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My First Orgasm

Posted by: Age: 13 at the time Posted on: 8 comments
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Discovering the wonderful sensation of orgasm.


I discovered masturbation at the age of 13 and have been a lover of it ever since. This is the story of when I discovered the joys of masturbation and my first orgasm. I have a twin sister who I have always been close to so growing up I always had someone to talk to and share things with. Around the age of puberty my body began changing. Firstly I noticed that my nipples kept randomly becoming hard for no reason. Then one day after I had showered I noticed my pussy was wet and for a few days I noticed that it kept suddenly feeling wet, kinda like I had wet myself but it wasn't pee, it was a white sticky substance. It began to freak me out so I talked to my sister about it and she said she was having the same problem. We asked our Mum about it and she told us not to worry and that it was a normal thing to happen when girls reached our age.

Once we knew nothing was wrong we accepted it and left it. Then about a year later we were in sex ed class watching a video about sex and it said that when a woman becomes sexually aroused her vagina becomes wet allowing the penis easy entrance (or something like that it was a really old cheesy video). We then felt better knowing that there was a reason for it.

Later on we were in my bedroom talking and we decided to look it up on the internet and we found a page explaining why it becomes wet and what happens and then we came across the term masturbation which we found out meant stimulating your own genitals for sexual pleasure. We read about it and as we were i noticed my pussy becoming wet again and I realised I must have been getting sexually aroused. A few days later my sister asked me if I had tried masturbating and I told her I hadn't. She told me she had tried while she was in the shower and it felt really nice and said she would show me. So she laid on the bed and began softly rubbing her pussy lips and told me to try it. I laid down next to her and put my hand in my knickers and copied what she was doing. Softly rubbing my fingers over my lips. She was right, it did feel nice.

Suddenly she stopped and said that felt weird. I asked her what and she said a sudden jolt had run through her body and it had freaked her out. I carried on rubbing and then I felt it, like a jolt of electricity shooting through me. We decided not to go any further, afraid of what might happen. For the next few days I kept rubbing my lips and enjoying the feeling but as soon as the feeling built i stopped. I looked online and found videos of girls masturbating, I watched as they rubbed themselves and suddenly thier bodies began shaking and they rubbed faster, I didn't know what they were doing but it looked weird and scared me so I stopped watching and found some stories about masturbation.

They kept talking about something called a clit so I looked it up and found pictures of it and recognised it as the thing at the top of my vagina. Using my fingers I located it and pulled it out of its hood as I found out it was called. I gently pressed my finger on it and a sudden jolt shot through my body, similar to the one I had felt before but this one felt so nice. I kept pressing my finger on it and each time I did the nice feeling shot through my body. I read some more stories and in each one they talked about rubbing and stroking the clit which I tried and rubbing it with my fingers felt so nice, after a while the jolts became one big nice feeling flowing through my body and with each stroke the feeling intensified.

Suddenly my pussy started to feel warm, the warmth spread to my tummy and although it was a nice feeling it worried me because I didn't know what was happening. I suddenly felt like I was about to pee myself so I stopped rubbing and went to the bathroom and pee'd. I did the same the following day and when the warm feeling hit my tummy I felt like I needed to pee again so I did. The following day my sister asked me if i had had an orgasm yet. I wasn't sure what one was and she told me to look it up. I searched online and found out it was the climax to sexual excitement. I didn't know what that meant but it sounded cool. My sister asked if when I masturbated if I felt like I needed to pee. I told her I did and she said she had looked it up and told me that that is when you are about to have an orgasm and instead of going to pee you have to carry on. I asked if she had had an orgasm but she said she hadn't cos she was scared of what would happen. I told her we should try it together to find out.

We laid on the bed and began rubbing ourselves. I asked her if she knew about her clit and she shook her head. I showed her how I rubbed my clit and told her it felt really nice so she tried the same and told me it felt great. We both laid there stroking our clits when suddenly she began to moan, I asked if she was ok and she said "yeah, I couldn't help it, it feels so nice". As we continued she began to moan more and more and I noticed each time she moaned the feeling in my body intensified slightly.

After a few minutes we were both moaning, unable to stop them. The feeling was so incredible, I wasn't sure how long it took to orgasm but I didn't care, this feeling was incredible. My entire body was filled with a wonderful happy feeling. Suddenly she began to shake, I asked her if she was ok and she said something was happening. She screamed and her body began to shake and spasm and she kept screaming. I noticed fluid pouring out of her pussy. I stopped and grabbed her asking if she was ok. She had scared me, I thought there was something up with her. Suddenly she stopped shaking and laid there panting. I asked what was up with her and she said "I think I just had my first orgasm". I asked her what it was like, after what she had just done I was scared to do it myself. She told me it felt unbelievable. I asked her to describe it but she said she couldn't describe it with words, she rather I experience it for myself.

I resumed rubbing my clit and after a minute or so the warm feeling spread from my pussy to my tummy and the feeling that I was about to pee myself came back. I told my sister but she said keep going, trust me it will feel great. I kept rubbing, suddenly a new feeling began to appear, this one felt so much nicer than all the others. It seemed to spread outwards from my pussy and through my body and then began to head back towards my pussy. The closer it got to my pussy the nicer and nicer it felt. The moment it reached my pussy it was like an explosion had gone off Wave after wave of unimaginable pleasure ripped through my body. I felt fluids squirting out of my pussy like i had seen my sisters do. I didn't know what was going around me, all that mattered was this feeling. I could see my sister smiling at me.

After what seemed like an eternity the feeling died down and all I could do was lay there panting and shaking as little waves of pleasure kept hitting me. We got up off the bed and looked at what we had just done, there were two big wet spots on my bed sheets. There was a lovely smell filling the room and i realised it was the smell of our cum. Since that day we have both been hooked on masturbation and having mind blowing orgasms. For many years we enjoyed masturbating together on a regular basis and even began masturbating each other and moved on to using our tongues on each other. We spent years coming up with new ways to make each other have bigger and better orgasms. I moved out to live with my boyfriend so we didn't do it for a while and I thought it was over but she recently moved in with me and my boyfriend and we engage in some good old fashioned sister loving on a regular basis which I'm sure I will post stories of soon.



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