to hips, as she looked over and her eyes suddenly focused on my face. I was stroking myself, hard, the feel of her sweaty body against mine driving me crazy. Her wits returning to her, she looked down at my cock, head glistening with precum, as I stroked myself hard. And wordlessly, knowing what I wanted, she reached for me. I gasped as her hand, wet with her pussy juice, wrapped around my shaft. My head rolled back as she stroked me, the first person besides me to ever stroke my cock. We didn’t speak – and it didn’t last long. She must’ve only jacked me for ten seconds before I exploded.



I groaned low and long, as my cock jumped and my cum spurted out across my chest. She gasped and pulled her hand back after two spurts, surprised with the force. I took over and grabbed my cock, thrusting as I pushed through my orgasm. As I dribbled my last into my pubes and across my fist, I collapsed against Stacy and the two of us lay there, silent, for a moment. This time, I spoke first. “God, you felt good...” She hummed an assent. I continued. “You came so hard… I didn’t expect you to lose it like that/..” She hugged at me, her hand coming to rest in the puddle of jizz on my chest. 



Once we caught our breath, she took her towel and wiped me up. We laid together for a full forty minutes in what I now know to be indistinguishable from post-sex afterglow – it didn’t matter that I’d watched her masturbate and she’d stroked me for a few seconds, it was like we’d shared sex just as surely as if I’d pumped her full of cum. We hugged, we kissed each other on the cheek, we laughed, we talked about how hot watching each other was, I played with her nipple laughing as I made it hard then soft over and over again. 



By this time it was well into the afternoon, and we were pulled out of our languid cuddling by hunger. Still naked, we made sandwiches in the kitchen and lounged around on the couch, talking casually. All my hesitancy was gone, leaving just our profound ease and comfort with each other. The rest of the day passed quietly. We cuddled naked on the couch watching another Star Trek DVD during the hottest part of the afternoon, then just before dinner slipped on our swimsuits again to take a walk through a path in the woods. We hated the thought of putting on clothes again, though we knew there were enough people around that we shouldn't risk it, so we wore as little as we could. We thought nothing of stripping off the instant we got back to the cabin, and I made us dinner before we hung out with Doctor Who on in the background this time. As the sun set we set up the fire pit, and sat around looking at the stars as the embers burned down – though eventually, Stacy couldn’t help herself and dared me to get naked by the campfire, and joined me herself. It was one of the best days I’d ever had out there.



As the fire died down, we found our discarded clothes and went inside. We smelled a bit of smoke, but didn’t feel like getting our hair wet right before bed so we went straight for toothbrushes and got ourselves ready for bed. But we knew what was coming. Stacy came to bed carrying a towel, not wearing anything this time. We lay down next to each other for bed, a single bedside lamp on, and the two of us started playing with ourselves again. It was becoming a comfortable routine, to see each other masturbate and each each other breathe and moan as we approached climax. I held off, watching her finger herself to another quaking, gasping, legs squeezing her hands orgasm. I lay the towel across my stomach and let her watch me spurt over myself again. The two of us hugged again. “I could get used to this.” “Yeah...”



This time, she slipped on a nightshirt and nothing else as we turned out the lights. I cuddled up behind her again, running my hand up her bare hip under the shirt and cupping her boobs. We had one more day together like this, Sunday. I wondered what would come next. “Goodnight.”  “Goodnight.”  




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